Wfb 232 Ichthyology Taxonomy, Week 10 18 April 2005

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WFB 232 Ichthyology

Taxonomy, Week 10 18 April 2005

Superclass Gnathostomata

Class Actinopterygii

Subclass Neopterygii

Division Teleostei

Subdivision Euteleostei

Superorder Acanthopterygii

Order Perciformes (virtually everything else…)

148 families, ~ 9,293 species

spiny-rayed fishes

thoracic or jugular pelvic fins

pelvic girdle usually connected to cleithra

pectoral fins high on sides, w. vertical fin base

5-8 branchiostegal rays; ≤ 24 vertebrae

physoclistic, usually ctenoid scales
Family Percidae - perches, darters, walleye

circumpolar, fresh water

important sport fishes

Family Carangidae - jacks, remoras

Family Scombridae – tuna, mackerel

Family Gobiidae - gobies, mudskippers

Family Blennidae - blennies

Family Pomacentridae - damselfishes, clownfishes, anemone fishes

Family Labridae - wrasses

tropical, subtropical

many sex-changers

several cleaner species

Family Scaridae - parrotfishes

tropical, subtropical


sex change common

Family Carangidae – jacks, pompanos

Family Cichlidae

warm, freshwater family

speciose in African rift lakes

important commercially
Order Pleuronectiformes (flatfishes)
compressiform, after developmental torsion
change color on upper surface to match background
mostly marine, a few deep sea species; many commercially important species

Family Pleuronectidae – right-eye flounders

Family Bothiidae, etc. – left-eye flounders
Order Tetraodontiformes (puffers, triggerfish, ocean sunfish, boxfish)

strong jaws, small mouths

strong incisors or beak

substantial modifications to cranial osteology

Family Tetraodontidae – puffers

highly poisonous

Family Balistidae - triggerfish

feeds on corals and sea urchins

balistiform swimming mode

massive incisor-like teeth

locking dorsal spines (first dorsal locked in place by second dorsal spine)

Family Ostracidae – cowfish, boxfish

tropical, nearshore fishes

bony carapace

Family Molidae – ocean sunfish

marine, pelagic, no pelvic fins, reduced caudal fin

balistiform swimming mode

diet – jellyfish

highly fecund (~ 300 million eggs)

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