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ALIBHAI, S.K. (1976) Oxford (DPhil)
A study of factors governing the numbers and reproductive success of Clethrionomys glareolus (Schreber).
ALMEIDA, R. DE (1985) Oxford (DPhil)
Nutrient and litter decomposition in a beechwood ecosystem.
APPLEBY, B. (1995) Oxford (DPhil)
The behaviour and ecology of the Tawny Owl Strix aluco.
AREVALO, J.E. (1992) Oxford EGI (MSc)
Some aspects of the ecology and behaviour of treecreepers and goldcrests in mixed-species flocks.
ASKEW, R.R. (1960) Oxford (DPhil)
The biology of some gall wasps (Hymenoptera, Cynipidae) on oak.
BAKER, R.H. (1979) Oxford (DPhil)
Studies on the interaction between Drosophila parasites.
BAKER, S.E. (2003) Oxford (DPhil)

Developing aversion management techniques for use with European badgers Meles meles and red foxes Vulpes vulpes.

BEAVER, R.A. (1964) Oxford (DPhil)
Population studies on elm bark beetles.
BENNETT, A.T.D. (1991) Oxford EGI (DPhil)
The ecology and spatial memory in European jays.
BETTS, M.M. (1951) Oxford (DPhil)
The availability of food and predation by the genus Parus.
BLAKEY, J.K. (1989) Oxford (DPhil)
Biochemical and population genetics in the great tit (Parus major).
BOHORQUEZ, I.S. (1987) Oxford (DPhil)
Interspecific interactions between insects on oak trees, with special reference to defoliators and the oak aphid.
BRAITHWAITE, V. (1993) Oxford (DPhil)
Visual landmarks and pigeon homing.
BRERETON, J. LE G. (1955) Oxford (DPhil)
A study of factors controlling the population of some terrestrial isopods.
BURN J.L. (1996) Oxford (DPhil)
Polygny and the wren
CAMPBELL, I. (1974) Oxford (DPhil)
The bioenergetics of small mammals, particularly Apodemus sylvaticus (L.) in Wytham Woods, Oxfordshire.
CHAPMAN, R. (1999) Oxford (MSc)
Identifying potential vectors of Leucocytozoon and Hepatozoon to the great tit Parus major in Wytham Wood.
CHENG, L. (1968) Oxford (DPhil)
Host relationships of some parasitic flies.
CHOUDHURY, D. (1986) Oxford (DPhil)
The effect of honeydew on leaf-litter decomposition, soil non-symbiotic nitrogen fixation and nitrogen mineralisation.
CLARIDGE, M.F. (1959) Oxford (DPhil)
A study of the biology and taxonomy of some Chalcidoid Hymenoptera.
CLARKE, J.R. (1953) Oxford (DPhil)
The response and behaviour of animals at different population densities with special reference to the vole (Microtus agrestis).
COLE, L.R. (1959) Oxford (DPhil)
A biological study of some parasites on Tortricid moths.
COOK, R.M. (1977) Oxford (DPhil)
Searching behaviour of various insect predators and parasitoids.
COOPER, D.A. (1974) Oxford (DPhil)
Host finding and host specificity of some parasites of oak insects.
COTTON, M.J. (1965) Oxford (DPhil)
The biology of fleas of small mammals.
CROWCROFT, W.P. (1954) Oxford (DPhil)
An ecological study of British shrews.
DA SILVA, J. (1989) Oxford (DPhil)
Ecological aspects of Eurasion badger social structure.
DAVIES, M. (1955) Oxford (DPhil)
The ecology of small predatory beetles, with special reference to competitive relations.
DAWSON, D.G. (1972) Oxford (DPhil)
The breeding ecology of house sparrows.
DENHOLM-YOUNG, P.A. (1978) Oxford (DPhil)
Studies of decomposing cattle dung and its associated fauna.
DIXON, S.J. (1979) Oxford (MSc)
Management exercise 1978/79 - Wytham.
DOMINGO-ROURA, X. (2000) Oxford (DPhil)
Biochemical and molecular ecology of Eurasian badgers, Meles meles, and Japanese macaques, Macaca fuscata: nutritional and reproductive requirements.
DON, B.A.C. (1981) Oxford (DPhil)
Spatial dynamics and individual quality in a population of the grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis).
DUFFEY, E.A.G. (1955) London (PhD)
An ecological study of the spider (Araneae) communities in limestone grassland.
DUGDALE, H.L. (2000) Oxford (MSc)
Offspring sex ratio variation of the Wytham badger population and the allometry and asymmetry of growth of the European badger Meles meles.
DUGDALE, H.L. (2007) Oxford (DPhil)
The evolution of social behaviour: the effect of mating system and social structure in the European badger Meles meles.
DUNN, R.M. (1987) Oxford (MSc)
Management plan for Wytham Woods 1988-1993.
EDWARDS, G.R. (1994) Oxford (DPhil)
The creation and maintenance of spatial heterogeneity in plant communities : the role of plant-animal interactions.
EFFORD, I.E. (1960) Oxford (DPhil)
A population study on water-mites (Hydracarina).
EKANAYAKE, U.B.M. (1967) Oxford (DPhil)
Parasitism of four species of Erannis.
ELLWOOD, S.A. (2006) Oxford (DPhil)

