Wildfire Controller™ for ps3

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Wildfire Controller™ for PS3®
User Guide

1. Introduction

Congratulations on your purchase of Datel’s state-of-the-art Wildfire Controller for PS3. Wildfire is the only 3rd party PS3 controller to offer 100% compatible communication with the PS3 console using genuine Bluetooth protocol.

It faithfully recreates all of the functionality of the PS3’s SIXAXIS controller including vibration feedback, motion sensing and full analogue input. In addition, the Wildfire Controller enhances your gaming with a programmable Rapid Fire function and new ergonomic design.

2. Safety information

The Wildfire Controller uses two standard AA batteries for power.

 If rechargeable AA batteries are used, they cannot be charged using the USB connection on the controller. Instead they should be charged using a suitable standalone charger.

 Do not use damaged or leaking batteries.

 Do not mix standard and rechargeable batteries.

 Do not expose the controller to temperatures in excess of 40oC or below -10oC.

The Wildfire Controller has been designed to be as ergonomic as possible but as with any gaming peripheral you are advised to take regular breaks during your gaming session especially if any discomfort occurs.

3. Insert batteries

Please read the safety instructions (opposite) regarding battery safety.

1. Press the ‘Battery compartment button’ and remove the battery compartment from the back of the controller.

2. Insert either 2x standard AA batteries or 2x rechargeable AA batteries into the battery compartment, ensuring that you orientate them as shown on the inside of the moulding.

3. Re-attach the battery compartment to the controller, ensuring that it latches correctly.

4. Controller button layout


The L3 and R3 buttons are activated by pressing the analogue sticks in.

5. Using the controller

Before you can use the Wildfire Controller for the first time you need to register or “pair” the controller with your PS3.

You only need to pair the controller with your system once.

Step 1: Pair the controller

Switch the console on and then connect the controller to it using the USB cable. This will automatically pair the two devices.


Step 2: Activate the controller

After pairing or resetting the console you need to activate the controller so that it is assigned a player number. To do this, wait for the console to boot and then press the PS button once.

The player number indicator lights will flash briefly and then settle on a number. The LED that stays illuminated is that controller’s player number.

6. Using the Turbo Rapid Fire function

The Wildfire Controller is equipped with a unique programmable Turbo Rapid Fire function that can boost your firepower in any PS3 game. The Turbo Rapid Fire function has 3 speed settings and can be assigned to wide range of buttons.

Choose which buttons to use rapid fire on

By default, Turbo Rapid Fire is assigned to the (X) button but different games will use different buttons for actions like jump, shoot, block etc. In order for you to get the most out of the rapid fire function you can choose exactly which button or buttons it is assigned to.

To program which buttons will use rapid fire, press and hold the START button then press and hold the PS button. You can now release the START button. The next buttons you press (before releasing the PS button) will all become rapid fire enabled. Turbo Rapid Fire can be enabled on the following 8 buttons:


The Wildfire Controller will remember this configuration until the batteries become flat or are removed or the process is repeated to configure a different set of buttons.

Enable rapid fire and set the fire speed

After assigning Turbo Rapid Fire to one or more buttons (see previous section) you will see the ‘Turbo indicator’ light on your pad flash very quickly. This indicates that Turbo Rapid Fire is running at its fastest speed. To reduce the speed, tap the PS button one or more times (see illustration below).

To change the speed at any time press and hold the START button and then tap the PS button to vary the rapid fire speed or disable it again (see below).


7. Technical support and customer service

Before contacting Datel’s customer service department, please ensure that you have read through and understood the information in this manual.

Please ensure that you have information on when and where you purchased this product to hand.

Datel Customer Services Europe

Customers Services, Datel Design & Development Ltd
Stafford Road, Stone, STAFFS. ST15 0DG

Email: support@datel.co.uk

Web: http://uk.codejunkies.com

Datel Customer Services USA

ATTN: Customer Services, Datel Design & Development Inc
33 North Garden Avenue, Suite 900, Clearwater, FL 33755

Email: support@dateldesign.com

Knowledgebase: http://www.datelcustomerservice.com
Web: http://us.codejunkies.com

© 2009 Datel Design & Development Ltd. Wildfire Controller for PS3 is a trademark of Datel Design and Development Ltd.

Wildfire Controller for PS3 is a 100% unofficial product and is NOT sponsored, endorsed or approved by SONY, nor any games developer or publisher. PLAYSTATION and PS3 are a registered trademarks or trademarks of SONY in the United States and/or other countries.
The Bluetooth word mark, figure mark, and combination mark are all trademarks of the Bluetooth SIG.

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