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Our visit to the Tata Motors Plant in Pimpri was in the second half of the day. We were welcomed with a bunch of roses and a buffet lunch. We were given white Tata Motors caps just before our factory visit.

Wilma D'Costa, All India President, thanked Mr. Debasis Ray, Head, Corporate Communications, Tata Motors, Mumbai for providing a link at the Tata Motors Plant in Pimpri to set up the visit. She also thanked the Tata Motors personnel at Pimpri, who facilitated the visit. Post lunch, open Winger cars and Indica cars, specially made for plant visits, were provided to us to visit the Tata plant. Each driver was the guide of his vehicle. Our driver’s name was Mr. Vijay Hinge. Our journey started with seeing Dr. Sumant Mulgaonkar’s statue who was the architect of Tata Motors (then known as Telco) and their HR Division (from outside) and thereafter we visited the following Plants :

1. Technical Training :

Students who have completed Std. X and XII come here for technical training for 2-3 years which is equivalent to a Diploma. They are given cutouts of spares for their training. After this plant, en route to the other plant, we were shown a red vintage Rolls Royce car of 1926 model.

2. Production Engineering :

Dyes for all models are made here.

3. Gear Factory :

Gears for all kinds of vehicles – cars, trucks, tempos, etc., are made here. Also, all parts pertaining to gears are made here, including casting (housing) for gear box.

4. M & HCV Chassis Line :

This was the oldest plant for chassis of heavy vehicles. One truck comes out in 7 minutes.

5. Auto Stamping Line 3 :

Dyes are pressed here. Plain aluminium sheets are picked up by robots and then passed on to other robots for pressing and the shape is formed. All wastes are automatically thrown away. Then, the sheets go for welding, painting and then assembled on the vehicle.

We were shown the dispensary from outside.

6. Scrap Yard :

Scrap material is dumped here. Good waste is re-cycled. In one section, material which is not produced in the plant, comes in from outside throughout the day.

7. PCBU – Indica Plant :

There was a speed track for Indica testing – 1200 acres of land. If the cars pass the test, they are kept ready for despatch. 400 Indica cars are made in one shift.

8. Press Shop for Cars :

The same procedure is followed here as on the trucks.

9. Welding & Painting Plant :

Bigger parts are welded with the help of robots and smaller parts are welded manually.

10. Paint Shop :

This was shown only from outside. It is a fully automated plant.

11. Safari Plant :

After painting of the Safari vehicles, assembling is done here. These cars are covered to protect them from damage / scratches from tools. 40 Safari cars are produced per shift. (150 Sumos are made per day.)

12. Aria Assembly Line :

The price of this car ranges from Rs.8 lakhs to Rs.18 lakhs. In the open areas, we were shown the following :

i) Xenon vans which is a left-hand drive vehicle especially made for export purpose.

ii) Torture track for trucks – used for testing the trucks.

iii) Area for testing trucks with loads.

iv) Area where first 200-300 vehicles are purposely crashed to check their accident proneness.

Lastly, we were shown the statue of Mr. J.R.D. Tata which was made by the workers themselves through their own contributions. Tata Motors provides specialbuses for their workers’ pickup and drop upto 65 kms. vicinity. Those workers staying within 5 kms. from their plant come in their own vehicles.

After the drive through the plants, we were served tea and we played 2 housie games. Thus ended a very educational and informative tour of the TATAS.

We are very grateful to the Tata Group for giving all of us such a warm welcome and excellent hospitality at both places throughout the day. We would like to thank our President, Wilma D’Costa

and the organising committee for arranging such a wonderful tour and we all look forward to

many such events / tours in future.

Mrs. Anahita Sam Lentin (Tata Services Limited)

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