Evaluating deer monitoring methods and the density dependence and independence of skeletal size and body condition of fallow and muntjac deer in a UK lowland wood.

EVANS, F.C. (1939) Oxford (DPhil)
Small mammals in Bagley Wood.
EVANS, H.F. (1973) Oxford (DPhil)
A study of the predatory habits of Anthocoris species (Hemiptera-Heteroptera).
FAGER, E.W. (1955) Oxford (DPhil)
A study of invertebrate populations in decaying wood.
FEENY, P.P. (1966) Oxford (DPhil)
Some effect on oak-feeding insects of seasonal changes in the nature of their food.
FENN, K.M. (2010) Oxford (DPhil)

Carbon cycling in British deciduous woodland : processes, budgets, climate & phenology, Thesis (DPhil)--University of Oxford.

FERNANDO, C.H. (1956) Oxford (DPhil)
The colonisation of small freshwater habitats by water insects.
FLOWERDEW, J.R. (1971) Oxford (DPhil)
Population regulation of small rodents in relation to social behaviour and environmental resources.
FORD, M.J. (1975) Oxford (DPhil)
Comparative metabolic studies on woodland spiders.
FRANK, J.H. (1966) Oxford (DPhil)
A comparative study of the predators of the winter moth, Operophtera brumata L.
GARCIA, E.F. (1981) Oxford (DPhil)
An experimental and observational study of interspecific territoriality between the blackcap and the garden warbler.
GARNETT, M.C. (1976) Oxford (DPhil)
Some aspects of body size in the great tit.
GARSON, P.J. (1978) Oxford (DPhil)
A study of territorial and breeding behaviour in the wren, Troglodytes troglodytes L.
GEER, T.A. (1979) Oxford (DPhil)
Sparrow-hawk (Accipiter nisus) predation on tits (Parus spp.).
GIBB, J.A. (1953) Oxford (DPhil)
Factors governing population density of birds of the genus Parus.
GIBSON, C.W.D. (1976) Oxford (DPhil)
The biology of Heteroptera associated with tor grass: Brachypodium pinnatum L.
GLEN, N.W. (1985) Oxford (DPhil)
The co-operative breeding behaviour of the long-tailed tit (Aegithalos caudatus).
GODFREY, G.K. (1953) Oxford (DPhil)
Factors affecting the survival, movements and intraspecific relations during early life in populations of small mammals, with particular reference to the vole.
GOSLER, A. (1987) Oxford EGI (DPhil)
Some aspects of bill morphology in relation to ecology in the great tit, Parus major.
GRAY, I.L. (1987) Oxford (DPhil)
The feeding ecology of the sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus outside of the breeding season.
GUILFORD, T. (1987) Oxford (DPhil)
HANCOX, M.K. (1973) Oxford? (DPhil)
Studies on the ecology of the Eurasian badger (Meles meles L.).
HANSKI, I. (1979) Oxford (DPhil)
The community of coprophagous beetles.
HARDING, S.P. (1986) Oxford (DPhil)
Aspects of the ecology and social organisation of the muntjac deer (Muntiacus reevesi).
HASLETT, J.R. (1982) Oxford (DPhil)
Feeding ecology and behaviour of some adult hoverflies (Diptera: Syrphidae).
HASSELL, M.P. (1967) Oxford (DPhil)
Studies of parasitism by some Tachinid flies.
HAYWARD, G.F. (1983) Oxford (DPhil)
The bioenergetics of the weasel, Mustela nivalis L.
HEEB, P.A. (1991) Oxford EGI (DPhil)
Some aspects of the breeding biology of the jackdaw (Corvus monedula).
HINDE, R.A. (1951) Oxford (DPhil)
A comparative behaviour study of the Paridae.
HIRONS, G.J.M. (1976) Oxford (DPhil)
A population study of the tawny owl (Strix aluco L.) and its main prey species in woodland.
HOFER, H. (1986) Oxford (DPhil)
Patterns of resource distribution and exploitation by the red fox (Vulpes vulpes) and the Eurasian badger (Meles meles): a comparative study.
HUNT, M. (1999) Oxford (DPhil)
Spatial variation of changes in great tit Parus major breeding parameters, a response to deer-related habitat degradation?: a study of ecosystem interactions and a possible warning for woodland management.
HUNTER, M. (1988) Oxford (DPhil)
Interactions between phytophagous insects on the pedunculate oak.
JENMAN, W.R. (1987) Oxford (MSc)
Management plan for Wytham Woods for the period 1988-1993.
JOHNSON, D.D.P. (2001) Oxford (DPhil)
Models of coexistence, conflict and cooperation.
JONES, P.J. (1973) Oxford EGI (DPhil)
Some aspects of the feeding ecology of the great tit, Parus major L.
KING, C.M. (1971) Oxford (DPhil)
Studies on the ecology of the weasel (Mustela nivalis L.).
KITCHING, R.L. (1969) Oxford (DPhil)
The fauna of treeholes in relation to environmental factors.
KNEALE, W.R. (1983) Oxford (DPhil)
The movement of water-solutes in the structured clay soil of the Wytham catchment.
