When it comes to Kava Piper methysticum

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When it comes to Kava (Piper methysticum), Vanuatu is the place to be. In quality, in varieties, in the dimly lit kava bars (Nakamals), anything and everything kava, you will find it first in Vanuatu. But can you find Vanuatu kava in New Zealand? The answer is “yes”, you can get it right here.
At JustPacific Trading we specialize in importing and distributing milled organic Vanuatu Kava and instant kava in New Zealand.
We value and welcome international customers as well and we will do our best to ensure your kava gets to you in quick time.
We are small business so we care for our customers and our suppliers; fair trading is in our name. Pay for your kava and how it gets to you, we won’t sell you flowery packaging. All orders come with preparation instructions, and I mean tested instructions.
Our kava has met Vanuatu’s comprehensive kava regulatory and phytosanitary requirements which is why you always get the finest quality kava from our shop.
Read more about kava. Read more about us.

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