You are not alone

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A man was sitting on a park bench, one afternoon. He was watching the families

Enjoying the nice sunny day. Instead of being happy, he was sad and broken. He looked at his own life, and he was lonely. He had just ended a relationship not too long ago. He

Wondered if anyone else would come along in his life. His parents were dead, and he

Had no other family members. He felt alone. He wished that there was something that

Could fill the void.

Has there been a time in your life when you have felt alone? Have you felt as if

Nobody cares about you? Have you felt cast away and rejected? God sees when

We are lonely. With a gentle voice, He tells us, “I am with you. You are not alone.”
At times, the world can be a very lonely place. In this world, there are many people

Who live out their lives alone. Some people can handle it. Yet, there are others who

Just fall to pieces just being alone. They feel abandoned and rejected. They might

Feel as if nobody cares about them.

There are many reasons when people find themselves alone. A person could have

Experienced a break up in a relationship. This might bring a feeling of rejection or

Failure. This person might wonder if he or she will ever find another person to fill

The empty void. Some people make friendships that do not last. Some people suffer

The losses of family and friends. This leaves a feeling of loss and sorrow. For them,

It is a wound that never fully heals.

How do people deal with loneliness? Some people learn to adjust and move on with

Life. For others, the adjustment is difficult, and life becomes a nightmare. Some

People lose hope that they will ever find anyone to share their life with. What is

Even more sad is that in their loneliness, some people self-destruct. Some people

Get caught up in pornography, gambling, or drug and alcohol abuse. They turn to

These things in order to relieve the burdens of loneliness.

Jesus has some words of comfort for you if you are feeling lonely. He wants you

To know that He is there for you. Even if you have been rejected and pushed aside

By the world. He will not abandon you. When you have suffered losses, He is there

To comfort you. He has shown you His love by dying for your sins. He has given to you new life and peace. He is the faithful friend and companion who says, “I am with you

Always.” (Matt. 20:28) He has declared His faithfulness in these words, “I will never

Leave you nor forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5) What a great comfort this is. What a great

Comfort to have the abiding presence of the Master.

If you are feeling alone; know that you are not. In time, the Master will heal the pain. In time, He will fill the void in your life. He can fill lives with new relationships and ease

The pain of loneliness. While you might feel rejected and pushed aside, you are accepted

By the Master. May you feel His abiding presence. May you hear His gentle voice say.

“Be of good cheer, I am with you. You are not alone.”

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