Yuma, Gateway of the Great Southwest

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Arizona Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc.

Western District Presents

“Yuma, Gateway of the Great Southwest”

81st Annual Convention

April 9 – 11, 2015
Hilton Garden Inn at Pivot Point, 310 N. Madison Ave., Yuma, AZ 85364

Last Name ________________________________________ First Name _____________________________________
Address ________________________________ *e-mail ________________________Club _______________________
City _____________________ State ______ Zip __________ Phone _(_____)__________________________________
Registration Information – Please check ALL that apply:

  • NGC Board

  • AFGC State Chairman

  • Club Member

  • Flower Show Judge

  • AFGC State Officer

  • Pacific Life Member

  • NGC Gardening Consultant

  • State Life Member

  • Club President

  • Club Delegate

  • Spouse/Guest

  • Other

Date: Activity: Fee: Amount Enclosed

April 9 - 11

  • Full conference registration

2 Breakfast/2Luncheons/2Dinners



April 9



April 10th


  • DAY: Breakfast/Lunch/Convention Program

  • EVENING: Installation Reception/Dinner/Dessert



April 10th


(no meals)



April 11th


  • Breakfast/Moody Garden Tour/Lunch & Program/Awards



Total Make checks payable to: 2015 AFGC Convention $ _____________

Mail Completed Form with your check to: Georgia Brown

(NO REFUNDS AFTER MARCH 8th) 12655 E. 36th Street

Yuma, AZ 85367-5787

Confirmation of Registration desired by e-mail: ___ Yes ___ No (*Include e-mail above.)

Dietary Restrictions for Medical Reasons _____ If so, I will call you to discuss your needs.
Questions or Concerns? Call Georgia Brown at (928) 210-0006 or e-mail her at: geo-cal@hotmail.com.

Registration opens at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 9th. COMPLETE A SEPARATE FORM FOR SPOUSE/GUESTS

Sleeping room reservation should be made directly with the Hilton Garden Inn by calling (928)783-1500-AFGC Convention. Room Reservations must be made by March 12th, 2015 to receive the special group convention rate of $109 plus tax, Single or Double occupancy.

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