Yellow floating heart

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Yellow floating heart

Nymphoides peltata (S. Gmelin) Kuntze Menyanthaceae

Key identifying traits

Biology and ecology


We (in WA) have had no direct experience controlling YFH but it is similar in growth habit to the fragrant water lily and it is expected that methods used to manage water lilies would be effective on YFH-

Prevention – Learn to identify plants; know your water bodies; don’t transplant these pretty plants to your home pond or waterfront shorelines; research nursery and catalogue specimens before buying

Biological – None known at this time; crass carp don’t eat water lilies (very similar plants) in WA

Cultural – Healthy native plant communities help reduce likelihood of establishment but don’t stop it

Mechanical – Cutting, harvesting, covering with bottom barrier materials should work

Chemical – Aquatic glyphosate may work-permits and special licenses required

Long Lake, in southern Stevens County, summer 1999.

Where found – The only known infestation in WA is on the Stevens County border with Spokane in Lake Spokane.

Created by Stevens County Noxious Weed Control Board, March 2001; Updated Jan 2004

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