Wingman technical and logistical requirements please inform us immediately if there are any issues with providing the required technical support. Thank you!

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**Please inform us immediately if there are any issues with providing the required technical support. Thank you!
Staging (raised platform) in the center of the front wall of the room with an American Flag (and other flags you would like to display) on the right side. Please have steps off of the platform on either side.

  • A small chair on the side of the stage. No podium is necessary.

  • Keep the front row as close to the stage as possible, and fill up the front rows first!! Approximately six feet away is ideal.


  • A bright stage will help keep the audience focus at the front of the room. Waldo will utilize the entire stage and will even walk into the audience.

  • ** For large groups greater than 500, a SPOTLIGHT is highly suggested.

    • If used, please aim it for a general wash of the front of the stage. People are more alert in brightness. Dim the lighting on the screens but keep the house lights up full.

  • Use a dark backdrop to accentuate Waldo’s face and body.

Video projection system and associated cables for a laptop (MACBOOK PRO) power point presentation. Please have a backup Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter to connect his MacBook to the video projector.

  • Largest Projection Screen possible. (for audiences greater than 400 people, IMAG (I\image magnification) is highly recommended.)

  • (Optional) Repeater monitor (for power point) at front of stage.

  • Waldo will use a hand held remote to run through slides. He must be within 75 feet of the laptop for the remote to function. If unable to place the laptop within 75 feet of his position, then please provide an alternate remote control system.

  • A laptop will need to be attached to a high powered sound system as the presentation will have video/audio clips. Please provide the necessary interface items and adapters (RCA, 1/4" or 1/8" stereo mini-jack).

  • If possible, please provide a back-up MacBook or a laptop computer with Windows 7 or XP and Power Point 2010 (or later) loaded. A back-up of the presentation will be installed on this laptop. Should Waldo’s laptop freeze up, he will switch to the back-up. An RGB switcher should be utilized to switch to this secondary laptop.

Ideal Wingman Keynote Room Set-up
The proper chair and light set up can make a huge difference in the quality of an event. Here are some recommendations.
extra seating primary seating extra seating


screen Stage screen


  1. Ideally, the chairs should be set up so they are NOT right behind each other with people looking directly at the head in front of them. Have them set up to maximize the viewing angle with the chairs in the second row placed in the “space” between the chairs in front of them. Also, give ~4” of separation between chairs.

Chairs should be like this:



  1. The rows of chairs should be slightly curved. Set them up as if the belly button of each person is pointed directly at the center of the stage – the rows on the sides will be at ~ 45 degree angles. There will be an aisle on each side of the center section. Having an aisle in the center is also fine.

  1. Crescent rounds are also very appropriate.

  1. Be tight on the number of chairs. If you expect 200 – set up 200. Hotels typically go over 20% and the front rows are often empty. This is bad for everyone. It’s easy to add a few more chairs, but hard to remove them (or get people to move.)

  1. I use PowerPoint and a projector. Ideally, rear projection is the best for the screens. Please place the screen(s) in one or both of the corners, or if in the center, please try and have it raised if possible.

  1. I like multiple aisles because I walk into the audience and speak at various times. Steps off the front and/or the side of the stage are recommended.

  1. I recommend you also use upbeat, energetic music when people enter the room, at the start and during breaks etc. This music can help the energy immensely. I will arrive early and assist with any set up or adjustments that might be needed.

AV and Lighting Pre-Mission Checklist for the Wingman Keynote

  1. Everything is on my laptop PowerPoint presentation

    1. I have full control of all video and PowerPoint with my remote clicker

  2. If using my 5-min video “countdown,” please dim the lights while it plays.

  3. Speaker Video Introduction (which comes after verbal intro) – Lights off

    1. Keep the volume high and make sure there is a decent amount of bass.

  4. When video intro ends, turn up full house and stage lights when jet noise plays

  5. For all videos (normally 3-4 total) – please turn off lights during videos and put lights full up after the video. Keep volume high if able.


  7. ** I have a jet noise that plays on my last slide, so please do not turn off the sound until after my presentation is over and I leave stage.

  8. ** Do not assume I will play a video at a pre-discussed time. Sometimes, based on time restrictions and other reasons, I may not show all planned videos (In particular the concluding video). As such, DO NOT TURN LIGHTS OFF UNLESS A VIDEO IS PLAYING.

  9. ** FOR IMAG – Please keep at least one screen with my PowerPoint, and the other with me on it. For PowerPoint videos, change to both screens with PowerPoint. If I walk into the audience, good idea to go IMAG on at least one (or both if able). Please keep in mind I may refer to my slides and may need you to switch it back to my PowerPoint.

Please call me on site if you need to ask any questions.

Thank you for being my wingman and helping me to fly a successful mission!


770-333-9867 (office)

770-330-9600 (cell)

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