Virtual Field Notebook Testudinata and Squamata

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Virtual Field Notebook – Testudinata and Squamata
In earlier versions of Vertebrate Zoology, when class sizes were still small enough for required field trips, students maintained a “field notebook” where they recorded observations of vertebrates seen (or heard) during the course of the field experience. The purpose of the field notebook was two-fold. First, I wanted students to develop the observational skills necessary to see, recognize and write about local vertebrates. Second, I wanted students to become familiar with the various species of vertebrates they might expect to see locally. Given that the class size has grown too large for us to take required field trips to places where would be likely to encounter the fishes, frogs, salamanders, turtles, lizards, snakes, birds and the occasional mammal, development of observational skills is no longer an option. However, the second objective is still achievable given the wealth of materials now available on the Internet.
To allow you to become familiar with the turtles, snakes and lizards of northern Georgia, each of you will undertake a “virtual” field trip in search of the local testudinates and squamates in our area. For each turtle, snake or lizard you find, you will fill out the attached “Field Journal Form”, providing all information requested. To receive full credit for the assignment, you must submit forms for four snakes, three lizards and three turtles. All ten species must be native to North Georgia (with North Georgia being defined as the area from the center of Atlanta to the northern state line). Each fully completed form is worth two points, giving a maximum point value of twenty points for this assignment. The points you earn on this assignment will be part of the grade you receive on the second lab practicum. The assignment is due no later than November 24, in lecture.

Biology 3315 – Vertebrate Zoology

Virtual Field Notebook – Field Sheet

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