Volunteer Therapist Application

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Volunteer Therapist Application

Rutland House Counselling and Psychotherapy Ltd (RHCP) have established a Volunteer Programme which aims to benefit the volunteer counsellor, RHCP and most importantly the client population.

RHCP is a private therapy service helping individuals and businesses in Leicester and Leicestershire. Being a private service our costs often exceed what is a manageable for many people who would like to access the service. By providing a volunteer placement RHCP intends to open the service to those on low incomes and charge a reduced rate. This achieves an ambition of RHCP, being to provide an affordable, flexible and quality therapy service to the people of Leicester and Leicestershire.

RHCP acknowledges that training to be a highly qualified therapist requires a lot of personal dedication, motivation and a great financial commitment. Therefore we want to invest in any volunteer who joins our team by helping to pay a gesture towards expenses incurred, such as supervision etc. The amount of expenses reimbursed will be dependant on the amount of clients seen.

This is a unique placement opportunity, offering volunteers experience of working in a private therapy service. As such, RHCP have a rigorous application process in order to ensure a quality service and only offer a few placement opportunities. RHCP therefore request that applicants meet all of the criteria listed below:

  • Be a member of BACP or a Trainee member of UKCP

  • Have completed training to at least Diploma level, and be working towards hours for accreditation.

  • Have some prior experience of seeing clients and evidence of at least 100 practice hours.

  • Criminal Records Bureau check (CRB)

  • Can offer at least 3 practice hours per week.

  • Have professional Indemnity Insurance.

  • Have a BACP or UKCP accredited supervisor.

  • Have experience of personal therapy

Trainee Therapist Application Form

Full Name: Date of Birth: Age:

Address: Tel:


Training: please give details of your relevant training and provide dates and training provider, please list most recent first.

Previous Clinical Practice: please describe any previous clinical practice, how many hours in each position and contact details.

Previous Work Experience: (please give brief details of all relevant work experience, include both paid and voluntary work)

Personal Statement: please let us know why you think you would be a good volunteer therapist for RHCP, we’d like to know about your philosophical beliefs surrounding the profession of psychotherapy and counselling and some personal background information. Please also include any specific areas of interest, areas outside of your limit of competence and how you see yourself developing as a practitioner.

Please give details of any legal proceedings you have been involved in? A CRB check will be completed before you are accepted as a volunteer counsellor

Have you ever been subject to an investigation concerning your professional practice?

Please provide the details of two references, one of these must be your clinical supervisor:

Please sign to declare that the information in this application form is accurate to the best of your knowledge:

Signed Date:


Thank you for completing the application for a volunteer position with RHCP Ltd, we endeavour to contact you as soon as possible to let you know if you have been successful in gaining an interview. Our placements are limited so please be mindful that we cannot offer placements to all those who apply even if all requirements are met. Many thanks.

Rutland House, 7 Bowling Green Street, Leicester, LE1 6AS

E: info@ rhcp.org.uk W: www.rhcp.org.uk

T: 0116 416 1626

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