Webquest – Kingdom Plantae

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Webquest – Kingdom Plantae
Go to the website http://www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/gpe/gpe.html Read the introduction.
Click on Start with Case 1 http://www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/gpe/case1/index.html

  1. Herbaceous plants have stems that are (List 3 characteristics)

  2. Herbaceous plants include ( Click on link and list 3 types)

  3. Woody plants include (Click on link and list 3 types)

  4. An annual plant will grow, (3 types)

  5. A Perennial plant can grow, flower, and set seed for _______ years.

  6. What are the jobs of the root? (3)

  1. What is the job of the stem?

  2. What is the job of the xylem (Click on xylem link)?

  3. What is the job of the phloem (Click on phloem link)?

  4. A ____________leaf is made up of one leaf blade.

  5. A _________leaf is a leaf made up of separate leaflets

  6. Describe what happens during photosynthesis. (Click on photosynthesis link and list 6 things)

  1. What is the job of the flowers?

  2. What is fertilization (Click on fertilization link)?

  3. What does a fruit contain?

  4. What 7 things does a plant need to grow (click next all the way through the 7 parts)?

Click on test your knowledge on plant parts. Write the word answers not the letter answer.

Carries water and food through the plant. Carries and protects the seed.

Allows the plant to reproduce. Helps the plant to produce seeds.

Made of the blade and the petiole. Take up nutrients and water.

Complete the quiz “Where each part is located” Write the word answer beside the number.







Once you’ve completed both quizzes, click on Case 3 at the top http://www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/gpe/case3/index.html

Read your mission then click on Next. Read the Case Brief. Then click on Facts of the Case!

Continue answering the questions

1. What is germination (once answered, go back to “Facts of the Case”)?

2. Name 4 ways a seed can move from place to place.

3. What is the outer covering of a seed called?

4. Plants are classified based upon the number of ___________ (cotyledons) in the seed.

5. An example of a monocot is ________ (click on the monocot link).

6. An example of a dicot is a _______ plant (click on the dicot link).

7. What 4 things does a seed need to germinate?

8. What emerges first, the root or the shoot?

9. What do ferns use to reproduce?

Complete the Mystery Quiz. Now that you've learned about seeds, let's go on find out what is a seed! You don’t need to record your answers.

Once you’ve completed the quiz, click on Case 4 at the top http://www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/gpe/case4/index.html

1. What are the 2 main flower parts (Click the flower parts link)?

2. What is the job of the petals?

3. What happens when pollination occurs?

4. What turns into the fruit?

5. Where do ferns produce spores?

Take the flower quiz and record your answers.

Part is the sticky part of the pistil that pollen sticks to.

Part is long outgrowth of the ovary that supports the stigma that collects pollen from the stamens.

Part is the base part of the pistil that holds the ovules.

Part are the unfertilized seeds of the plant.

Part is the female part of the flower that contains

Part is the part of the flower that holds the pollen.

Part is the long thread-like part of the flower that holds the anthers out so insects can get to the pollen.

Part the male part of the flower that is made up of the anther and the filament.

Part is the colorful part of the flower that attracts insects and other pollinators.

Part is the top of the flower stalk that bears the flower parts.

Part is the part that covers the outside of a flower bud to protect the flower before it opens.

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