Young living training tape #27 Hormonal Response and Longevity, Part 2 Dr. D. Gary Young

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Hormonal Response and Longevity, Part 2

Dr. D. Gary Young
We welcome you to Training Tape #27 from the July 2000 Young Living Annual Convention, a highly informative lecture by Dr. Gary Young on Hormones and Longevity, Part 2. And now here is Dr.Young.

Dr. Young - Longevity, I Like It!

Longevity–this is a subject I really like. Longevity products–now why in the world did we put Legacy up there for longevity? It’s the Master Gland! When you have Legacy, you have got all of the oils that enhance body function. Legacy–because of its overall support to the entire body.

Share Your Experiences with Legacy

Folks, we will have stories pour in over the next months of personal experiences you have with Legacy. Please write them down, fax them in, and we not only will publish them in the Young Living Newsletter, but those that are related to specific conditions will be published in the Clinic Newsletter. That will give us more input to focus on in research areas that might manifest as a result of what this blend will do for you in the field with your friends and family members, so the things we are going to see with this are going to be exciting, needless to say.

About Chinese Wolfberry

Chinese Wolfberry products–I probably don’t need to go on and on about this, but when I was in China I had the opportunity to spend time with a couple of the great professors. In fact, when I landed in Schwan after flying for 2½ hours from Beijing to Ninja–and when you fly west from Beijing over the mountains and cross the great China wall, it just starts getting desolate and more desolate and more desolate.

As you look out of the window down below, you wonder if God was on vacation when that part of the country got created because there is NOTHING down there! It is so desolate. When we came into the landing strip in Schwan, and I looked down at the Yalu River, I thought they misnamed it because it was more brown than yellow! It is a very desolate-looking area in the country, but it is a very rich area in agriculture and, of course, the heart of the Ninja Wolfberry. Wolfberries did grow in Inner Mongolia and do grow there, and some of the research did come from there, but it was interesting to know that they came from the Ninja Wolfberry species, not the Inner Mongolian Wolfberries.

Why Am I Here in China?

I am going to share an experience I had there which may drive home a bit more of the impact I had. I grabbed my camera bag and my briefcase and walked down the walkway out of the airplane. I was feeling like I had just landed in the middle of nowhere, a million miles from home–not knowing a single soul and not knowing how to speak Chinese–and I was saying to myself as I walked down off that airplane, “Gary, what in the world are you doing here!”

I was missing my sweetheart and wishing she were there with me, and thankful that she wasn’t there because the flight coming over was extremely rough. As I started across the tarmac, the doors of this little airport burst open and a little lady came charging across the asphalt with her arms open. She grabbed me and hugged me like I was her greatest friend that she hadn’t seen for a hundred years–and there was my suit and all was well!

As we were riding in the car, we talked a little bit about a very unusual situation. In 1995 I met a gentleman by the name of Professor Cyrus McKell, who was a professor at Weber State University and lived in the housing development where Mary lived when I met Mary. They attended the same church, and that is where they had their acquaintance. Professor McKell was a botanist and traveled all over studying plants, and when Mary told him a little bit about the essential oils, he had a very keen interest in it. So she introduced him to the oils and to me, and we developed a friendship.

One day Dr. McKell brought Sue’s father, Professor Chao (who was visiting from Beijing) up to the office in Riverton, and we met. After we talked about the oils, he said to me, “Dr. Young, you need to look at Chinese Wolfberry.” I said, “What is that?”

He shared information with me and provided a few papers for me to look at and to read. (I think probably Sue had the charge of translating those into English–I never did ask her for sure), but as I read them I found it extremely fascinating.

Quest for Chinese Wolfberry

That began my quest in going after the Chinese Wolfberry and finding ways we could incorporate it into our lives.

He shared just a little bit with me, and that opened the door for a whole new world to come in. It felt right. That’s all I can say–it felt right. I had no other reason to pursue it other than it felt like the right thing to do.

