Watchguard System Manager

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Firewall Reboot Procedure
1. From the desktop, double click “Watchguard System Manager”

2. From the toolbar of the Watchguard System Manager click the Connect to Device button.

3. When the Connect to Firebox dialog box appears, type in the Passphrase and click Login.
Passphrase = firebox700

4. From the Watchguard System Manager screen, select the firebox and click the Firebox System manager from the toolbar.

5. At the top left of the “Watchguard System Manager” window click on the Watchguard “Main Menu” button.

6. From the Main Menu” drop down dialog box select Management > Reboot Firebox.

7. From the Firebox System Manager alert window choose Yes.

8. Enter the “Write Passphrase” and click “OK”.

Write Passphrase = 700firebox

8. At the “Policy Manager” confirmation window click “Yes”.

10. At this point the firebox has been restarted. It will take about 1 minute to complete the restart.

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