Word to Accessible pdf (Using Word 2003 & Adobe Acrobat Professional X)

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Word to Accessible PDF (Using Word 2003 & Adobe Acrobat Professional X)

The Word File

  1. Before converting the Word file, to PDF, have the conversion settings (Adobe PDF, Change Conversion Settings) set as follows:

    1. Under Settings, set your settings as shown.

    1. Click the Advanced Settings button.

      1. Under General, set your settings as shown.

      1. Click the Save As… button. Save file as ReportCard.joboptions. Click Save.

    1. Under Word, set your settings as shown:

    1. Under Bookmarks, set your settings as shown:

      1. Click OK.

  1. Click Adobe PDF, Convert to Adobe PDF.

PDF File
When the document is converted, you will see something like this:

You can click on the bookmark icon, in the left-hand frame, in order to see the listing of bookmarks.
Some setting changes now have to be done to the PDF file:

  1. Click File, Properties, Description tab. Make sure that the correct Title info is filled in.

  2. Click Initial View tab. Under Layout and Magnification section:

  1. Under Window Options section:

    • For Show section, select Document Title

  2. Click the Advanced tab. Under Reading Options, Language, select English.

  3. Click OK.

  4. Save the file.

To perform the next steps, you will need to add Accessibility to the Tools list. To do this:

To check the PDF file, for accessibility:

  1. Open the file, in Adobe Acrobat. Click Tools, Accessibility. Click Full Check.

  2. Select these options in the Accessibility Full Check screen. Click Start Checking.

  3. If everything was created correctly, you should see this screen: Click OK.

  4. The Accessibility Report will open, in the left-hand frame.

Please Note: The last thing you may want to consider doing is reducing the PDF file size:

    • Click File, Save As, Reduced Size PDF

    • In the Reduce File Size window, select Acrobat 8.0 and later for Acrobat Version Compatibility

    • Click OK

    • Click Save in the Save As window. You will be told that the file already exists. Click Yes to replace the existing file.

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