As we were riding in the taxicab back from the airport, Sue shared with me that it was amazing how so many things had come to pass. I moved to Utah, her father came from Beijing to lecture at the University ( he had met Professor McKell years ago because of the exchange between universities on botanical plants and had made that association), that Mary knew Professor McKell through church association and they lived in the same condo complex and she had introduced him to me, Professor McKell brought Professor Chao out to my office so we could meet, and I was the last person that Professor Chao ever shared Chinese Wolfberry with before he left this world and went to the next great world, and we were riding in the taxi with a professor who was Professor Chao’s student. It was so amazing how our great Creator works in bringing people together to make things happen!

She shared that with me because I didn’t know the professor we were with in the taxi was her father’s student from many, many years ago, and that he had taken up the research from Professor Chao and gone forward.

Professor Chao was the man who really discovered the Wolfberry and conducted the first research on Chinese Wolfberry. Now it is going on further and further, and they are making more great discoveries.
Amazing Active Ingredient in Wolfberry

One of the things we learned there that I got really excited about and brought back, was now they have taken the Chinese Wolfberry there and they have extracted the Lycium polysaccharide out of the Wolf-berry, which is the active agent for reversing the aging process and building the immune system and attacking cancer–and we have it!

So much research has been done, and Sue (bless her heart) has two thick volumes of research on the Chinese Wolfberry. She gave them to me before leaving for France, and she said, “Gary, go through and mark the things you would like me to translate for you.” Then I thought...”with all the other work she has got to do, I had better take it a little slow.”

I only marked off about six or seven chapters for her to translate for me so I can study it, and it will probably take her a couple of months to translate it.

Longevity is a Lifestyle

The research is so phenomenal in the documenta-tion of the Wolfberry’s activity in reversing the aging process, but then being there and talking with these people and seeing how they live and their lifestyle was the convincing part. Folks, that is really what it boiled down to–longevity is a lifestyle.

When I questioned these people about what they felt was the key to their longevity, one of the things everyone said was “being happy.” That means if you are happy, you can’t be depressed. So if we are going to get out of depression; we have got to change our eating habits; we’ve got to change some of the things we are doing that cause depression as a result of hormonal imbalance.
More Secrets of Longevity

The next thing–what else do you do for longevity? Drink water–pure water. That is very, very important. Of all these people with their phenomenal longevity I did not find one vegetarian. They all consumed a little meat, but it wasn’t a lot of meat. They did not consume beef nor did they consume pork. In fact, the doctor said that pork was a deadly poison to the human body. So just a word of precaution there–do not eat pork.

Adequate vegetables–most of their vegetables they picked out of their own gardens. Wolfberry every single day and their herbal tea–that was their diet. They call it “Eight Treasure Tea.” What do you think made up the Eight Treasure Tea? One of the main ingredients was Wolfberries!

. It was just so phenomenal looking at these people–they were so happy. Here they were living in a country that is poverty stricken, living in mud brick houses, some with dirt floors and some with dirt ceilings–conditions that we don’t see here in America. But these people were so happy. I said to myself, “Gary, there is a lesson to be learned here from these people. They have a secret we have lost and forgotten, and that is how to be happy in the worst conditions, and how not to get all caught up in trying to keep up with the Joneses and drive a better Cadillac than Suzy Brown. Just simply to be happy with life and to be a reflection of God’s creation and allow that energy to flow through them.” It was truly wonderful.

Daily Exercise, a Must!

Another thing the doctor said was absolutely true was exercise every day. His routine was walking for three miles in the hills in the morning, stretching and exercising for 45 minutes. Of course, he did this with QiGong, and then he would meditate for a minimum of 20 minutes after his exercise.

I asked him about his meditation–and this was so interesting. Outside of his house there was a round rock. He would sit down at this rock and he would put dirt on it and he would pour water in the dirt and make mud, and then he would draw designs in the mud and just focus on it for 20 minutes. He would totally clear his mind and pull the energy in from the universe and focus and center his body, and then he would go about his day’s activity.

He consumed a minimum of seven to eight cups of Eight Treasure Tea per day. Every single person we met and talked to about long age was a consumer of this Eight Treasure Tea–it was very interesting.

Sr. Citizens - A New Way to Walk!

We had another experience that was really fun. We went to another city out from Schwan, and we went to a place that was called “Senior Citizen University.” The youngest person in the university was 62 years old, and the oldest person was 98. There were 250 students in this university.

