Waksman Student Scholar Program 2015 Sequence Publication Release Form

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Waksman Student Scholar Program 2015

Sequence Publication Release Form
Your daughter/son is currently conducting research at her/his high school that is part of the Waksman Student Scholar Program – 2015 (WSSP-15). Over the summer, and continuing throughout the school year, students in the program have been working on a genomic sequencing project that is similar to projects that are determining the sequence of the human genome. Under the guidance of their high school teacher and the Directors of the WSSP-15 program, students have isolated clones containing DNA fragments from Landoltia punctata (duckweed), sequenced the DNA, and analyzed its structure and possible function through bioinformatics searches of the DNA and protein databases. The complete genome sequence of this organism has not yet been assembled. The information generated by your daughter or son is therefore novel and may be of interest to researchers working on other nematodes or related genes in other organisms. We would therefore like to publish the DNA sequence information generated by your daughter/son in the international DNA sequence databases and acknowledge their contribution by including them as authors on the publication that will be deposited in the database.
On the next page is an example of a WSSP sequence publication in the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) database. With your permission we plan to list your daughter’s/son’s name along with their teacher’s name in the “Authors” section on the form. The name of the WSSP laboratory director, Dr. Janet Mead, will also be listed. This information will be accessible to everyone on the internet. However, the only contact information will be to the Directors of the WSSP-15 program and no personal or contact information will be listed for your daughter or son.
Below is a release form allowing us to include your daughter’s or son’s name on the publication of the sequence. They have worked very hard on this project and we hope we can acknowledge their contribution in this publication. We will not be able to post their work if we do not have a signed release form.
Please contact Dr. Andrew Vershon (848 445-2905 or vershon@waksman.rutgers.edu) or Ms. Sue Coletta (848 445-3531 or coletta@waksman.rutgers.edu) if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you.

WSSP-15 Directors

An example of a Sequence Report is shown below and can be accessed online at: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/viewer.fcgi?db=nuccore&id=214012058

Waksman Student Scholar Program 2015

Sequence Publication Release Form

I, ________________________________________ (parent/guardian) grant permission to include the name of my daughter/son, _________________________________, a student at __________________________________________ High School, to be included in the publication of a DNA sequence that will be posted on a genomic DNA database that is accessible through the internet.

Student’s signature ______________________________________ Date______________

Parent/Guardian’s signature_______________________________ Date______________

Teacher’s Signature _____________________________________ Date______________

Please sign and date, and return to

Sue Coletta

Rutgers University Waksman Institute

190 Frelinghuysen Road

Piscataway, NJ 08854-8020

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