KOWALSKI, R. (1974) Oxford (DPhil)
The biology and behaviour of soil dwelling beetles which prey on winter moth.
KREBS, J.R. (1970) Oxford (DPhil)
The study of territorial behaviour in the great tit (Parus major).
LINDLEY, A. (1974) Oxford (DPhil)
The local distribution and abundance of orb-web spiders.
MACE, R.H. (1987) Oxford (DPhil)
The dawn chorus: behavioural organisation in the great tit (Parus major).
MACKINNON, K.S. (1976) Oxford (DPhil)
Home range, feeding ecology and social behaviour of the grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis Gmelin).
MANAWADU, D. (1971) Oxford (DPhil)
A biological study of scale insects on chalk grassland.
MANZINI, H.T. (1983) Oxford (DPhil)
Some factors influencing the ecology of food selection in the woodland rodents Apodemus sylvaticus (L.) and Clethrionomys glareolus.
MASON, C.F. (1970) Oxford (DPhil)
Bioenergetic studies of populations of woodland molluscs.
MATHEWS, C.P. (1968) Oxford (DPhil)
The exploitation of food resources by Gammarus pulex L. and other animals in woodland streams.
McDERMOTT, M.J. (1987) Oxford (MSc)
Management plan for Wytham Wood 1988-1992.
McGREGOR, P.K. (1981) Oxford EGI (DPhil)
Bird song repetoires and local dialects.
MILLER, R.S. (1951) Oxford (DPhil)
Activity patterns in small mammals, with special reference to their use of natural rsources.
MINOT, E.O. (1980) Oxford, EGI (DPhil)
Interspecific competition betwenn blue and great tits.
MODD, D. (1972) Oxford (DPhil)
A statistical analysis of clutch size in the great tit, Parus major L..
MURDOCH, M. (1963) Oxford (DPhil)
The population ecology of certain carabid beetles living in marshes and near fresh water.
NEWMAN, C. (2000) Oxford (DPhil)
The demography and parasitology of the Wytham Woods' badger populations.
NEWSON, J. (1960) Oxford (DPhil)
The relationship between behaviour, population density and physiological condition in voles (Microtus agrestis and Clethrionomys glareolus).
NEWSON, R. (1960) Oxford (DPhil)
The ecology of vole and mouse populations in different habitats.
NEWTON, I. (1964) Oxford EGI (DPhil)
The ecology and moult of the bullfinch.
NORRIS, K.J. (1989) Oxford EGI (DPhil)
Evolutionary aspects of variation in the plumage colouration of great tits.
NUR, N. (1981) Duke, U.S.A. (PhD)
The adaptive significance of brood size in the blue tit Parus caeruleus.
O'DONNELL, T.G. (1971) Oxford (DPhil)
Ecology of the ectoparasites of three species of small rodents.
PARTRIDGE, L. (1974) Oxford (DPhil)
Behavioural aspects of the ecology of some Paridae.
PAVIOUR-SMITH, K. (1959) Oxford (DPhil)
The ecology of the fauna associated with macrofungi growing on dead and decaying trees.
PERNETTA, J.C. (1973) Oxford (DPhil)
Field and laboratory experiments to determine the feeding ecology and behaviour of Sorex araneus (Linnaeus 1758) and Sorex minutus (Linnaeus 1766).
PERRINS, C.M. (1963) Oxford EGI (DPhil)
Some factors influencing brood-size and populations in tits.
PETTIFOR, R.A. (1989) Oxford EGI (DPhil)
Individual variation in clutch-size in tits.
PLESNER JENSEN, S. (1993) Oxford (DPhil)
Ecology and behaviour of small mammals on expanded field margins .
PONTIN, A.J. (1958) Oxford (DPhil)
Colony foundation and competition between ants.
PUTMAN, R.J. (1976) Oxford (DPhil)
Energetics of the decomposition of animal carrion.
RICHARDS, C.G.J. (1981) Oxford (DPhil)
Aspects of the population and feeding ecology of Microtus agrestis (L.), the field vole.
RIDDINGTON, R. (1992) Oxford EGI (DPhil)
Some aspects of the dispersal and post-fledging ecology of a population of great tits (Parus major).
ROGERS, D.J. (1970) Oxford (DPhil)
Aspects of host-parasite interaction in laboratory populations of insects.
ROYAMA, T. (1966) Oxford EGI (DPhil)
The breeding biology of the great tit, Parus major, with reference to food.
SCHRECKENBERG, K. (1987) Oxford (MSc)
Management plan for Wytham Wood, Oxford 1987/88-1991/92.
SHEEHAN, P.G. (1979) Oxford (MSc)
Management plan for Wytham Woods, October 1980 - October 1985.
SMYTH, M. (1963) Oxford (DPhil)
The effects of varying abundance on the population dynamics of rodents, with special reference to the bank vole, Clethrionomys glareolus.
SORENSEN, A.E. (1982) Oxford EGI (DPhil)
Inter-relationships between fruits and fruit-eating birds.
STEEL, J.L. (1976) Oxford (DPhil)
The production, movement and breakdown of litter in beechwood.
STEVENS, T.A. (1984) Oxford EGI (DPhil)
Food storing by marsh tits.