When we walked into the campus I had my camera and was doing the tourist bit, and all of a sudden I noticed a gentleman doing this (walking backwards) and he walked all the way across the campus backwards, turned around, walked all the way back across the campus backwards, and I was watching this. My first reaction was, “Maybe there is more to this Senior Citizen University than what I thought. These are gifted students.”

He kept doing it, and pretty soon an elderly lady walked over and joined him and started walking backwards, so I said to Sue, “What are they doing?” She said, “I will go find out, Dr. Young.”

She went over there and the gentleman said, “Sure, I’ll talk to you, but you have to walk backwards with me.” I have my Sue on video walking backwards and talking at the same time!

This was interesting because this man had a damaged disk in his back, and by walking backwards it changes the rotation of the pelvis, decompresses the vertebrae, and allows the body to reabsorb the disk.

Oh, My Aching Back!

All of the students, whether they had a back problem or not, were instructed to walk backwards from 10 to 20 minutes a day because not only did it decompress the spine–but think about it–even if you didn’t have a disk problem, what it is doing for the longevity of your spine by walking backwards 20 minutes a day. Decompressing the spine, increasing the circulation, and strengthening the muscles of the lower back. That alone was worth the whole trip to China.

When I got back to the motel that night, my back had been giving me a lot of trouble, which was a chronic problem for me. I was pouring oils on every few minutes, night and morning, and trying to stretch a little bit to take the pressure off the disk and get a little relief from the pain in my legs from the pinched nerve. I got back to my hotel and went in my room, showered, rubbed the oils on, put the Regenolone on my back, and then I went out in the hall and looked around to see if anybody was watching–and I started walking backwards up and down the hall. It was so amazing! I made about 12 trips up and down the length of the long hall and by the sixth turn, the pain stopped! I have been walking backwards ever since!
Try it, You’ll Like It!

And so if you wonder why I walk backwards and forwards on the stage, I am having my therapy while I am up here! When you go back to your rooms tonight, it will be so fun to see 1,800 people walking around Salt Lake backwards!

When I came home I shared this with a few of my chiropractor friends, and they said, “Of course, Gary, it will work!” And it does work. I shared it with one of our chiropractors up here in Ogden who had been working on me, and now he has every one of his back patients walking backwards 20 minutes a day! It is so simple.
Make a Self-Evaluation

We must look at all aspects in our lives at how we are going to improve our longevity and keep a healthy spine and a healthy digestive system, keeping balanced hormones, keeping a healthy circulatory system. These are all the factors that are so critical in maintaining the longevity that we desire to have in our lives. The more Wolfberry that you can eat, the greater chance you are going to have of feeding the body the way it should be fed.

Are You Eating Foods with Wolfberry?

We have Wolfberry in the Power Bars, the PowerMeal, the AminoTec, the BeFit, the Children’s Chewables. Then we can use the oils to promote that delivery system, go through this derma shield–crossing that membrane–and getting it into the body where the body can utilize it. It is so effective.

How many of you are eating Essential Manna? Eat it! And if you don’t like it, eat it until you do! That product is the staff of life. You can live on that–you take Essential Manna and WheyFit, PowerMeal, and you can just tell Safeway or Albertsons’s or whatever to take a hike–you don’t need them anymore! Essential Manna is the most power-packed whole food you can put inside your body. The more you eat it, the more your body is going to like it and is going to want it, but you have got to move beyond that thing of chocolate and sugar, because it doesn’t exist there. We did put some carob chips in to create a little similar taste for you, but it is good–and it is supporting the body and it is loaded with Chinese Wolfberry. It is so important. Eat and enjoy it!
Valor for Longevity and Sleep

Valor. Why Valor for longevity? What does Valor

do for you? It balances and aligns the body so you have better function in every aspect of the body–better digestive function, better circulatory function, better skeletal alignment. For nerve function it is so important.

How many have ever used Valor for a sleeping pill? How many have sleep problems? Try it. The last thing at night sit on the edge of your bed and take six drops of Valor and just rub each foot very well with it. Lay down in bed, close your eyes, and you’ll dream about the charging armies of the Romans all night long! It is such a fabulous sleeping potion.

