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Permit and Authorization Service Bureau

PO Box 9372 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria, BC V8W 9M3

Tel: 1-866-433-7272 or




PERMIT VI08-44304


Cori Lausen

PO Box 920

Kaslo, BC V0G 1M0


(250) 353-7339


(250) 353-2891

IS AUTHORIZED UNDER s. 2(c)(i) of the Permit Regulation, B.C. Reg. 253/2000,


Live trap and on-site release bats, including Little Brown Myotis (Myotis lucifugus); Big Brown Bat (Eptesicus fuscus); California Myotis (Myotis californicus); Long-eared Myotis (Myotis evotis); Long-legged Myotis (Myotis volans); Silver-haired Bat (Lasionycteris noctivagans); Hoary Bat (Lasiurus cinereus); Townsend’s Big-eared Bat (Corynorhinus townsendii); Yuma Myotis (Myotis yumanensis); Fringed Myotis (Myotis thysanodes); Western Small-footed Myotis (Myotis ciliolabrum); Keen’s Myotis (Myotis keenii) and Northern Long-eared Myotis (Myotis septentrionalis) for scientific purposes in Region 2, specifically Skagit/Manning area; Region 6, specifically Kitwanga/Hazelton area and Region 8, specifically the South Okanagan area.



The permit holder must comply with the terms in Appendix A.


Failure to comply with any term of this permit is an offence under the Wildlife Act, and may result in any or all of prosecution, suspension of the permit, cancellation of the permit, ineligibility for future permits, and denial of future permit requests.


This permit is only valid from June 8, 2008 to September 15, 2008.


May 29, 2008


Tom Ethier

Director of Wildlife






PERMIT VI08-44304

Reporting Requirements:

  1. The permit holder must maintain an accurate up to date record of the wildlife hunted, trapped or killed under the permit that includes the following information:

      1. common name of the wildlife;

      2. location where the wildlife was taken, including a UTM grid location in NAD83 to + or – 100m accuracy (zone 2 digits, easting 6 digits, northing 7 digits)

      3. the date the wildlife was hunted, trapped or killed;

      4. the sex and age class of the wildlife taken;

      5. the bands or tags on the wildlife; and

      6. a description of all nests, dams or other structures destroyed or removed.

NOTE: A blank reporting form (Appendix D) is attached to the end of this permit for your convenience

  1. The permit holder must submit the original copy of this record to the Permit and Authorization Service Bureau within 21 days of the permit’s expiry.

  1. The permit holder must produce a copy of the record referred to in paragraph 1 on the demand of an officer.

General Conditions:

  1. The permit holder must comply with all laws applicable to the activities carried out under this permit.

  1. This permit extends to the permit holder’s employees or contractors only when they are engaged in the direct performance of their duties on behalf of the permit holder.

  1. All work is to be undertaken by trained professionals with experience in capturing and handling bats.

  1. The permit holder must take all reasonably necessary steps to ensure that public safety is not jeopardized and fish or wildlife habitat is not damaged by any action taken under authority of this permit.

  1. Capture and handling of specimens to be in accordance with the Standards for Live Animal Capture and Handling Guidelines established by the Ministry of Environment.

See http://ilmbwww.gov.bc.ca/risc/pubs/tebiodiv/capt/index.htm

  1. The permit holder must ensure that animals are treated in a humane manner, and are not subjected to any unnecessary harm or suffering.

  1. No intentional mortality of red or blue listed species is to occur. All reasonable steps must be taken to ensure accidental mortality does not occur.

  1. All other small mammals and other organisms captured should be released unharmed.

  1. Permit holder shall provide upon conclusion of this years project, a copy of the final report, to the Permit and Authorization Service Bureau.


PERMIT VI08-44304


  • It is the permit holder’s responsibility to be aware of all applicable laws and the limits of this permit. For example, this permit does not give the permit holder authority to access or travel though any private land without permission from the landowner.

  • The Province is not liable for any illness contracted through wildlife handling. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to inform themselves of possible health hazards, and to ensure that all reasonably necessary safety measures are undertaken.

