Yopp Singer Directions

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Yopp Singer Directions

  1. Say this to the child “We are going to play a word game. I’m going to say a word and I want you to break the word apart. You are going to tell me each sound in the word in order. For example, if I say old, you should say /o/-/l/-/d/. (Be sure to say the sounds and not the letters.)

  2. Practice with these words: ride, go, man

  3. An answer is only considered correct if the word has been segmented into all its sounds. Saying the word slowly doesn’t count.

  4. You can give feedback throughout the test. Either tell the child that his or her answer is right or gently correct the student by segmenting the word correctly.

  5. Put a check by correct answers. Write down how the child segmented the word if the answer is incorrect. (d-og)

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