If you have a stressed-out day, an emotionally traumatic day and you are all wound up inside, not knowing how to deal with it or how to go with it or what to do–anytime you have those feelings, just put Valor on the feet, put Release over the liver, Acceptance over the naval, 3 Wise Men on the crown–and prepare to enter the next world! Just Valor on the feet provides such a marvelous experience for improving your sleep patterns, for those who have restless sleep, restless legs, or some of those things that go along with being upset. Hormonal imbalance is a major cause of restless nights and restless legs, waking up, going to sleep, tossing, turning. It is very common and very typical, and Valor is such a tremendous support to those things. So enjoy it.

Rhododendron Caucasicum

Cardiacare. If you don’t have a strong heart, how long are you going to live? I think having a strong heart is really important for longevity, don’t you? Another thing we saw with Wolfberry is how it supports heart function. Another agent is in Cardiacare that you know about is called Rhododendron caucasicum, used by the people in Georgia (which used to be part of the Soviet Republic).

Rhododendron caucasicum, which grows there in the Caucasicum Mountains is a mainstay in their diet, and they have now found with many universities of research that those people have the lowest incidence of heart illness in the entire world–and they ate the Rhododendron caucasicum on a daily basis just like the Chinese eat Wolfberry every day. So they contributed their longevity to the Rhododendron caucasicum. Of course, these people have an expected longevity of 115, 118 years as well. It has been fascinating, as I have traveled around the world, to study the different cultures that have longevity and receive from them bits and pieces of information.

Maintain a Strong Heart

One of the tools incorporated in Cardicare is Rhododendron caucasicum. If you have a heart problem or don’t have a heart problem, is it important to take it? Should you take it for maintenance?

Why wait until you have a problem and then start taking it? Here is an interesting thing–we eat because we know that if we don’t, we’ll die. So do we eat because of maintenance or do we eat because of life? Look at the Cardiacare as food, feeding the heart for life. Taking one capsule once a day or every few days may prevent problems that could come in the future.

Of course, you all know heart disease is the number one killer in America today because of lifestyle and the lifestyle diet and the things we deal with, so I looked at some of these things for a maintenance basis to keep that heart strong. A strong heart keeps a strong body. That is why I incorporated Cardiacare into the longevity products.

If you do have problems you are aware of, there are a few things I would really look at today that I did not look at two months ago because I didn’t have the research on it. A suggestion is to take Cardiacare–three capsules three or four times a day and HRT–three to four dropperfuls three or four times a day. Put a little bit in water and just drink it down.

HRT - Take it Straight!

Do not put HRT in 7-Up! I was asked if that was okay. Oh boy! I had to breathe really deep on that one. Yeah, you can just hold it back in the cheek and let it absorb and then take it down slowly–very important. The same applies to your Royal Essence, your Mineral Essence–all of your tinctures.

Put it in a little water and take it that way if you are not able to tolerate the taste. Do not put it in 7-Up! Do not put it in orange juice, do not put it in apple juice–if I had wanted it in apple juice, I would have put it in apple juice. If I had wanted it in 7-Up, I still wouldn’t have put it in 7-Up! Don’t ruin something good by doing that with it. If you have problems that are existing or developing, take one capsule (10 drops) of Goldenrod (Tsuga) once a day along with your Cardiacare and HRT.
Vitagreen Goes Way Back..

Vitagreen. How many use Vitagreen? Do you know that Vitagreen was the very first product I put essential oils into? Let me just take a moment and share the story with you because it is so fun to look back. I returned from Switzerland in 1985 after having my first class on Essential Oil Chemistry. The whole class was on the antibacterial and the anti-infectious properties of essential oils related to respiratory system, and was taught by Dr. LaPraz and Dr. Duraffourd. I was the only one from the North American Continent in that seminar of 44 doctors in Europe. It was a marvelous experience, and I was able to buy 13 oils and bring them home, and I started playing with them.

I had a dream one night that if I could put the oils in the product to take it orally, it would help. And that’s where it came from–it was just a dream. Up until that time we were doing research on rabbits in the clinic and the effects of essential oils through intravenous feeding and seeing what happened to the blood and what happened to the tissues. We did biopsies and things like that. I know it’s not really appreciated today, but you’ve got to find out.

