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1 Complete the sentences with one word in each gap. You can see the first letter of each word.

0 I’d like to be on a quiz programme. The questions are usually quite easy.

1 I don’t know this DJ. What s___________ are we listening to?

2 You can make phone calls through the internet if you d___________ special software.

3 If you’re going to the n___________, will you buy me a newspaper, please?

4 I like looking at the r___________ letters in the newspaper. Some people write quite often.

5 I always watch the l___________ news because I like to know what’s happening where I live.

6 Private Eye is a famous magazine in Britain. It was first p___________ in 1962.


2 Circle the correct answers: a, b or c.

Coronation Street

Coronation Street is the oldest television (0) _________ in Britain. It started in 1960 and is still very popular today. It is about a street in Manchester with very normal people living in it. It has the usual stories: people (1) _________ each other and (2) _________ with each other. Sometimes they get (3) _________ and usually, they are unhappy. It’s very famous and there have been
(4) _________ made about it, looking at the actors and the writers who have worked on the programme. There are tours of the street and it (5) _________ been written about in
(6) _________ newspapers as well as tabloids.

0 a) soap opera b) reality c) documentary

1 a) go up with b) go in with c) go out with

2 a) split up b) split off c) split out

3 a) marry b) wedding c) married

4 a) reality TV shows b) documentaries c) headlines

5 a) was b) has c) is

6 a) gossip b) big c) quality


3 Complete the text with one word in each gap.

In Britain, you could always see how good a newspaper was by its size. The (0) tabloid papers were small, the bigger papers were ‘better’ and more serious. (1) ______________, things have changed and now some of the quality papers are getting smaller. The Times has

(2) ______________ been a tabloid (3) ______________ three years and The Guardian has been published in a new size – Berliner – (4) ______________ 2005. (5) ______________ these changes in size changed the quality of the newspapers? Some people think that they have but others say that these newspapers are still as good as they have always been. Now, the only national daily paper in England which hasn’t changed its broadsheet size (6) ______________
is the Daily Telegraph. When will that change?


4 Put the verb in brackets into the correct form: active or passive.

The NME (New Musical Express) is Britain’s longest running music magazine. It (0) (publish) has been published since 1952 and it (1) (read) ________________ by more than 100,000 people each week. In the last 50 years, the magazine’s journalists (2) (interview) ________________ thousands of musicians from The Beatles to new bands such as Coldplay.

It (3) (call) ________________ ‘The Musical Express’ at first but it soon (4) (change) ________________ its name to the ‘New Musical Express’ During the 1960’s, a concert
(5) (hold) ________________ every year by the magazine where the best bands (6) (play) ________________ their hit singles. These concerts (7) (show) ________________ on television but the best, and last concert, in 1966, which starred The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who and many other top groups of the time
(8) (not film) ________________.


5 Circle the correct answer.

0 You’ve drunk / drank too much cola and now you feel sick.

1 Has she decided what to eat? No, she didn’t / hasn’t.

2 Mrs Pierce has gave / given her class a surprise test.

3 How far you have / have you driven?

4 Wait a minute. I’ve just / already woken up and I’m still half asleep.

5 He’s took / taken two exams but only passed one.

6 Have you thought about my idea?

Yes, I have / did.

7 Have I seen / saw you somewhere before?

8 We haven’t had / didn’t have many sunny days this year.



CD Track 6

1 Listen to a man making a speech at his friend’s wedding. Circle the correct answers: a, b or c.

1 The speaker

a) has known them both for many years.
b) has known Tina for many years.
c) has known Tony for many years.

2 At school

a) they were good at Maths.
b) they weren’t always good students.
c) they were very good students.

3 Paula was

a) Tony’s girlfriend.
b) their teacher.
c) the speaker’s girlfriend.

4 There is

a) room for all of Tony’s ex-girlfriends at the
b) room for 100 people at the wedding.
c) no room for any of Tony’s girlfriends at the

5 Last year

a) Tony nearly got married to someone else.
b) the speaker got married.
c) the speaker nearly got married.

6 The speaker says

a) Tina has been a friend since she met Tony.
b) he hopes that Tina will be his friend.
c) Tina has always been his friend.



1 Read the description of the six radio stations. Match the questions (1-7) to the correct station (A-F). There is one extra heading

Online Radio

BBC stations online

A Radio 1: is the station for all other new music. There is pop music, alternative rock and some dance music. During the day, the DJs talk a lot and there are quizzes and competitions. The music isn’t as important as the fun. In the evening, the music gets stranger and the DJ’s get quieter. Sometimes you think that the DJ’s who work during the day just want to be famous but the DJ’s on the evening shows are people who really love music.

B Radio 2: is for older listeners who like pop and rock music. There is lots of music from the 1960’s and 1970’s but there is other music too like folk, country, blues and jazz. There are some documentaries about music, for example the story of the Summer of 1967, The Summer of Love.

C Radio 3: is the classical music station but they have started to play some World Music from Africa and other places. They also look at some of the more ‘intellectual’ rock musicians like Brian Eno and David Byrne. If you don’t know who they are, you can find out on Radio 3.

D Radio 4: says it is the home of intelligent speech. They have news, documentaries, comedy and quizzes. A lot of people like to listen to the Today programme in the mornings because it’s much better than breakfast TV. The longest running soap opera in Britain is a radio show about a farming village called ‘The Archers’. It started in 1951 and there have been over 14,000 episodes since then.

E Radio 5: is also called Five Live. During the day, they have phone-in shows and news. In the evenings and at weekends, they have sport programmes, mainly football. Cricket is usually broadcast on Radio 4. And after the football matches they have a football phone-in show! It’s often more entertaining than the matches!

F Radio 6: is a strange mixture of Radio 1 and 2. Some old rock music is too loud for Radio 2 but too old for Radio 1. so the BBC has started Radio 6 where you can hear this kind of music. Maybe Led Zeppelin live from 1972 or a history of Punk Rock.

Which station should you listen to if you want to hear:

1 advice about problems. ________

2 lots of different kinds of old music? ________

3 about most sports? ________

4 some fun DJs? ________

5 an old concert by a rock band. ________

6 a good radio programme in the morning? ________

7 more about musicians who are very clever? ________



1 Complete the sentences with one word in each gap.

1 A I’ll meet you at 8

B I’m (0) sorry I didn’t (1) _______________ what you said.

A I said I’ll meet you at 8.

2 A You didn’t do very well in your exams. What happened?

B Well, the (2) _______________ is that I thought the exam was next week so I didn’t revise.

3 A Sir, did you know that my cousin has got over 400 CDs at home?

B (3) _______________’s very (4) _______________, Smith, but we are in the middle of an exam.

4 A Dad, don’t touch the computer. I’m downloading. OK?

B I’m not (5) _______________ I understand. What do you (6) _______________?

A It doesn’t matter. Just don’t touch it for five minutes.

5 A Thank you for coming. Now, how (7) _______________ I put it? I hear you’ve been in

some kind of trouble. What do you have to say for yourself?

B I’d just (8) _______________ to say that it wasn’t my fault…


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