What is Nirvana? Is Nirvana possible?

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“Find Nirvana at Nirvana”

Special Guest Instructor – Rowan Silverberg
Sunday, May 2nd

1:30 pm – 4:00 pm

What is Nirvana?

Is Nirvana possible?

In nirvana, the mind is clear and peaceful, free from suffering caused by craving, anger and other afflictive states. When you experience nirvana, you are at peace with the world, and have compassion for all. Does this seem impossible? It's actually our natural, unconditioned state. Learn how to find nirvana in this two and half hour workshop, which will include a well-rounded yoga asana sequence, pranayama and meditation. Open to students of all levels, modifications will be offered to make poses easier or more intense. Each student's unique challenges and capabilities will be honored.

Rowan Silverberg has been a student of yoga for 42 years, and has been teaching for over 20 years in the Cleveland area. She has also studied and practiced meditation in the Vipassana and Zen Buddhist traditions. Rowan's teachings are inspired and informed by her studies with John Friend and Jamie Allison (Anusara Yoga and Yoga Therapy) and Douglas Brooks (Rajanaka Tantra).

Find Nirvana at Nirvana - $35

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