Voltage support of radial transmission lines by var compensation at distribution buses

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Power Systems 2, Spring 2006
IEE Proceedings, Generation, Transmission, & Distribution
Volume: 153  Issue: 1   Date: 12 Jan. 2006

  1. Voltage support of radial transmission lines by var compensation at distribution buses
    Kincic, S.; Ooi, B.T.; McGillis, D.; Chandra, A.
    Page(s):  51- 58
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20050193
    AbstractPlus  | Full Text: PDF (251 KB)

  2. Towards reactive power markets. 1. Reactive power allocation
    Lo, K.L.; Alturki, Y.A.
    Page(s):  59- 70
    AbstractPlus  | Full Text: PDF (236 KB)

  3. Observer-based fault detection and identification scheme for power systems
    Aldeen, M.; Crusca, F.
    Page(s):  71- 79
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20045101
    AbstractPlus  | Full Text: PDF (239 KB)

  4. Fuzzy EP algorithm and dynamic data structure for optimal capacitor allocation in radial distribution systems
    Venkatesh, B.; Ranjan, R.
    Page(s):  80- 88
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20050054
    AbstractPlus  | Full Text: PDF (212 KB)

  5. Searching for feasible splitting strategies of controlled system islanding
    Sun, K.; Zheng, D.-Z.; Lu, Q.
    Page(s):  89- 98
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20050168
    AbstractPlus  | Full Text: PDF (543 KB)

  6. Managing the risk of trading wind energy in a competitive market
    Galloway, S.; Bell, G.; Burt, G.; McDonald, J.; Siewierski, T.
    Page(s):  106- 114
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20045165
    AbstractPlus  | Full Text: PDF (267 KB)

Volume: 152  Issue: 6   Date: 4 Nov. 2005

  1. Design of autonomous photovoltaic power plant for telecommunication relay station
    Liu, S.; Dougal, R.A.; Solodovnik, E.V.
    Page(s):  745- 754
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20045028
    AbstractPlus  | Full Text: PDF (1007 KB)

  2. Framework for analysis and representation of external systems for online reactive-optimisation studies
    Tognete, A.L.; Nepomuceno, L.; dos Santos, A.
    Page(s):  755- 762
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20045293
    AbstractPlus  | Full Text: PDF (222 KB)

  1. Transmission-expansion planning using the DC model and nonlinear-programming technique
    Sanchez, I.G.; Romero, R.; Mantovani, J.R.S.; Rider, M.J.
    Page(s):  763- 769
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20050074
    AbstractPlus  | Full Text: PDF (188 KB)

  2. Application of energy function to assess the first-swing stability of a power system with a SVC
    Haque, M.H.
    Page(s):  806- 812
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20045126
    AbstractPlus  | Full Text: PDF (353 KB)

  3. Voltage and current sensitivities of radial distribution network: a new approach
    Kumar, V.; Gupta, I.; Gupta, H.O.; Agarwal, C.P.
    Page(s):  813- 818
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20045068
    AbstractPlus  | Full Text: PDF (155 KB)

  4. Fast method to determine an area of vulnerability for stochastic prediction of voltage sags
    Park, C.H.; Jang, G.
    Page(s):  819- 827
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20050082
    AbstractPlus  | Full Text: PDF (857 KB)

  5. Computation of current-division factors and assessment of earth-grid safety at 161/69 kV indoor-type and outdoor-type substations
    Lee, C.-H.; Chang, C.-N.
    Page(s):  837- 848
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20045281
    AbstractPlus  | Full Text: PDF (877 KB)

  6. Estimation of soil thermal parameters from surface temperature of underground cables and prediction of cable rating
    Li, H.J.
    Page(s):  849- 854
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20050030
    AbstractPlus  | Full Text: PDF (605 KB)

  7. Lightning induced voltages on multiconductor power distribution line
    Kannu, P.D.; Thomas, M.J.
    Page(s):  855- 863
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20045090
    AbstractPlus  | Full Text: PDF (308 KB)