  • If applicable, the permit holder is responsible for renewing his or her own permit. The issuer is not obliged to send a reminder notice.

Here are some, but not all, relevant excerpts from the Wildlife Act:
Property in Wildlife
2 (1) Ownership in all wildlife in British Columbia is vested in the government.
2 (4) If a person by accident or for the protection of life or property kills wildlife, that wildlife, despite subsection (3), remains the property of the government.
2 (5) Despite anything in this Act, no right of action lies, and no right of compensation exists, against the government for death, personal injury or property damage caused by

    1. wildlife, or

    2. an animal that escapes or is released from captivity or is abandoned

in British Columbia

Trafficking in wildlife
22 A person who traffics live wildlife or wildlife meat, except as authorized by regulation or a permit, commits an offence.
Documents not transferable
81 Except as authorized by regulation or as otherwise provided under this Act, a licence, permit or limited entry hunting authorization is not transferable, and a person commits an offence if the person

    1. allows his or her licence, permit or limited entry hunting authorization to be used by another person, or

    2. uses another person’s licence, permit or limited entry hunting authorization.


PERMIT VI08-44304

Production of licence or permit
97 If a person who is required to hold a licence, permit or limited entry hunting authorization issued under this Act

    1. fails to produce it for inspection to an officer on request, or

    2. fails or refuses to state his or her name and address to an officer on request,

the person commits an offence.

This excerpt from the Permit Regulation, made under the Wildlife Act, is relevant:
8 A person who holds a permit under the Act or the Permit Regulation commits an offence if he or she fails to comply with a term of the permit.

Recommended Bat-handling procedures

From “Inventory Methods for Bats”

Standards for Components of BC Biodiversity No. 20

Resources Inventory Committee, Province of British Columbia

  • Nets should not be opened before dusk, to prevent catching late flying birds.

  • Nets must be monitored constantly from about a half hour before sunset to about 24:00 or 01:00 (or later at higher latitudes) depending on levels of bat activity. Capture success will typically decline as the night progresses.

  • Each net should be checked at least every 10-15 minutes. Bats should be removed from a net from the same side as they entered, as determined by the position of the pocket relative to the shelf cord that separates each shelf. Bats removed quickly from the net typically become less tangled and do less damage to the net. It may help to wear a loose fitting leather or cotton glove on the left hand (for right-handed individuals). This gives a bat something to chew on other than your hand. There is no agreed upon method for removing a bat from a mist net. Freeing a wing or the tail first seems to work well. Some people find the use of a crochet hook helpful to remove a section of net from a bat's body.

  • When a bat is caught, it should be removed immediately and placed in a cotton draw-stringed holding bag.

  • Bats should be held until the netting session ends (to prevent recapturing the same individual) except for females that are in late stages of pregnancy or lactation. These should not be held for extended periods of time but should be released after processing at their site of capture.

  • Bats are released by letting them fly off the hand or placing them on a tree trunk to fly off on their own accord.

  • If bats have become torpid, they will need to be rewarmed in the hand before release. If bats are to be held overnight for any reason, proper ventilation and water should be provided.


PERMIT VI08-44304

  • The permit holder MUST maintain an accurate up-to-date record.

  • The permit holder MUST submit the original copy of this report to the Permit and Authorization Service Bureau within 21 days of the permit’s expiry or annually as indicated in “Appendix A – Terms of Permit – Reporting Requirements” of this permit.

  • The permit holder must produce a copy of this record on the demand of an officer

Common name of wildlife

Location where wildlife was taken

Date wildlife was hunted, trapped or killed

Sex and age class of wildlife

Bands or tags on wildlife

Description of all nests, dams or other structures destroyed or removed

*If more room is required, please use a sheet of blank paper

_________________________________ _________________________

Signature of Permit Holder Date

Ministry of Environment

Permit and Authorization Service Bureau

PO Box 9372 Stn Prov Govt

Victoria, BC V8W 9M3

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