Veronica Graduates Against All Odds

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Veronica Graduates Against All Odds

Veronica Kennedy (38), from Aberdeen, has overcome insurmountable odds to graduate at 10.30am on Wednesday 16 July with a BA (Hons) in Social Work from The Robert Gordon University.

They say that things come in threes and that was certainly the case for Veronica. The first was on the day she was born as Veronica entered the world at 31 weeks weighing just 2lbs 5oz, subsequently dropping to 1lb 9oz. In the early seventies the survival rate of premature babies was lower and doctors warned that Veronica may have development and learning difficulties.
Veronica progressed well until she suffered a second set back when she was two; falling out of a third floor window which resulted in a broken arm and badly damaged shoulder.
However, the third very nearly took her life. After the birth of her fourth child Veronica became ill and was diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis, a soft tissue infection. The surgeon amputated all the infected skin around her stomach and Veronica was lucky to survive.
It was this experience that made her realise that life is far too short and that she had to do something with her life. Once her youngest had reached two she decided to go to College where she completed an HNC with nine merits which allowed her direct entry into second year at RGU.
Veronica said, “My time at RGU has been amazing, although the course work has been challenging, with bringing up four children, but my lecturers and fellow students have offered me loads of support and encouragement. My husband Scott has been amazing throughout my time at college and university and he has supported me all the way. Without this encouragement, I would never have got through this.”
Despite having to overcome some additional health problems during her time at RGU, Veronica intends to go back to work full-time and would like to pursue a career in Criminal Justice Social Work.
Veronica also finds time to play darts for three teams, 1 league team, 1 superleague team and she also represents Grampian (Women's B Team) in the inter-counties.
ENDS 10 July 2008

Veronica can be contacted on 07841426655.

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