Early Research with Essential Oils

My three primary rabbits (I named them Peter, James, and John) were my three main disciples, so I would work with them and test them, but I never could take their lives. When I would see an effect on them, I would take another rabbit and run the same tests on him and then we would take tissue cultures and biopsy the organs of the body and see what was going on. That is where my early research began with essential oils.

I Knew I Had to Use the Oils

When I saw how the essential oils went into the blood stream and literally took cells that were mutated in the third and fourth stage and return them back to complete viable life within seven minutes, all I could think about was “I’ve got to get these into the body!” I went to bed that night dreaming about it, and Mr. Vitagreen just showed up in my dream and said, “Let me be the carrier..” so the next day I was in the lab trying to put essential oils into Vitagreen powder. In those days we were hand-capsuling the powder at the clinic with the little hand-capsuling machines. I had a pot of Vitagreen powder and I was mixing it up and started dripping the oils into it and stirring it.

When you drop oil into herb powder, you’ve got a ball–a clump, so I spent hours with my fork chasing it around the pan, smashing it up and trying to stir it in. It was at that time not as amusing as it is now! A few of my assistants came in, looked at me, and just raised their eyebrows and walked back out, saying, “Oh, oh, don’t talk to Dr. Young–he’s not a happy camper right now! We don’t know about this potion he’s mixing here...”
First Experience..

I finally got it stirred in, mixed up and capsuled. I took some down to a little lady in room 4, Joy Albright. She had breast cancer with metastasis to the sternum and lungs. They had already taken one breast and she had been through radiation and two rounds of chemotherapy, and her death sentence had been signed. So I said, “Joy, I was just playing and made up this formula with oils and wondered if you would like to test it for me.”

She said, “Dr. Young, what do I have to loose? It’s not going to hurt me, is it?’ I said, “It’s not going to hurt you. We don’t know what it’s going to do,” I told her it was the Vitagreen powder and I had just put some oils in it and mixed it up.

So she took the capsules and I had the nurse go down 30 minutes later and draw a blood sample and bring it back to me. I put it under the microscope and I looked at it and I was shocked. I turned to the nurse and said, “Maria, you were supposed to get blood from Joy in room 4,” and she said, “Dr. Young–I did.”

I said, “No, no. It’s impossible, this is not Joy’s blood.” “Yes, I did, Dr. Young.” And I said, “No, no. You’ve got the blood mixed up in the laboratory.”

I walked with her back to Joy’s room and had her take another blood sample. I carried it back and put it under the microscope myself, and I just went..”Wow!” Miracle!

In 30 minutes her blood cells were in perfect shape and form, and three weeks later Joy went home with no trace of cancer! Of course, it just exploded the excitement in the clinic–and everybody was standing in line for Vitagreen. It was so fun. But then I had to say..”Okay, smart guy, how are we going to get Vitagreen in there without chasing it all around the bowl all night long!”

The Rest of the Story..

My next experiment was using a pumper bottle. I sterilized it, I poured the oils into the bottle, and then I started stirring really fast–pumping and spraying. That worked okay, but then it started clumping again, so I started stirring it faster. I went to the kitchen where they had a mixer, so I dumped the Vitagreen in the mixer and I thought, “If I turn it on, it’s going to blow powder all over the kitchen..”

I decided to get a garbage bag and tape it around the mixing bowl, and I brought it up over the head of the mixer and taped it over the mixer. Then I put a nozzle on my spray gun and stuck it through the plastic, I hit the switch and turned it on, and it was just spinning and I was pumping the oils in the Vitagreen. All of a sudden the back side of the tape came loose and that plastic went down in the bowl and came back up the other side–and Vitagreen went all over the kitchen!

The next experiment was with a centrifuge. I drilled a hole through the lid to get it anchored down so it couldn’t get away from me this time. I put the Vita-green in the centrifuge, stuck my tube in there, and turned it on. And it worked! But they were never able to use the centrifuge for blood again.