  8. Safety-limit curves for earthing system designs: appraisal of standard recommendations
    Zhao, H.; Griffiths, H.; Haddad, A.; Ainsley, A.
    Page(s):  871- 879
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20050007
    AbstractPlus  | Full Text: PDF (362 KB)

  9. Fault analysis in four-wire distribution networks
    Ciric, R.M.; Ochoa, L.F.; Padilla-Feltrin, A.; Nouri, H.
    Page(s):  977- 982
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20045226
    Abstract  | Full Text: PDF (194 KB)

Volume: 152  Issue: 5   Date: 9 Sept. 2005

  1. Transient stability control of multimachine power systems using flywheel energy injection
    Wang, M.-H.; Chen, H.-C.
    Page(s):  589- 596
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20045002
    Abstract  | Full Text: PDF (904 KB)

  1. Active anti-islanding schemes for synchronous-machine-based distributed generators
    Du, P.; Nelson, J.K.; Ye, Z.
    Page(s):  597- 606
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20045075
    Abstract  | Full Text: PDF (460 KB)

  2. Accelerated-ageing test for RTV-coated insulators: analysis of electrical and material properties
    Devendranath, D.; Aravind, K.A.; Ramulu, A.; Tripathy, A.K.
    Page(s):  635- 644
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20045188
    Abstract  | Full Text: PDF (980 KB)

  3. Optimal and adaptive compensation of voltage and current harmonics under nonstiff-voltage conditions
    Rafiei, S.M.R.; Iravani, M.R.
    Page(s):  661- 672
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20045041
    Abstract  | Full Text: PDF (350 KB)

  4. Sag mitigation by an electronic tapchanger: specifications and comparisons with other custom power tools
    Faiz, J.; Siahkolah, B.
    Page(s):  697- 704
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20045073
    Abstract  | Full Text: PDF (248 KB)

Volume: 152  Issue: 4   Date: 8 July 2005

  1. Normal form analysis of interactions among multiple SVC controllers in power systems
    Zou, Z.Y.; Jiang, Q.Y.; Cao, Y.J.; Wang, H.F.
    Page(s):  469- 474
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20049009
    Abstract  | Full Text: PDF (194 KB)

  2. Capacitor placement in large-sized radial distribution networks
    Mendes, A.; Franca, P.M.; Lyra, C.; Pissarra, C.; Cavellucci, C.
    Page(s):  496- 502
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20059015
    Abstract  | Full Text: PDF (165 KB)

  3. Optimisation of embedded generation sizing and siting by using a double trade-off method
    Carpinelli, G.; Celli, G.; Mocci, S.; Pilo, F.; Russo, A.
    Page(s):  503- 513
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20045129
    Abstract  | Full Text: PDF (317 KB)

  4. Nonlinear co-ordinated control of excitation and governor for hydraulic power plants
    Jin, M.J.; Hu, W.; Liu, F.; Mei, S.W.; Lu, Q.
    Page(s):  544- 548
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20045048
    Abstract  | Full Text: PDF (176 KB)

  5. Systematic short-circuit-analysis method for unbalanced distribution systems
    Jen-Hao Teng
    Page(s):  549- 555
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20045132
    Abstract  | Full Text: PDF (210 KB)

Volume: 152  Issue: 3   Date: 6 May 2005

  1. Definition and digital algorithms of dielectric loss factor for condition monitoring of high-voltage power equipment with harmonics emphasis
    Li, Q.; Zhao, T.; Siew, W.H.
    Page(s):  309- 312
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20045043
    Abstract  | Full Text: PDF (136 KB)

  2. Direct numerical evaluation of earth return path impedances of underground cables
    Papagiannis, G.K.; Tsiamitros, D.A.; Labridis, D.P.; Dokopoulos, P.S.
    Page(s):  321- 327
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20045011
    Abstract  | Full Text: PDF (352 KB)

