Who we Serve

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Who we Serve

ASA-COCI serves individuals who have the following:

  • Ability to learn and pursue education and career opportunities to obtain high school diploma, procure gainful employment and financial independence.

  • Barriers that include physical, visual, hearing, mental health, chemical health, or any other challenges that limit learning, hinder procuring gainful employment and financial independence

  • Youth and adults who have limited income or limited transferable skills to workforce sectors

  • People transitioning from public assistance to employment and/or self-sufficiency

  • Individuals establishing business opportunities for self and others

Fees are attached to each service area an individual chooses to participate in.

ASA offers services in the following areas:

  • ASA Assessment Services: Focuses on consumer assessments to identify skill potentials, aptitudes, and career goals in seven education and career workforce areas:

  • ASA Training and Education Services ASA utilizes the expertise of its business partners community and faith-based, schools, Minnesota Center for Professional Development, Universities throughout Minnesota to design new and revise existing curriculum for state of the art training.

  • All Star Academy Employment Services are customized to fit the needs of each client

Services include:

  • Job Readiness Skill Building Packets

  • Job Site Tours to meet employers

  • Employment-related discussions with employers

  • One-to-one job counseling at ASA-COCI Transition Opportunity Career (TOC) Center

  • 100% Job Placement

  • Post-Placement Services ensure cultural job adjustment, job retention, maintaining employer policies and procedure compliance and income stability.

  • 100% Retention and Disability Services offers job-retention support to clients through Certified Extended Employment Services with a full range of support services that includes Case Management Services and Worksite Support Services.

Unique Features of ASA Services

  • Works closely with the community-based businesses to develop culturally specific training modules that fit the needs of people of color

  • Ongoing robust capacity building of business partners who assist with developing culturally specific curriculum, offering work readiness training courses and assisting participants with securing competitive employment with career advancement potential

  • College readiness opportunities and advancement in education and career goals

  • Business establishment for self-sufficiency, employability, financial independence

Benefits to You and Your Clients

  • Your client will develop a Personal Academic Work Activities (PAWA) plan jointly with ASA-COCO’S job counselor with goals, objectives and benchmarks of each required activity that will result to success

  • Your client will be followed by an ASA staff person for an extended period of time to ensure the PAWA plan is implemented to reach the expected goals and objectives

  • Your client will gain the necessary skills needed in the current work place because ASA Business Partners assist with the development of training curriculum.

  • You will receive a progress report monthly or as indicated in the PAWA plan and at the end of each service completed.

  • Your client will receive continuing education units for courses completed that may be converted to credits post-secondary schools that ASA has an articulation agreement with.

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