Weird science at uic! (11th Ed) August 7-11, 2006

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August 7-11, 2006
The University of Illinois at Chicago

Department of Chemistry


A Workshop Course in Chemistry for High School/Junior High School Teachers

Weird Science appears for the eleventh (XIth ) time at UIC this summer, again with all-new material, and this session promises to be the Ultimate! So come and get your S organized for dispersal of the kind of instruction that drives attainment of low-confusion states.

Weird Science consists of documented chemistry demos, labs, computer applications, make-and-takes, and lectures that chemistry teachers can really use. The 2006 Weird Science Workshop features all-new materials while continuing the highly successful format of previous years. It is offered as Chem 572 (Teaching Methods in Chemistry), a three-semester-hour graduate-level course.

Where and When: On the UIC campus from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm for all five days.
Credit: Chem 572 is not available on a non-credit basis, but may be repeated for credit if you have taken it before. A maximum of three semester-hours of credit in Chem 572 may be applied toward the requirements for the M.S. or the Ph.D. in chemistry at UIC.

Tuition and Fees: The tuition rate for courses offered through the UIC Office of Continuing Education in Summer 2006 is currently unavailable. The current rate is $272 per credit hour (plus a $15 per credit hour administrative fee) for a total of $861 for Chem 572. A tuition increase of less than 10% is expected.  The tuition rate will be posted on the UIC OCE website at the time of enrollment. If you would like to be notified when the course is available for enrollment, email OCE at with your e-mail address and a request to be notified.

Topics: Teaching entropy so students understand it, colloidal suspensions and other in-between situations, new developments in electrochemistry, spotting and fixing common misconceptions, and much more.
Enrollment: Go to the UIC Office of Continuing Education website, Please call OCE at 312-996-8025 or 800-453-3728 (from outside Chicago) if you have any questions about enrolling. Enrollment has to be limited, so apply early!

From the WEIRD SCIENCE Presenters:

WEIRD SCIENCE presents short, easy and sometimes “weird” demonstrations, labs and ideas on chemical and physical phenomena, designed for teachers of chemistry/physical science at middle school and high school levels. The program emphasizes novel demonstrations, labs, make & takes, and sharing guaranteed to hook kids and adults into thinking about science concepts. As the famed chemistry educator Hubert Alyea said, “Surprise, humor and truth are the servants of a good lecture.” WEIRD SCIENCE entertains as well as educates. It is our job to awaken our students’ desire to learn and to keep the students mentally coming back. You cannot communicate with people who are not mentally present. If you want "presence," you have to capture attention. WEIRD SCIENCE provides tools to capture attention. To keep us at equilibrium, we have Dr. Wade Freeman, co-author of the much acclaimed college text Chemistry: Science of Change, now in its fourth edition.

In a recent survey published in School Science and Mathematics on "Secondary Science Teacher's Needs," teachers ranked methods to motivate students as their number one concern and set the identification of sources of peer-tested instructional materials as a high priority. WEIRD SCIENCE presentations provide both methods and materials!
Additional information about the presenters appears at
Some Comments about WEIRD SCIENCE
“A science program's greatest achievement is success in science both for the program's teachers and students. Science teachers must compete with the nation's entertainment professionals to gain the attention of their students. WEIRD SCIENCE is Academy Award quality material with remarkable technical breadth and content. WEIRD SCIENCE is like a switch that turns on science students and converts lab periods from ho hum to right on!” Larry Flinn, Jr., Flinn Scientific, Inc.
“WEIRD SCIENCE is a four-teacher road show that exposes youngsters to seemingly magical wonders more intriguing than video games.” Newsweek
“At a time when AMERICA'S educational system is under attack, especially in science and math, WEIRD SCIENCE offers a ray of hope as a much needed inspiration, as a boredom-busting science show.” The Inside Line (Midwest Electronic Manufacturer's Newspaper).
“The group gives teachers ammunition to use in the classroom.” Education Week
“WEIRD SCIENCE is a must-see for all chemistry teachers.” Colorado Association of Science Teachers
“WEIRD SCIENCE programs and activities are probably the best way to learn how to be a teacher. It's an A-Number-One methods course.” Marge Bardeen (Program Manager, FermiLab Education Office, as quoted in the Chicago Tribune)
WEIRD SCIENCE is “Teaching teachers to make it fun…to entertain and educate students.” Charles Kuralt (CBS TV show School's In)
“I can honestly say, and I mean this exactly as it reads, that I learned more from this one course than I did in pursuing my entire Master’s Degree in Education. Classes full of people who babble about educational theory without having taught a day in their lives are not what we need; courses taught for teachers by teachers are what we need. Thank you for providing something useful. [Name deleted] University's Education Department could learn a few things, no a lot of things, from you guys.” Karen Kerney (Niles West)

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