  3. Modelling and simulation of three-phase transformers for inrush current studies
    Abdulsalam, S.G.; Xu, W.; Dinavahi, V.
    Page(s):  328- 333
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20041060
    Abstract  | Full Text: PDF (345 KB)

  4. Transformer-fault diagnosis by integrating field data and standard codes with training enhancible adaptive probabilistic network
    Lin, W.-M.; Lin, C.-H.; Tasy, M.-X.
    Page(s):  335- 341
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20040833
    Abstract  | Full Text: PDF (422 KB)

  5. Evaluation of lightning surges transferred from medium voltage to low-voltage networks
    De Conti, A.; Visacro, S.
    Page(s):  351- 356
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20041306
    Abstract  | Full Text: PDF (193 KB)

  6. Hybrid filters for power quality improvement
    Singh, B.; Verma, V.; Chandra, A.; Al-Haddad, K.
    Page(s):  365- 378
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20045027
    Abstract  | Full Text: PDF (410 KB)

  7. Method for co-ordinating application of FACTS-based stabilisers in multimachine power system using fuzzy output feedback controller
    Sadegh, M.O.; Lo, K.L.
    Page(s):  397- 405
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20040635
    Abstract  | Full Text: PDF (730 KB)

  8. Parallel interaction protocol for electromagnetic and electromechanical hybrid simulation
    Su, H.T.; Chan, K.W.; Snider, L.A.
    Page(s):  406- 414
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20049019
    Abstract  | Full Text: PDF (291 KB)

  9. Design of adaptive load shedding by artificial neural networks
    Hsu, C.-T.; Kang, M.-S.; Chen, C.-S.
    Page(s):  415- 421
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20041207
    Abstract  | Full Text: PDF (239 KB)

  10. New technique for frequency and amplitude estimation of power system signals
    Aghazadeh, R.; Lesani, H.; Sanaye-Pasand, M.; Ganji, B.
    Page(s):  435- 440
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20041255
    Abstract  | Full Text: PDF (193 KB)

Volume: 152  Issue: 2   Date: 4 March 2005

  1. Static VAR compensator-based voltage control implementation of single-phase self-excited induction generator
    Ahmed, T.; Nishida, K.; Soushin, K.; Nakaoka, M.
    Page(s):  145- 156
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20051251
    Abstract  | Full Text: PDF (705 KB)

  2. Down-conductor fault detection and location via a voltage based method for radial distribution networks
    Garcia-Santander, L.; Bastard, P.; Petit, M.; Gal, I.; Lopez, E.; Opazo, H.
    Page(s):  180- 184
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20041300
    Abstract  | Full Text: PDF (501 KB)

  3. Harmonic domain approach to STATCOM modelling
    Collins, C.D.; Bathurst, G.N.; Watson, N.R.; Wood, A.R.
    Page(s):  194- 200
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20041227
    Abstract  | Full Text: PDF (1081 KB)

  4. Transmission loss allocation through a modified Y/sub bus/
    Daniel, J.S.; Salgado, R.S.; Irving, M.R.
    Page(s):  208- 214
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20041192
    Abstract  | Full Text: PDF (520 KB)

  5. Measurement location for state estimation of distribution networks with generation
    Shafiu, A.; Jenkins, N.; Strbac, G.
    Page(s):  240- 246
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20041226
    Abstract  | Full Text: PDF (687 KB)

  6. Wind generation optimisation algorithm for a doubly fed induction generator
    Tapia, G.; Tapia, A.
    Page(s):  253- 263
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20041061
    Abstract  | Full Text: PDF (1163 KB)

  7. Operating modes and control interaction analysis of unified power flow controllers
    Wang, H.F.; Jazaeri, M.; Cao, Y.J.
    Page(s):  264- 270
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20041220
    Abstract  | Full Text: PDF (533 KB)

  8. Digital distance protection for composite circuit applications
    Moore, P.J.; Bo, Z.Q.; Aggarwal, R.K.
    Page(s):  283- 290
    Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-gtd:20051221
    Abstract  | Full Text: PDF (621 KB)

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