Wrinkle-pod mangrove

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Scientific Name: Cynometra iripa Common Name/s: Wrinkle-pod Mangrove

The Wrinkle Pod Mangrove (Cynometra iripa) is a small, straggly untidy shrub growing very high in the intertidal zone on the landward edge of the mangrove forest. While many people think the fruit looks like a brain or an old bald parrot and is referred to as ‘kidney-shaped’ in mangrove guides ‘Cyno-metra’ actually means dogs uterus in Greek in reference to the peculiar shape of the fruit while the latin word ‘iripa’ is the derivation of riparian and means within the stream bank.

The wrinkled fruit is only produced in the summers of years of abundant rain and relies on a pithy wall for buoyancy to disperse its single seed.

The Wrinkle Pod Mangrove is also found in India where a lotion prepared from the leaves and oil extracted from the seeds has been used as a treatment for leprosy and scabies.

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