So that is how the Vitagreen came into being and it, without question, is one of the most powerful products in Young Living for overall balancing the systems in the body and supporting the pancreas. Vitagreen’s primary focus is to balance and support the pancreas. For anyone who has any indication of hypoglycemia or protein deficiency, Vitagreen is so powerful.
Second Product, Comfortone

The next product I made with oils was the good old faithful standby, Comfortone. This little lady right here in the front row, Donna Riley (whom many of you know) was one of my patients in 1986. She was there after 28 cancer surgeries and had been given up on. She was my first guinea pig with Comfortone, with essential oils, and one of the very early recipients of Vitagreen .

Then I developed Thyromin, and from there it evolved to where we are today. It has really been a joy to see the success these products have created for people, and of course, the longevity it has brought into Donna’s life and all those of you who choose to use those products.

Vitagreen is really a mainstay for everyone–and depending on whether you are an O type or an B type or an A type–that determines how much you take. I’m and A–I take four capsules of Vitagreen a day; Mary’s an O–she takes eight 2 or 3 times a day.

If I took all the products away from Mary, Vita-green is the one she would fight me for. She feels that Vitagreen supports her body the best of all the products and makes everything else she does work that much better and more efficiently. I have a feeling that when my son is born he will be addicted to Vitagreen! It is really a powerful product.

Dr. Friedmann on Vitagreen

I found that Vitagreen is very good to take mercury out of the system (and you all know that you are subjected to that with the silver amalgam fillings), so I recommend Vitagreen to anyone who suspects or has amalgam fillings. Also, it will cross the blood brain barrier, because mercury has a predisposition to go to the nervous system. This is another issue that is really very, very important.

Dr. Young - AuraLight on the List

Thank you, Dr. Friedmann. Thanks for that report. Our last product in the longevity line is AuraLight. I look at this and I think, “Okay, AuraLight is not on the ‘most consumed’ list in Young Living.” It was formulated for a couple of things: One, to help people overcome depression. Two, to get that pick-up, the awakening to the brain and the feeling of well being.

We have so many products in Young Living that contribute to those aspects–and probably that may be why AuraLight is not consumed as much as we would normally think, or as much as another company would use if they had something like it, because they don’t have the products to support those things in the brain.

Folks, if you know you are depressed or if you suspect that you have depression and you are looking at overcoming the depression, and you are having sleep problems, AuraLight is a great companion to Valor for irregular or restless sleep or restless legs. AuraLight is really important.

Sleep Enhancer

It is most effective if you can spray it a couple of times during the day and then really load down on it just before going to bed. Have it on the night stand so if you wake up you can take a few more squirts and go back to sleep. Coupling it with Valor you will find the effect will intensify ten times. Valor brings balance in the human body and increases every aspect of every system of the body in receiving it and taking it in more effectively. So don’t hesitate in bringing some of those things together and working with them.

Restoring Balance in Depression

Depression–this is an area where I think, “How are we bringing the balance in?” We are not going to bring balance by one single element or one single product. I am absolutely not a believer in magic bullets in that respect. I am a believer in balance, and it takes most people several products to bring that balance in, because when something goes down in the system, it is just not one system or one part of that system that goes down, it is a multiple aspect. We have to address it the same way in bringing it back.

As I said earlier, look at the thyroid function, look at the pregnenolone balance for depression and how they are being affected. If pregnenolone is out of balance, you know that estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, DHEA are all going to be out of balance. Most of you are not in a position where you can run home, get your syringe out of your closet, and a sample of blood, put it under the microscope and analyze it to see where your estrogen levels or progesterone levels are. Hormonal monitoring and therapy happens to be one area we are focusing on in the clinic, because I feel so strongly that in order for us to get on the upside of correcting degenerative diseases we’ve got to bring the body’s hormones into balance. That is how we are going to sustain the immune system in the best place.
Hormonal Balance

Just go down through your list. If you are depressed–consider the thyroid, adrenal glands, pancreas, pituitary. How do you determine if you are out of balance in those areas?

For one, if you are depressed, you know you are going to have a deficiency of human growth hormone, because that is one of the early symptoms of depression. If you are depressed you know you have an estrogen, progesterone, testosterone imbalance, a pregnenolone imbalance (which is the master hormone).

