What Makes a natural Gas Marketplace Work?

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Natural Gas Workshop: “What Makes A Natural Gas Marketplace Work?”

February 5-9, 2007

NNPC Towers, Abuja

Organized by the Resource Center for Energy Economics and Regulation

and supported by

The goal of this workshop is to help participants better understand the requirements for a reasonably well-functioning natural gas marketplace in the West Africa sub-region. The work will touch on each of the major requirements illustrated in the chart at right.

  • Natural gas resource and infrastructure investment for delivery to customers

  • Standards for daily gas market operations

  • Access to natural gas equipment and services for customers and consumers

  • Access to information on safe use, alternative uses, and choices

  • Policy and regulatory frameworks required to balance business and customer/consumer interests.

Delegates to the workshop will come from the government and business sectors as well as customer groups, news media and universities. The program will cover both the West Africa Gas Pipeline and directly affected countries (Nigeria, Benin, Togo and Ghana) as well as internal and other regional considerations for expanded development of natural gas resources and enhanced use of natural gas for domestic and regional economic development and trade. Finally, the program will include the role of the sub-region in global natural gas trade.
This workshop is by invitation. There are a limited number of spaces. Please contact Ms. Ruzanna Makaryan at CEE regarding invitations and attendance: Ruzanna.makaryan@beg.utexas.edu or 713-654-5400.


(content and list of instructors/presenters are subject to change)



Instructors / Presenters

DAY 1 - Monday, February 5


1000 – 1230

Welcome and overview

Workshop goals

  • The concept of a natural gas marketplace and criteria for natural gas development and use.

Overview of natural gas marketplaces around the world

Dr. Michelle Michot Foss, CEE-UT

Mr. Fisoye Delano, NPDC/NNPC

Ms. Harriette Amissah-Arthur, KITE

Dr. Felix Asante, RCEER

Dr. Michot Foss

Dr. Gürcan Gülen, CEE-UT

1230 – 1330


1330 – 1730

TOPIC I: Resource and Infrastructure Investment for Delivery

  • Key value chain components

    • Exploration and production

    • Gathering & processing

    • Transportation via larger diameter long-distance pipelines through high pressure compression

      • Metering

      • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

      • Material and cost overview

    • Local distribution via smaller diameter pipeline network through low pressure compression

      • Metering

      • Material and cost overview

    • Storage

  • Investment Considerations

    • Uses and customers (electric power, industrial, transportation, other)

    • Service types (firm, interruptible, other)

    • Pipeline cost structures (material, ROW, labor, other)

    • Regulatory issues (access, tariffs, payment discipline, disputes, etc.)

    • Transmission pipeline and LDC development

  • Key concepts and issues for natural gas system investment

    • Bundled, unbundled sales and implications

    • Natural gas pricing, oil-based contracts, inter-fuels competition

    • Natural gas industry organization and commercial framework issues

    • Consumers: electric power, industrial, commercial and residential

Dr. Michot Foss


DAY 2 – Tuesday, February 6


0930 – 1300

TOPIC II: Standards for Gas Market Operations

  • Overview on standards and standard-setting organizations

  • Daily gas market operations for pipelines

  • Contracts for sales, balancing and other requirements

  • Dispute resolution and other issues

Dr. Michot Foss

1300 - 1430


1430 – 1730

TOPIC III: Access to Natural Gas Equipment and Services

  • Options for delivering natural gas to markets – pipelines, LNG, GTL, and other

  • Options for utilizing natural gas – equipment and applications

  • Acquiring, installing, managing natural gas equipment

Mr. Seth Adjei-Boye, PURC-Ghana

Dr. Michot Foss

Dr. Gülen

DAY 3 - Wednesday, February 7


0930 – 1230

TOPIC IV: Access to Information on Safe Use, Alternative Uses, and Choices

  • How is information provided?

  • How is customer and consumer education best achieved?

Dr. Michot Foss

Dr. Gülen

Dr. Asante

1230 - 1330


1330 – 1730

TOPIC V: Policy and Regulatory “Rules of the Game”

  • Implementing key concepts and issues for natural gas system investment through policy and regulatory regimes

    • Bundled, unbundled sales and implications

    • Natural gas pricing, oil-based contracts, inter-fuels competition

    • Natural gas industry organization and commercial framework issues

    • Consumers: electric power, industrial, commercial and residential – pricing and tariffs

Dr. Michot Foss

Mr. Alain Rosier, Nexant

Mr. Sam Ndukwe, NGC-Nigeria (invited)

DPR-Nigeria (invited)

Mr. Kwaku Boateng, Ministry of Energy, Ghana

Mr. Martin Asare, EC-Ghana

Mr. Pierre Milognon, MME-Benin

Mr. Tcharabalo Abiyou, MME-Togo (invited)

Mr. Leonce Magbonde, WAGPA

DAY 4 - Thursday, February 8


0930 - 1300

Nigerian Gas Master Plan
West Africa Gas Pipeline

  • Project history

  • Technical description

  • Economic considerations

Other regional developments

Dr. David Ige, NNPC
Mr. Joe Ehigiator, WAPCO

Mr. Rosier

1300 - 1430


1430 – 1830

Considerations for Ghana, Benin and Togo

  • Economics of LDC business in Tema and Takoradi

    • A discounted cash flow model

    • Cost assumptions

    • Revenue assumptions

    • Economic tariff under the assumptions

  • Building the natural gas infrastructure

    • Transmission versus distribution

    • Public versus private investment / ownership / exclusivity period

    • Cost recovery (tariffs)

    • Awarding distribution franchises

  • Competitiveness of natural gas

    • Industrial uses

    • Power generation

  • Opportunities for new uses of natural gas

    • Transportation sector

Mr. Joseph Essandoh-Yeddu, EC-Ghana

Mr. Gerard Agossa Agbassou, Sotogaz

Mr. Thomas Sossa, Bengaz

Mr. Ehigiator

Mr. Shehu Ahmed, Global Gas & Refining

DAY 5 - Friday, February 9


0930 – 1230

Regional considerations continued

Mr. Seth Adjei-Boye

Dr. Mike Onyekonwu, UNIPORT (invited)

Prof. Anthony Adegbulugbe, Special Advisor’s Office to President, Nigeria

Mr. Ndukwe (invited)

Mr. Agbassou

Mr. Sossa

1230 - 1330


1330 – 1730

Smart Development Issues and Mitigation

  • Social risk mitigation

  • Communication

  • Environmental issues

  • Organizational management

  • Conflict resolution

Dr. Michot Foss

Ms. Amissah-Arthur

Mr. Ishmael Edjekumhene, KITE

Dr. Asante

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