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Wholesale Banking

Press Release

Prague, 27 June 2008

ING Kampa Midsummer Invitational in Its Fourth Year

On Friday 27 June 2008, the Konopiště Golf Resort hosted already the fourth annual largest corporate golf tournament in the Czech Republic - ING Kampa Midsummer Invitational. The event was not for clients of ING Wholesale Banking and Kampa Group only; prominent athletes and celebrities like ice hockey players Petr and Jaroslav Nedvěds, Martin Ručínský and model Jana Doležalová also put in their appearance. The proceeds from the tournament were donated to the ING Wholesale Banking Fund of Tereza Maxová Foundation.

I am delighted that ING Kampa Midsummer Invitational is becoming a tradition,” says Rolf-Jan Zweep, CEO ING Bank CR and General Manager Wholesale Banking, adding: “The guests are now quite used to meeting at this mid-summer event, which ideally combines their hobby, golf and business interests as well as charity. For good measure, the tournament is unique in its format – it is a two-ball team play, or Texas Scramble as golfers call it.

Nils Jebens of Kampa Group adds: “Kampa Group is proud to be a partner of this event which combines entertainment, charity, good hospitality and good company. I personally always look forward to every ING Kampa Midsummer Invitational and I really hope its success will live on.”

The players at the ING Kampa Midsummer Invitational gave a donation to the ING Wholesale Banking Fund of Tereza Maxova Foundation. A minimum donation was CZK 500 and the upper limit was only to the donor’s discretion. The total amount donated to the Fund was CZK 80 000.

The winners of the golf tournament at Konopiště were announced later in the evening at a football-themed party in Hergetova Cihelna. One of the highlights of the evening was a charity auction in aid of the the ING Wholesale Banking Fund of Tereza Maxova Foundation. The object of the auction were two Czech National Football team jerseys signed by Karel Brückner.


Zuzana Kalabová Viola Baštýřová

ING Wholesale Banking Stance Communications

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Profile ING

ING Wholesale Banking is a business name for the corporate banking activities of ING Bank N.V. It was founded in 1992 as an organisation part of ING Bank N.V. Amsterdam. In 2006 its assets totalled over CZK 60 billion. ING Wholesale Banking is a member of the Prague Stock Exchange and the Czech Banking Association.

ING is a global financial institution of Dutch origin, offering services in banking, insurance and assets management. ING has 60 million of private, corporate and institutional clients in 50 countries. With more than 120,000 employees and a broad spectrum of premium corporations it owns, ING serves clients under the ING brand.

ING Group is a responsible corporation and has globally initiated the ‘Chances for Children’ project. In the Czech Republic, as part of this global campaign, ING Wholesale Banking formed a partnership with Tereza Maxova Foundation whose aims are ideally aligned with ING’s own strategy – supporting educational, leisure and sports activities. This partnership has a unique grant procedure; the grants commission includes Foundation executives as well as ING Wholesale Banking employees.

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