Western beach precinct

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The residential character of the foreshore area will be conserved and enhanced.
Objectives and Strategies

Retain and conserve the residential foreshore character.
Public Spaces and Access

Retain and conserve the residential foreshore character.

Protect the established character of the area. Ensure that any subdivisions and multi-unit developments are consistent with the established neighbourhood character and heritage values of the

Issues and Opportunities

The Western Beach precinct, along the Corio Bay foreshore, includes high quality heritage and contemporary houses with water views that form a distinctive part of Geelong extending beyond the Western Wedge into Drumcondra. This is mainly a residential area, but contains a number of low-key commercial uses.

Retention of the residential character and scale of

this precinct should be encouraged. While some non- residential uses have become established, residential or accommodation uses are most likely to safeguard the contributory heritage these properties make to

the character of Geelong and the locality.
The Western Beach foreshore provides a valuable public frontage to the bay, contributing to Geelong’s spectacular linear waterfront corridor. It is a popular location for passive recreation, such as picnicking, while its steep slope provides an elevated outlook over activities in the bay and the skyline beyond. There is an established pocket of community and commercial boating-related activities along the shoreline adjacent to the Inner Wedge precinct.

Intensification of activity in the nearby urban area will result in increased usage of the foreshore reserve.

A high level of access to the foreshore across Western Beach road is encouraged as an extension of both the foreshore pathway system and the proposed network of linked paths, lanes and spaces throughout the Western Wedge. This may extend to direct linkages between the Inner Wedge area and foreshore (possibly below the roadway) if acceptable design solutions can be achieved.

For further details, including a full copy of the Geelong Western Wedge Framework and proposed planning scheme amendment visit the City’s website www.geelongaustralia.com.au or call customer service on 03 5227 0270.

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