WebmasterWorld's PubCon, Boston, Search Engine & Internet Marketing Conference Includes Sessions for All Interests

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WebmasterWorld's PubCon, Boston, Search Engine & Internet Marketing Conference Includes Sessions for All Interests
AUSTIN, Texas March 16, 2006 WebmasterWorld's PubCon, has announced an extensive line-up of industry-leading speakers and more than 25 sessions in Boston, 18-20th April 2006. The line up features speakers from the search engines, including Yahoo!, Google, MSN Search (Microsoft), and Ask.com. The full list of speakers and sponsors can be found at the conference website. http://www.pubcon.com
The event features a Keynote Speech by best selling author Malcolm Gladwell, writer of 'The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make A Big Difference,' and 'Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking.' Gladwell is also a writer with 'The New Yorker' magazine.
The conference itself includes four tracks each day and these include sessions focusing on some of the hottest topics. The tracks are: Organic Search & General Webmaster Issues, Paid Search, Affiliates & Advertising, and Site Reviews.
For example, in the Organic Search & General Webmaster Issues track there are sessions on domain name technical and legal issues, and organic search forum, local search and real world opportunities for webmasters, Search engine content copywriting, link building campaigns, and forensic and competitive intelligence gathering.
In the Paid Search track there are sessions on the basics for success of PPC, PPC bid management, paid search performance evaluation and tracking, conversion tweaking, the PPC engines and their programs.
For the Affiliates and Advertising track there will be a session on affiliate microsites and niche marketing, affiliate strategies and optimization, podcasting and RSS feeds. In addition, there will be a sessions on major contextual advertising programs, super affiliates in highly competitive markets, and a session on paid links- the risks and the rewards.
On the Site Reviews track, there will be a PPC ad optimization forum, a link building clinic, a PPC landing page clinic, an organic site reviews session, and a public relations session panelled by the industry's top businesses and consultants.
The event will also feature two special Super Sessions, one titled: Blink! Thin slicing search, and the other will be the main conference Search Engine panel with the A-list search engines.
The special 'Coffee Talk' session, this time, is with Eytan Seidman of Microsoft's MSN Search.
WebmasterWorld's Search Engine & Internet Marketing Conference, PubCon, is supported by the Internet industry's leading businesses, including: (A to Z of exhibitors and sponsors) AdBrite, Ask.com, Best of the Web, Digital River, Efficent Frontier, Ewealth, Forge Business, Google, Infosearch Media, Iprospect, JoeBucks, Kanoodle, LinkConnectors, LivePerson, MonsterCommerce, Morevisibility, Pokeraffiliate, PRWeb, Revenue Magazine, Search Marketing Standard Magazine, SEO, Inc., Submit Express, TextLinkAds, TrueLocal, ValueClick / Commision Junction, Web Marketing Assoication, WebmasterRadio, and Yahoo!.
WebmasterWorld's PubCon conferences and sessions are for anyone involved in Internet Marketing, the Search Engine Industry, the Online Advertising Industry, Affiliates, Webmasters, and any business with an Internet presence.
Pre-registration is essential to avoid disappointment. Conference registrations http://www.pubcon.com
About WebmasterWorld:

WebmasterWorld is the leading source for Search Engine and Internet marketing news, best practices and educational events. Founded by Brett Tabke, an early '80s innovator in running BBS (Bulletin Board Systems), the WebmasterWorld Forum began in 1996 and is now the largest community of online marketing professionals with more than 2 million posts and more than 100 discussion topics. WebmasterWorld Conference and PubCon events are for thought leaders in search engine and Internet marketing professionals to gather to share best practices in the, design, development, promotion and marketing of their businesses and brands.

For more information about the conference, contact Brett Tabke at 512-231-8107 or brett at webmasterworld.com.
In the UK, contact Neil Marshall Tel: (+44) 118 988 0288 or engine at webmasterworld.com.
For more details about sponsorship and exhibition opportunities contact Strategic Marketing Director Joseph Morin at 512-497-6856 or joe at webmasterworld.com

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