World Geography Course Requirements

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Weatherford High School NGC Instructor: Nichole Gray

Social Studies Department Room 107A

World Geography Phone: 817-598-2847 Ext. 3728

E-mail: Website:

World Geography

Course Requirements

Course Description: World Geography provides students with the opportunity to study the interactions of people and their physical environments in the major areas of the world. Content introduces the students to the world of geographers, their unique vocabulary, and tools and methodologies. Students acquire an understanding of the physical setting of the earth, locate and study different landforms and regions of the world, learn how people and geography impact each other, and are introduced to urban analysis. Content offers students the opportunity to put into practice the geographical concepts and skills through critical thinking applications about the world. It also builds upon knowledge the students have accumulated throughout the social studies program beginning in the elementary grades and continuing through Texas and United States history courses taken at the junior high school level.
Materials Needed:


  • Textbook, “World Geography A Global Perspective”- Prentice Hall - Classroom Copy

  • #2 Pencil

  • Pen- Black or Blue

  • 3 ring binder

  • Dividers

  • Small hand held pencil sharpener

  • Glue stick

  • 3x5 Index cards

  • Index card holder- Metal ring or Card Box.

  • Pencil bag (attaches inside 3 ring binder)

  • Map pencils (box of 12 at least)

  • Yellow Highlighter

  • Spiral notebook (one subject) or loose leaf paper (college ruled)

  • Calculator (basic)- optional

  • Box of Kleenex

  • Scissors

Grading Policy:

All grades are calculated as a percentage. Individual assignment grades are recorded as follows:

Daily grades and Mapping Labs: 50%

Tests/Quizzes/ Small class projects/Long term/ 6-Weeks Projects: 50%
Late Assignments:

It is our expectation that all assignments will be turned in on time.
Students absent for extracurricular activities must turn in assignments before the student leaves school, or the day before. If a student is absent due to illness then the assignment will be due based upon the grading policy of the district. See Student Handbook and Late Work Handout.
Make-up tests:

Arrangements must be made with the instructor to make up the test before or after school. Make-up tests will not be administered during class time. Students will have one week after test has been returned to schedule and make up the test. Students are allowed one make up test or assignment a six weeks.

6-Weeks Projects:

We do not have due dates for these projects. We have “last day to turn in” dates. Any 6-Weeks project can be turned in any time after it is assigned. In other words, you do not have to wait until the last day to turn in the project. Since guidelines for these projects are given well in advance of the final day it can be turned in, there is ample time to complete these projects. Projects will not be accepted late for any reason except in extreme circumstances -ex.: Death in the family, hospitalization, etc.

Current Events:

Students should make a serious effort to keep up with what is going on in their world and how it relates to the subject/area they are studying. Time, Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report, New York Times, and The Washington Post are all good weekly and daily news sources to read. “National Public Radio” in the morning and evening provides in-depth radio news. Watching national news shows on TV at least twice a week will help students stay abreast of breaking news stories.

Classroom Rules:

  • All school rules in the student handbook will be followed in this classroom.

  • Intolerant and disrespectful remarks regarding other people’s views, beliefs, opinion, culture, or lifestyle is not acceptable behavior in this classroom.

  • Come to class prepared (supplies) and ready to work when the bell rings.

    • Absences will affect your grade, so your consistent presence in class will contribute to your success.

    • Tardies are considered a disruption of the learning environment. Students are expected to be in their seat and on task working at the beginning of each class. Standing outside the door when the bell rings, constitutes a tardy.

    • Technology will be a big part of the classroom however, all technology tools are only to be used as instructed by the teacher.

  • Talking during a test/quiz is considered cheating. The test/quiz will be taken up, and the student will receive a recorded grade of zero. The student’s parents will also be notified.

  • Students are expected to use the restroom between classes. Students in class will not be permitted to go during instructional time. Otherwise you will be allowed to go one at a time with a pass at my discretion.

  • You are required to bring your materials every class period. If you do not bring those materials it could affect your grade. Most work is done during class time and it is necessary to have all your supplies in order to complete most assignments.

  • Students will maintain and keep their data folder (red), as well as their binder up to date. This red folder will be provided to you and is to NEVER leave the classroom. These folders will be subject to checks without warning. The binder is provided by you and will also be kept in the classroom unless otherwise instructed by the teacher.

  • The bell does not dismiss you, I do.


Tutoring will be available each morning in one designated World Geography classroom. All geography students who wish to attend a tutoring session will report to that classroom regardless of whether it is their teacher. All geography teachers can tutor all students. The schedule is posted outside each geography classroom. After school tutorials are by appointment only. Tests and Mapping labs must be made up during tutorial time only.


After reviewing the information, please contact me if:

  • you have any questions regarding this material,

  • you have something important you wish to share with me,

  • You have any concerns about the class.

Please check my website and parent portal for announcements, homework, projects, grades, etc. Thank you for your time, I look forward to a productive and enjoyable year with your student! Welcome to WHS Ninth Grade Campus.

Cut and Return to Teacher by Wednesday


I have read the information above and agree to follow the policies and procedures set forth by my World Geography teacher.

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