STEWART, P.D. (1997) Oxford (DPhil)

The social behaviour of the European badger Meles meles.

SUTTON, S.L. (1966) Oxford (DPhil)

The ecology of isopod populations in grassland.
TODD, V.E. (1948) Oxford (DPhil)
The habits and ecology of the British harvestmen (Arachnida, Opiliones) with special reference to those of the Oxford district.
TURNBULL, A.L. (1957) Oxford (DPhil)
The ecology of some woodland spiders.
WARDALL, D.A. (1987) Oxford (MSc)
Management plan for Wytham Woods for the period 1987/88 to 1991/92.
WATT, J.C. (1965) Oxford (DPhil)
Studies on the relationships of some Tenebrionid beetles (Insecta: Coleoptera).
WATTS, C.H.S. (1966) Oxford (DPhil)
The ecology of woodland voles and mice with special reference to movement and population structure.
WEBER, M.I. (1975) Oxford EGI (DPhil)
Some aspects of the non-breeding population dynamics of the great tit (Parus major).
WEST, M.N. (1984) Oxford (DPhil)
The effect on phytophagous insects of variations in defence mechanisms within a plant.
WETTON, M.N. (1984) Oxford (DPhil)
The feeding ecology and distribution of Megaloceraea recticornis (Geoffroy).
WILLAN, R.L. (1950) Oxford (?)
An investigation into the effects of vertebrate seedeaters on the seed crop of certain hardwoods.
WILLIAMSON, M.H. (1957) Oxford (DPhil)
Factors affecting competition between species of molluscs living in woodland leaf litter.
WINT, G.R.W. (1979) Oxford (DPhil)
The effect of seasonal accumulation of tannins upon the growth of Lepidopteran feeding larvae.
WOOD, D.A. (1976) Oxford (DPhil)
(n.b. D.Phil. thesis not accepted; recommended for revision which was not carried out.)
Metabolism and activity- an approach to the applied ecology of the grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis).
WOODBURN R.J.W. (1997) Oxford (DPhil)
Breeding ecology of the blue tit and the great tit and the possible effects of climate change
WOODROFFE, R. (1992) Oxford (DPhil)
Factors affecting reproduction success in the Europea badger, Meles meles L.
WYLIE, H.G. (1953) Oxford (DPhil)
An experimental study of the searching behaviour of an insect parasite.
YDENBERG, R.C. (1982) Oxford (DPhil)
Territorial vigilance and foraging behaviour: a study of trade offs.
ZAPATA, B. (2000) Oxford (MSc)
The blood biochemistry of badgers (meles meles) in Wytham woods in relation to habitat.

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