It is out of balance if the others are. Now you are already ahead of the game in figuring out what is wrong

If they are out of balance, the thyroid is going to be out of balance, the pancreas is going to be out of balance, and so are the endocrine glands. You have to start in bringing those back–by building, strengthening, and supporting them. Thyromin for the thyroid, UltraYoung for the pituitary, EndoFlex for adrenal glands, ProMist for the pregnenolone, AuraLight to relieve that suppression and increase the sleep.

When you are depressed, imagine taking a piece of aluminum foil in your hand and just scrunching it up–that’s what depression does to the capillaries in the human body. It causes such constriction to them that your fluid flows, your nerve impulses, everything just constricts. AuraLight helps to relax the body to get those fluids and impulses flowing again.

Meditation, a Good Tool

You can be literally eating Thryromin, but if everything is locked up, how much assimilation are you going to get out of it? You have to get into a more relaxed state. Meditation can help do that. But when people are depressed, they don’t really feel like meditating.

How do you get in a space where you can feel like meditating? AuraLight can be a great help and support for doing that. Then if you start taking the other supplements and putting BrainPower up your nose, rubbing it on the back of your neck, and using Legacy–I dare say that a majority of you will find that Legacy is going to be a powerful support for dealing with depression.

Unfortunately, so many people today are depressed and don’t know it. They live their entire lives in depression without knowing it because they thought that was normal. Keep that in mind when you are out there working with your family members and teaching and sharing.

If you are riding in the bus beside somebody and you put a little Legacy on and they turn up their nose in disgust, there is one depressed person! They just can’t appreciate Mother Nature’s creation. Share with them a few things that may change their lives and help them. I am sure there are people in this room who thought it was pretty gross the first time they experienced essential oils. They thought they were pretty nasty smelling, but the more you use them, the more you love them and the more your body just wants to suck it all in.

I personally really enjoy them. In fact, there is not a single oil I don’t enjoy basking in and being in the environment of it–even if it is mother plant material, it is so wonderful. A lot of people don’t like the smell of Clary Sage. Walk through a Clary Sage field, sit down and just take it in–and you will find your mind opens; you’ll feel the receptivity of that mind and will feel so exciting, that all of a sudden you are paying attention to the experience it’s creating, and you are not paying attention to the fragrance. The next thing you know, you are enjoying the fragrance because of the feeling it created in your body. Do that with all the oils.

Smelling Oils..the Right Way

Another thing that is really important when you are smelling an oil is to start down at your navel. Don’t just take the lid off and start sniffing–you might get a kickback in the brain or rebellion because it was more than the brain could handle at the moment. Just introduce it very carefully and casually down at the navel. This is the umbilical meridian and it is very sensitive to the frequencies in the oils.

Just take the lid off, hold the bottle at the navel, and turn it lightly and slowly. That creates an introduction of the energy from that oil into the human body in a non-aggressive and non-invasive way. It gives your body a chance to go through the transition of changing to acceptance of that oil. You don’t know what’s going on in your body when you smell an oil and you can’t stand it. So if you start down here (at the navel) and awaken the body senses right at that point, then just bring it up slowly with your eyes closed and twirl it so that you get the motion of the oil wafting up to the nose and those frequencies coming up, it introduces itself to the body slowly and gradually. With the eyes closed you get more of an awareness to the nasal that attunes the limbic system a little bit more–and breathe it in. Then take it away. Allow it time for the oil to go over the top of the brain and register.
Layering” the Brain

This is what I call “layering” the brain. If you want to imprint specific information to the fragrance, that is how you do it. Just bring it up very slowly and close your eyes–and as you take it away, pull it back over the brain and log it in. Now we have just created an imprint for that fragrance which will be in the brain for the rest of your life. If you want to deal with an emotion (and this is really fun), just take out an oil and try it. See what happens. This is one way to really get in touch with your emotions.

Tackle Negative Emotions

This is also another area of longevity we haven’t talked about, and that I am going to conclude with–and that is learning how to clear emotions to enhance longevity. When you have got negative emotions locked into the DNA and the MRNA, it’s going to short-circuit your system and prevent you from having longevity. Get rid of the paralysis, the crippling of those emotions. When you take your oil out, put your mind in neutral, just bring the oil up and breathe it in, and as you breathe it in and take it away and pull it back over the brain, lock on the first image that comes into your mind. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a positive image or a negative image–just lock onto it. Then bring the oil back while you are locked onto that image and breathe it again.

