Volvo Cars Thesis Work Proposal

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Volvo Cars Thesis Work Proposal

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OpenFOAM a tool for predicting flow induced noise

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Product Development Complete Vehicle - Environment and Fluid dynamics centre/Computational Fluid Dynamics

Description of thesis work


The CFD-group at Volvo Cars is working with a wide range of attributes such as flow induced noise, aerodynamics, thermodynamics, climate control and contamination. These flow fields have until now been solved by commercial codes, such as FLUENT. In recent years, open source codes has gained in interest mainly due to cost reductions. One of these codes, namely OpenFOAM has shown great potential for industrial use which is characterized by fast turn around time and low user interaction while still proving to be robust for complex meshes. This thesis aims at benchmarking the two codes (FLUENT and OpenFOAM) and to some extent tailor the latter code for matching the existing computational procedures.

Description of thesis work:

By using existing CFD models of an XC90 as well as a more generic geometry, a number of different studies should be done, the simulation results will be analyzed against existing wind tunnel tests.
i) Incompressible LES simulations on the XC90 will be the base for evaluating the sources to flow induced noise. Lead time, robustness and quality of results will be focus areas.

ii) Compressible simulations will be conducted for predicting resonanse phenomenas on a generic geometry. FLUENT and experimental results exists to some extent, the OpenFOAM solver will be updated to work in future production environment.

iii) (Optional) Incompressible steady state simulations will be conducted for predicting the load on the door bow under sidewind conditions.

Suitable Student background

Good knowledge and interest in fluid mechanics/numerics and CFD computations.

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Jonas Ask



Volvo Car Corporation
Fluid Dynamics Centre
Dept. 91780, PVT3
SE-405 31 Göteborg

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