When his six years older brother founded a band at the age of 16, 9 year old Seven used to stagger about the rehearsal room, totally excited and always humming

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When his six years older brother founded a band at the age of 16, 9 year old Seven used to stagger about the rehearsal room, totally excited and always humming. Later the band were missing a singer and so Seven was encouraged by his brother Micha to hum his own melodies into the microphone. Son of a tenor and pianist, writing lyrics and composing music was an in-born natural habit. During his time in high school he was also part of a group named “Natural Acapella” and was quickly invited to appear a few times on Swiss National TV SFDRS. Thereafter, the band was showered with offers so that they were booked out for three whole years! Simultaneously, the band progressed further and then 18 year old Seven had grown into a genuinely talented singer/songwriter. His love for music was embedded in his soul. He dedicated time to his first album “Dedicated to…”. The reaction to his album exceeded all expectations and an exciting and turbulent year followed during which he went on a successful club tour throughout Switzerland with DJ Flink. In Autumn of 2002, SEVEN presented “Dedicated to…” for the first time to the audience in Zürich’s Club Xtra with his band, as supporting act of Bilal. A tour followed of which the definite highlight was the appearance as supporting act of Destiny’s Child. During the same time he started to work fervently on his second album which reflected a more mature and experienced SEVEN.

On May 24, 2004, his second album “Seven Soul” was released. The first single release, “Synthetic Soul”, climbed to number 29 on the single charts and the album reached number 35. A considerable achievement for SEVEN, who wasn’t yet fully established as an artist in Switzerland. This was soon to change in the course of the year with his SevenSoul Tour through which he proved his live performance abilities once and for all. He gained more and more radio airplay with songs such as “Synthetic Soul”, “Friends”, “Make u Happy” and “This Time” and became a favoured live guest. The media took notice of him too after having seen and heard him live on stage. The crown of all this was the Award for Best Newcomer which was granted to him on November 16, 2004 at the AVO SESSION Basel by the SUISA Foundation. He was praised by the Jury which consisted of various personalities from the Swiss music scene as the new hope for Swiss Funk, Soul and R&B and as a true entertainer with significant talent for song writing and performing. On the same night SEVEN performed in a sold out venue as supporting act of Lionel Richie. The audience was so thrilled by SEVEN’s performance that he was rewarded with standing ovations. The following December, he appeared again together with various Swiss stars at the Bluewin Music Session in Zurich.

His third album “Lovejam”, a high quality, sensuous and appealing diary of love, entered the Swiss top ten album charts from 0 to 9. His hit singles and video clips created quite a storm among his new and old fans and SEVEN again caught everyone’s attention with his recent track, „Mother“. After spending a successful year on his “Lovejam Tour”, 2005 ended with a sensational UK DEBUT concert at the infamous CARGO Club in London. His performance made such a huge impact that as a result he was asked to perform at the opening night of Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Festival in UTAH in January, 2006. In both 2006 and 2005, Seven was invited to perform a concert with cult-group, Boney-M and then at the UNICEF Gala, attended by many international prominent guests.

After “Dedicated”, “Sevensoul” and “Lovejam”, followed the fourth and much-awaited studio album release ''Home“ (February 24th, 2007) which entered the Swiss Charts straight in at Nr. 5. A real treat of instrumentation and soulful lyrics, the album marks an important milestone in Seven’s international career. Seven spent most of 2006 devoting his time to composing and writing new songs and could be found recording at some of the top studios in the USA. His unique talents not only convinced legendary and contemporary musicians but also the cream of today’s soul producers to collaborate on his new album. The album boasts an impressive line-up, namely former Prince band members the great Sheila E , Mike Scott, Eric Leeds. Vocal features include equisite soul queens Conya Doss and Tamar Davis. Producers include Commissioner Gordon, (Grammy Award winner, Lauryn Hill Album “Miseducation of Lauryn Hill“); Keith Crouch & Rashaan Patterson (award winners for productions with Brandy and Toni Braxton); James Poyser and Ivan “Orthodox“ Barias & Carvin “Ransum“ Haggins (who have worked with the crème de la crème of soul artists like D’Angelo, Erykah Badu, Mariah Carey, Jill Scott, Angie Stone, Musiq and Leela James); the „master of groove“, Myron and last but not least, the legendary Larry Gold on strings.

2007 can boast to be a “golden” year for the Swiss Soul Sensation! Seven spent the Summer 2007 performing with his band at major open air festivals around Switzerland. An unforgettable performance at the infamous Montreux Jazz Festival in July carved the way for the talented singer/songwriter to an international breakthrough on ''home-ground''. Added highlights included two special concerts in the metropolis Berlin at the official celebrations at the Swiss Embassy and later at the MTV Housewarming Party. As part of his official Clubtour 2007, Seven and Band were honoured to open the Best of British Urban event in Birmingham this October as Special Guests and the album single ''On and On'' gained rotation on UK radio stations and was even voted record of the week by BBC Three Counties listeners! Highlights came to a peak in December, with Seven receiving Gold for ‘Home’. His two album video/singles “Golden Stairs” and “Wake Up” became favourites on the radio airplay charts and video channels. After a successful sold-out ClubTour of over 50 concerts, Seven gave a world-class performance in front of 13’000 music fans at the ENERGYSTARSFORFREE concert at the Zurich Hallenstadium in December, sharing the stage with international counter-parts such as Sugababes, Peter Cincotti and David Bisbal. His album also caught the attention of international soul-lovers, celebrating a special album release in Japan.

2008 started off with the exciting news of Seven being nominated for two Awards at the Swiss Music Awards for ''Best Album Urban National'' und ''Best Video Clip National” and furthermore, his international platform continued to expand with a special concert at the MIDEM Festival in Cannes. A new milestone on Seven’s list of success stories has to be “SEVEN -THE SHOW IV”, a spectacular and unforgettable trio of sold-out concerts in Zurich and Bern in mid-March. The bonanza production included special guest appearances from the USA, namely the exquisite soul queens Tamar Davis and Conya Doss as well as former PRINCE sax-player, Eric Leeds - all of whom are featured artists on his latest album “Home”.

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