Video Game Hardware Part Numbers Reference Guide

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Video Game Hardware Part Numbers Reference Guide

This document, written by Xious / FVE, draws from the resources of many, including my own knowledge and experience. All other contributors and references are listed at the end.

The purpose of this is to aid collectors and dealers alike, as well as for my personal reference, for assigning OEM part numbers to all video game hardware products and parts.
This is merely the beginning, and due to the extensive amount of data that will go into it upon completion−if completing it is even possible, given the resources available−I expect it to take a very long time to finish and I will require the aid of many in the process.
I am starting with Nintendo products, and in the process, I wish to demystify some of the more obscure parts and items. Thank you for reading, and please feel free to contact me with additions, or with corrections (which I will review). If you have a submission or correction, please provide valid evidentiary support for it (e.g. photos).
Nintendo Part Numbers

The following are part numbers for all Nintendo systems up to the release of the N64. Anything newer than that is well beyond my experience and if you wish to assist, I could use a parts list for their newer consoles in all markets, else I will not be including it. (It isn’t important to me on a personal level, as I don’t even consider the N64/UFC a classic console yet, so I’m in no rush to add the GameCube or other devices to this list.

I also need part numbers for the Nintendo PONG consoles and their accessories, PSUs, etc; plus Game & Watch par numbers as well.
This list encompasses Nintendo Co, Ltd. (Japan), Nintendo of America, and Nintendo of Europe’s parts. I need Canadian part numbers as well, if and when they differ from the standard USA numbering.
Nintendo Family Computer (a.k.a. ‘Famicom’)

HVC-001 Family Computer

HVC-002 AC Adapter

HVC-003 RF Switch

HVC-004 75/300 OHM Converter

HVC-005 Gun (Revolver)

HVC-006 Holster

HVC-007 Keyboard

HVC-008 Data Recorder

HVC-012 Robot

HVC-021 Disk Card

HVC-022 FDS Drive System

HVC-023 RAM Adapter for FDS

HVC-025 AC Adapter for Disk Drive (Has Red Plug on End to connect to FDS)

HVC-026 RF Extension Cord

HVC-027 Disk Card Cleaner

HVC-028 Cartridge? Or FDS Cleaner?

HVC-029 FDS Head Cleaner Spray

HVC-030 FDS Head Cleaner Card (Cleaning Disk)

HVC-031 3-D System Glasses

HVC-032 3-D System Adapter Box

HVC-050 Famicom Network System

HVC-051 FCN Controller (with Number Keys)

HVC-053 Famicom Network Telephone Cable

HVC-054 Phone Line Splitter

HVC-101 Famicom A/V Console (a/k.a. ‘New Famicom’)

HVC-101 Famicom A/V ‘Dog Bone’ Controller

HVC-103 Famicom A/V RF Modulator Adapter

HVC-BLS Robot Block Game
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

NES-001 NES Front-Loading Console (a.k.a. ‘Toaster’)

NES-002 Power Supply

NES-002E(***) Power Supply for Euro market

NES-002E(AUS) Power Supply for Australia

NES-003 (also NES-RF-USA/NORTH AMERICA) RF: NTSC RF Switchbox; Later (S)NES-RF-USA/NORTH AMERICA in 1991/2/3

NESP-003-PAL RF Switchbox for PAL market; Notably from an Australian system.

NES-004 Original NES Control Pad

NES-005: Grey Zapper Light Gun; Orange Zapper: NES-005R (?)

NES-012 R.O.B.

NES-026 NES Advantage Joystick

NES-027 NES Max Controller

NES-028 Power Pad

NES-030 Cleaning Kit

NES-031 Cleaning Kit ‘Wand’

NES-032 Satellite IR 4-Player Main Unit

NES-033 Satellite IR Receiver

NES-034 Four Score 4-Player Adapter

NES-039 (“Dog Bone”) Control Pad,

NES-101: NES-2 Top-Loading Console

NES-RF-USA/NORTH AMERICA Same as BES-003; Shipped with NES-101 Top-Loading Consolole

(S)NES-RF-USA/NORTH AMERICA Same as NES-003, but issued after release of the SNES, and shipped with either console.

(S)NES-RF-PAL PAL version of NES-003, but issued after release of the SNES, and shipped with either console.
PAL NES Part Codes: Researching…
Super Famicom

SHVC-001 Super Famicom Console

SHVC-002 Would be the PSU, but the Super Famicom uses part HVC-002 for this.

SHVC-005 Controller

SHVC-006 Game Pak (Cassette)

SHVC-007 Monaural A/V Cable

SHVC-008 Stereo A/V Cable

SHVC-009 S-Video(S-VHS) Cable

SHVC-010 RGB Cable This terminal is the same externals as SCART. However, the pin assign is different, it is a Japanese original standard. Therefore, it is possible to use it only in Japan.

SHVC-011 Cleaning Cartridge

SHVC-013 Super Scope

SHVC-014 Infra-red Receiver for Super Scope

SHVC-016 Super Famicom Mouse

SHVC-017 Mousepad

SHVC-027 Super Game Boy

SHVC-028 Cassette for SATELLAVIEW


SHVC-030 AV Selector for SATELLAVIEW



SHVC-033 Power supply Relay Box


SHVC-040 Cassette for SATELLAVIEW

SHVC-041 Super Famicom memory cassette (for SATELLAVIEW?)

SHVC-042 Super Game Boy 2

SHVC-101 Super Famicom Jr.

SHVC-102 Controllers for Super Famicom Jr, (Presumably, but release is unconfirmed and thus requires investigation.)
Super NES

Note: PAL part numbers for Europe & Australia have a SNSP designation, instead of the SNS designation used in North America, although the Pal system shares parts more readily with the Super Famicom (SHVC); some of these parts are directly interchangeable if using a PAL system in an NTSC region, and some, such as the Power Supply are more desirable as such. The PAL Super NES, generally speaking, uses the same parts as the Super Famicom, but not the Super NES in North America, and shares its aesthetic design. Controllers are interchangeable between all three systems.
SNS-001 Super NES console (US/North America)

SNSP-001 PAL SNES console; Looks identical to Super Famicom, except it is marked .Super Nintendo Entertainment System’.

SNS-002 AC Adapter AC adapter for SNES.

SNSP-002 Super NES Power Supply for PAL markets.

SNS-003 RF Switchbox for NTSC markets.

SNSP-003 PAL RF Switchbox

SNS-005 Controller with Purple Buttons

SNSP-005 Controller Marked ‘Super Nintendo Entertainment System’, but with red, blue, green and yellow-coloured buttons as the SFC design; released for PAL market.

SNS-006 Game Pack for USA/North American market

SNSP-006 Pal Game Pak (Cart.) designed like SFC cartridge

SNS-008 Stereo A/V Cable

SNSP-008 Stereo A/V Cable for PAL market

SNS-009 S-Video(S-VHS)

SNS-011 Cleaning Cartridge

SNS-013 Super Scope

SNSP-013 Super Scope for PAL market

SNS-014 Super Scope IR Box

SNSP-014 Super Scope IR Box for PAL market

SNSP-015 SCART Video Cable Adapter

SNS-016 Mouse

SNS-016E Mouse for European Market
SNS-017 Mousepad
SNSP-026 Score master Joystick (PAL market)


SNSP-027 PAL Super Gameboy

SNS-101 Super NES-2 Console (a.k.a. SNES Jr.); Resdesigned with smaller formfactor.

SNSP-101 PAL release of SNES-2. Unconfirmed part number that needs further research.

SNS-102 Controller for SNES2 (with different buttons than SNS-002)

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