Ways to Kill Almost any Organization Don’t attend meetings, but it you do, arrive late

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Ways to Kill Almost any Organization

  1. Don’t attend meetings, but it you do, arrive late.

  1. Be sure to leave before the meeting is closed.

  1. Never have anything to say at the meeting—wait until you get outside.

  1. When at the meeting, vote to do everything, then go home and do nothing.

  1. The next day, find fault with the officers and other members.

  1. Take no part in the organization’s affairs.

  1. Be sure to sit in the back, so you can talk freely to another member.

  1. Get all the organization will give you, but don’t give the organization anything.

  1. Never ask anyone to join the organization.

  1. At every opportunity threaten to resign and try to get others to.

  1. Talk cooperation, but don’t cooperate.

  1. If asked to help, say you haven’t time.

  1. Never read anything pertaining to the organization.

  1. Never accept an office – it is easier to criticize than to do things.

  1. If appointed to a committee, never give any time or service to it.

  1. If there are finances to pay, just ignore it.

  1. Don’t do any more than you have to, and when the others willingly and unselfishly use their ability to help the good cause along, and then howl that the organization is run by a clique.

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