If it is a negative image, it will start to grow–it will start going into the order in which this memory was logged into the brain, so you can take it away. Follow this image, bring it back, and let it grow. Bring it back, let it grow; bring it back, and let it grow. If it is a positive image, do the same thing. Just let it keep pushing it wherever it is going to take you.
Begin Erasing Negativity

When you have reached the end of where that negative image stops growing and expanding, then this is the point where you can start erasing it. You bring the oil back, breathe it in, and consciously create in your mind the cells in your body spinning clockwise. Then take it away and imagine in your mind your cells spinning clockwise faster and faster and faster. If they start to slow down in the image, then bring the oil back in and take another deep breath and keep it spinning.

On the third time, then take a look at the image again and notice that it is decreasing in size. Keep bringing it back and breathing. Keep it spinning until that image has totally erased itself. When the image has totally erased itself, then bring the oil back and hold it there for at least a minute and just keep inhaling. Pull it over, breathe out, inhale, take it over the top. Take it away, bring it back, inhale, and take it over a third time. Take the oil away, close your eyes, and look to see if the image is still there or if it is coming back.

If it comes back, then you have got to go back and start erasing again. If the image did not return, you erased that leaf at that moment, and by pulling the oil over three times and locking it in, you just created a new imprint into the MRNA with that fragrance.

Important Follow-up

Now here’s what happens when you get up tomorrow morning. You take that same oil and you rub it on as a cologne or aftershave or perfume so that throughout the whole day as that fragrance goes into your nose, your brain is reminded that it has been erased of that information, and all it registers is that newfound fragrance, and you now have space to reenter new data into that memory bank and reprogram the void you just created.

Choosing the Oil

You can do that with different oils. How do you choose the oil you want to use? Take your oils and put them out in front of you, sit there, and just look at them. You can lock onto the feeling–the emotional trauma, the emotional experience, the emotional memory–and bring it vivid to the mind. Then, with your eyes closed, just allow your mind to direct your hand to the oil. It will do it automatically. It will go there. Your body knows which oil is going to facilitate the erasing process. Just select that oil–then use it. It is not difficult. But go through the process of erasing and then go through the process of reprogramming.

Focus for Success

If you want to enhance your business, or you see yourself going on the Lifestyle Transformation Program and winning a trip to France, just create that image in your mind and breathe the oil in and watch it spin right into that memory bank, and you have just programmed yourself for success! Then when you wear it and everytime you smell it, it programs you for success. It programs you for that to happen. That which you focus on is that which you will create in life.

The essential oils are so powerful for erasing and for reprogramming. Let’s spend a little bit more time focusing on that and getting rid of the baggage we carry around that causes the depression. Let’s let go of the unwanted pounds that we are insulating ourselves with or protecting ourselves from whatever has evolved. It’s like everything else. It may not have started there, but that is where it’s at, so you have to go back a little at a time to erase it so you can reprogram and have the success in life you desire to have.
Program Your Body and Mind

If you have a weak immune system, you can program your immune system very simply the same way. There is not one specific oil that is going to do it.

Listen..You will be Directed

You select the oil that feels right for you and registers in your mind for you, and that is the one you will work with. Your mind will choose the right oil. You will be directed intuitively to the oil that will best suit you and facilitate you in doing what you need to do. Please learn to listen to your own body. Please learn to listen to that still, small voice that guides you and directs you every day.

The most powerful tool you have and the most powerful support you have is our Father in Heaven, and you and He need to get acquainted. Start taking the time to do so. Create that time, create that space, and learn to feel that energy.

So many of you come to me and say, “Gary, I have this problem. Tell me what to do..” You know your body better than I do. Listen to it. The Spirit will tell you what to do, but we are afraid because we don’t have confidence in our own ability.

You need to learn to develop that ability, develop that awareness, and life will take on a new meaning and new dimensions. As you share that with others out there, it will just grow and grow and grow.

Young Living is a different company and we have a different mission.

Thank you, Dr. Young, and thank you for joining us on Training Tape #27.

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Contains Wolfberry 4

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YL Training Tape # 27, 2001

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