Wrap up the Gardening Year

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Wrap up the Gardening Year

and start planning for the next at this October’s Gardening Study School,

sponsored by the Garden Club of NJ!

This year’s session will be held on October 9th & 10th at Holly House in Rutgers Gardens. The fee is $50 per day, or $85 for the two full days. Plus, again this year, we have added a special offer of 2 students for only $150. That’s $10 less for each of you, so bring along a friend!
Topics and schedule this year:
Tuesday, October 9th
Registration & Coffee 8:00-8:30

Introduction & Preview 8:30-8:45

Pruning Techniques (tested) -- Steven Kristoph 8:45-10:15

Plant Growth (tested) -- Judy Glattstein 10:30-12:30

Lunch (optional), tour gardens, shop for plants 12:30-1:30

Latest in Taxonomy -- Judy Glattstein 1:30-3:00

Review & Forecast 3:00-3:30
Wednesday, October 10th

Registration & Coffee 8:00-8:30

Preview/Review 8:30-8:45

Tour of Rutgers Gardens -- Bruce Crawford 8:45-11:15

Topiary Techniques -- Ken Selody 11:30-12:30

Lunch (optional), tour gardens, shop for plants 12:30-1:30

Flower Gardening (tested) -- Valerie Sudol 1:30-3:00

Review & Wrap 3:00-3:30
Friday, October 12th
Exam (optional; fee) 9-12

Master Gardeners will receive 10 CEUs (5 per day)

The Gardening Study School is held annually and consists of 4 courses, each containing 10 hours of instruction on an extensive array of gardening topics. Completing the curriculum and passing exams based on each of the four courses can lead to becoming certified as a Gardening Consultant. The exams are given a couple of days after each course and are not mandatory unless you want to pursue certification.

Gardening Study School is a great way to learn new techniques or brush up on old methods; you’ll meet fellow gardeners from all over the state and share new ideas and proven timesavers. We’ll also have demonstrations, time to tour the gardens, and plant sales during the course of our two days. And let’s not forget the delicious catered lunches (extra fee).
Gardening Study School 2012

Course 3, Series VII

October 9-10, optional exam on October 12

Holly House, 126 Ryders Lane, East Brunswick, NJ 08815


Address __________________________________________________________________________

Phone_______________________ E-Mail _______________________________________________

Garden Club_____________________________________________ District____________________

Circle past courses taken: 1 2 3 4

NGC Life Member # ________________________

Master Gardener: Y N County_____________

please circle selections:

Course fee (2 days) $85.00

1-day fee - Tuesday or Wednesday $50.00

(circle day attending)

Exam fee $ 5.00

Refresher fee $ 5.00

Buffet lunch (optional): Tuesday $10.00

Wednesday $10.00

2-for-$150 Special $150.00

Please list other student name and submit registration information for each:


Total enclosed: $_________

Registration must be received by Oct 1; no refunds after Sept. 24.

Make check payable to GCNJ and send with completed form to

GSS Registrar, Ilona Ontscherenki, 10 Pond View Road Chester NJ 07930

Required Reading (necessary for exam); The National Gardener Magazine Subscription, available through Member Services 1-800-550-6007 x17. Students taking the course for credit and those refreshing must bring a current National Gardener label (three-year subscription). Consultants must provide a Life Member number, a current label from "The National Gardener",or a new three-year subscription application, with payment of $18, available at the registration table on the first day of the course.

See http://njclubs.esiteasp.com/gcnj/gardening_study_school.nxg for more details,

or contact Ilona Ontscherenki at 908-879-0232, ontscherenki@yahoo.com

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