Xv amphitheatre

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XV - Amphitheatre

1. The Hellenistic amphitheater located in the ancient city has been rebuilt within the confines of the Archaeological Revival of Babylon Project. However, it has not been rebuilt strictly according to the original plans. It has been enlarged with supplementary rooms (beyond the walls of the ancient theater). It has been enlarged also with the rooms in the mid part of the auditorium, the rooms that did not exist during the Hellenist times. Furthermore, the patio that is adjacent to the theater has been rebuilt according to a slightly different plan.
As far as the Amphitheater is concerned there are no disturbances.

Fig. The auditorium of the Hellenist amphitheater

However, there are disturbances in the patio.

Fig. Destructions of the roof covering patio’s rooms

Certain parts of the rooms have been damaged due to a fire and the roof frame collapsed. The walls are covered with soot and the plaster has been damaged considerably.

Fig. Patio – the room after the fire

Fig. Patio – the roof frame destroyed during the fire.

Fig. Patio – the burnt room

Fig. Patio – rest rooms

Fig. Patio – damaged rest room’s roof

Fig. Patio’s courtyard with the rebuilt columns

Fig. Patio’s courtyard with the rebuilt columns

Description elaborated and photograph taken between 5th and 30th November 2004 by Agnieszka Dolatowska

Translated into English Piotr Trybuła, 1st edition by Christopher Miller, 2nd edition by Steven Bein

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