Voice Department Curriculum 9-12 Cohort 9th Grade

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Voice Department Curriculum

9-12 Cohort
9th Grade

Weekly Private Voice Lesson

Vocal Studio Class

Concert Choir

Opera Workshop

Theory I

Solfeggio I

Piano Lab I


10th Grade

Weekly Private Voice Lesson

Vocal Studio Class

Concert Choir

Opera Workshop

Theory II

Solfeggio II

Piano Lab II

Music History I

11th Grade

Weekly Private Voice Lesson

Vocal Studio Class

Concert Choir

Opera Workshop

Jazz Vocal Ensemble (By audition)

Chamber Choir (By audition)

Theory III

Solfeggio III

Piano Lab III

12th Grade

Weekly Private Voice Lesson

Vocal Studio Class

Concert Choir

Opera Workshop

Acting Class


Jazz Vocal Ensemble (By audition)

Chamber Choir (By audition)

Senior Coaching Class

AP Music Theory Class

Theory IV

The Audition Process
Auditions for the CAPA Vocal Department include singing one solo selection chosen by the applicant and one selection assigned by the faculty. The applicant will perform pitch recognition exercises and vocal exercises. Applicants also complete a Music Theory Placement test, which no impact on whether a student is accepted.

Audio files and a hard copy of the required audition song can be downloaded from the CAPA Vocal Department website:


The pieces are: Since First I Saw Your Face by Thomas Ford for high voice, and Ward the Pirate, an England Norfolk County Song for low voice.

For more information contact:

Gerald Savage
CAPA Voice Department Chair

Music Office Number: (412) 338.6113

Email: GSavage1@pghboe.net

Pittsburgh Creative and Performing Arts Magnet School, 9-12 Cohort

Vocal Music Department


111 Ninth Street

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222

(412) 338-6113

Fax: (412) 338-6143
Pittsburgh CAPA 6 -12

Administration and Staff


Ms. Melissa Pearlman

Director of 9-12 Cohort

Joan Murphy

Director of 6-8 Cohort

Steve Sikon

Voice Department Staff

Gerald Savage, Dept. Chair

Peter Bianchi, Assist. Chair

Barbara Benvin

Demareus Cooper

Etta Cox

Stephen Neely

Diane Rudolph

Mark Spondike

Tim Tucker

Alaine Fink

Barbara Benvin

Lenny Young
Computer & Sound Technology

Dan Lindey
Theatre/Production Manager

Chris Howard
CAPA Voice Department 9-12 Cohort
CAPA Voice Department is dedicated to instilling an attitude of respect and professionalism toward the art of singing, helping all students develop healthy voice technique, and reinforcing musical and professional skills that will prepare all students for the next step in their musical careers.

The Voice Department offers a variety of courses and unique opportunities to the students. Ongoing partnerships exists with the Pittsburgh Opera, the Opera Theatre of Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, the Edgewood Symphony Orchestra, and the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts in Connecticut (GHAA).

Students in the Voice Department have exciting opportunities to perform in the CAPA Concert Choir, Opera Workshop Class, Jazz Choir, Male Ensemble and Freshman Choir. In 2009, CAPA Choral Ensemble performed for spouses of the G20 Summit hosted by the First Lady, Michelle Obama, at CAPA School. The Ensemble also performed with the world-renowned cellist, Yo-Yo Ma, on the same program.

The Opera Workshop class frequently performs side-by-side on stage with professional artists. Most recent performances include: Down In the Valley by Aaron Copland with the GHAA, Brundibar by Hans Kraza with the Opera Theatre of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Youth Symphony, The Unicorn, The Gorgon, the Manticore by Menotti, and Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert and Sullivan.

In 2009 and 2008 three CAPA students successfully competed in the Grammy Jazz Foundation Competition to win a seat in the Grammy Jazz Vocal Ensemble. Grammy Ensembles, comprised of eight singers from across the United States, study with professional musicians for a week in California and attend the Grammys. In 2009 two CAPA students advanced to the highest level of the Music Educators National Conference All-Eastern Festival Chorus (MENC) held in Rhode Island. In 2008 and 2005 four students successfully advanced to the Pennsylvania Music Educators All-State Chorus (PMEA).

Selected vocal majors participate in the Pittsburgh Opera High School Apprenticeship program where they learn about careers in opera and all aspects of a professional opera company while completing an academic project of interest to them. CAPA Voice Department has a Tri-M Music Honor Society where eligible vocal majors are recognized for their musical and academic achievements, and inspired to excel in leadership and in community service. In summary, students in the Voice Department are offered unique, enriching educational experiences while exploring the voice as their major instrument through the 4-year curriculum that is listed. (See back page).

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