Venus in Virgo or Venus in Relation to Virgo

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Venus in Virgo and Pisces

Venus in Virgo or Venus in Relation to Virgo

(from Esoteric Astrology)

  1. Venus Falls in Virgo:
    “Venus, pure love-wisdom, falls into generation in this sign and occultly ‘descends to earth’ and stands (as The Secret Doctrine has so carefully pointed out) for the gift of mind and of divinity, embodied in the Son of Mind and thus for the descent of the Christ principle into generation or into matter. Virgo and Venus are together two aspects of intelligence. The symbolism of the descent of Spirit into the womb of the virgin mother is preserved for us in the astrological fact that Venus falls in this sign; esoterically, she disappears from view and vanishes into the darkness.” (EA 281-282)

  2. The Third Decanate of Virgo Ruled by Venus:
    “According to Sepharial, the three decanates into which Virgo is divided are governed by the Sun, Venus and Mercury, whilst Alan Leo gives us Mercury, Saturn and Venus. … Therefore, Leo's assignment of rulers is the truly esoteric one.” (EA 284)

  3. Venus and Virgo in Relation to the Astrology of the Form:
    An interesting story “…is told by the various women who figure in the different constellations and around them some day the astrology of the form will be built. There is Cassiopeia, Venus, Coma Berenice, Andromeda and one or two others, as well as Virgo, the Virgin, the most important of them all.” (EA 400)

Specific Expressions of Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo for the Average or Undeveloped Man

  1. Venus in Virgo—the Obscuration of Light and Love:
    Venus (ruling the light and love of the soul) “falls” in Virgo, The Solar Angels descended into matter and (to all appearances) lost their potency. The higher light was buried and obscured; the higher love could not be expressed. The effect is similar to that with Venus in Cancer. At first, perhaps, a greater reduction of light is found in relation to Venus in Cancer and a greater reduction of love with Venus in Virgo. Both these lunar signs, however, trammel the Solar Angel, and contribute to the difficult conditions entailed in its great sacrifice.

  2. Venus in Virgo—Mind Serves Matter:
    Very much as in another lunar sign, Cancer, Venus (the intellect, slowly growing upon the Mutable Cross) is absorbed with material processes. The soul has forgotten its origin and is interested in more immediate ‘matters’.

  3. Venus in Virgo—a Love of Earthly Things:
    Upon the Mutable Cross, Venus (a planet of love) in Virgo (an earth sign) gives a love of earthly rather than heavenly things—a love of the third aspect of divinity rather than the second aspect. There is an attraction to that which is material and physical, but not such a powerful and desirous attraction as is found with Venus in Taurus.

  4. Venus in Virgo—Subduing Light and Love: The cool and discriminating Virgo energy, somewhat subdues the demonstration of the love and light of the soul. Coolness subdues the love; the material nature obscures the light.

  5. Venus in Virgo—a Reduction in Fusing Magnetism:
    If Venus in Aries (detrimented) is too ‘hot’, then Venus in Virgo (falling) is too ‘cool’, failing, at first, to generate sufficient magnetism to create lasting conscious union between soul and personality. The fusing potential of Venus is somewhat lessened in this sign, and its magnetism is reduced through criticism, or through selective discrimination. Virgo in this respect is separative, keeping the personality separate from other personalities, and preventing the soul from thoroughly infusing the personality.

  6. Venus in Virgo—Valuing What is Tangible:
    The problem of materialism in found in all signs when the soul in incarnation is bound to the Mutable Cross. Perhaps the earth sign, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn give special emphasis to the difficulty. For Virgo upon the Mutable Cross, matter reigns. The question arises, “What is real?” “What is valuable?” There is a tendency not to value the ‘unreal’ and the ‘intangible’. One tends to be attracted to tangible objects, rather than to the intangibles of feelings, mind, soul and spirit.

  7. Venus in Virgo—Female Values:
    Venus (except in rare instances) is considered a feminine planet and Virgo is the sign of the Mother and of matriarchy. Together, they place an emphasis and valuation on the feminine. Later on the Fixed Cross, this combination will reveal contribute to the revelation of the “Feminine Mysteries”.

  8. Midwifery:
    Virgo is always associated with the gestation and birth process, and is traditionally associated with midwifery. Venus is the ruler of “fruit” of all kinds. In this case the fruit (to use an archaic phrase) is the “fruit of the womb”—the human being coming to birth. Venus in Virgo helps to bring some harmony to this challenging, wonderful, painful process.

  9. Venus in Virgo—the Love of one’s Work:
    For many, work is considered mere drudgery—tedious, unrewarding. Venus brings happiness and contentment to the field of labor. Work becomes rewarding (Venus)—perhaps monetarily, but certainly in terms of the values extracted. This tendency only increases with evolution, and is more important in the life of the disciple and initiate.

  10. Venus in Virgo—Fixation upon Neat, Well-Groomed Appearance:
    With this combination (as with Venus in other earth signs) there may be a superficial approach to beauty. Beauty may be “skin-deep”, but that is how the average or undeveloped person with Venus in Virgo likes it. Much care is taken with countless details to produce a “picture-perfect” appearance. Judgment of the “looks” of others may be critical or harsh. Many pains are taken to ensure that “every hair is in place”.

  11. Venus in Virgo—Beauty Related to Cleanliness:
    Under the influence of this combination, clean may not be beautiful, but there is little willingness to see people, places and things as beautiful unless they are also clean. Personal hygiene is not just a matter of health—it is used in the service of attractiveness

  12. Venus in Virgo—Nutrition for Beauty:
    This idea is easy to see. Virgo is more associated with nutrition than any other sign (for Virgo rules the small intestine where the products of digestion are assimilated for absorption by the body as a whole. Venus relates to the ideal form, which is the beautiful form. Some nutritionists are merely concerned with health. Those with this combination are concerned with health and beauty. “If you eat these foods, in these combination, at these times—you will preserve not only the health of you body but its optimum appearance.”

  13. Venus in Virgo—the Personal services:
    Those who work intimately with people, especially with their bodies (cutting their hair, polishing their nails, applying cosmetics, giving massage, etc.) must have tact and personal appeal (Venus) and a practical understanding of the body (Virgo).

  14. Clothing industry—Design and Tailoring:
    Virgo (so closely associated with the third aspect of divinity) is one of the signs associated with clothing—made of many “threads” (and thus related to the weaving third aspect). With Venus in this sign, it is not enough that one simply be covered (and thus warm—this is more the province of Cancer), but that there be some beauty in the clothing (not the ostentation of Venus in Leo, but beauty nonetheless).

  15. Venus in Virgo—“Arts and Crafts”:
    Virgo (ruled by Mercury, Moon, Vulcan) applies intelligence to the fashioning of the physical form. When Venus is co-joined, the factor of beauty also enters; what is produced must be beautiful and appealing. Under the influence of this combination there is frequently found the making of beautiful objects

  16. Venus in Virgo—Affection for the Lower Kingdoms:
    Virgo (and the sixth house of the horoscope) are associated with small animals and with animals as the “servants” of humanity. Venus, upon the Mutable Cross, represents attraction and affection. Together they produce ‘love’ and affection for the lower kingdoms—especially animals and plants. The ‘love’ of minerals is also possible, and this is found, equally, with Venus in Capricorn.

  17. Venus in Virgo—Greenhouses and “Green Thumbs”:
    Venus has a special relationship to the vegetable kingdom and Virgo to vegetative life—i.e., to all that germinates and grows. Together Venus and Virgo can indicate horticulture, botany, work in plant nurseries. Work with flowering plants is also likely. Such questions as follows may arise for those with this combination: “What do you have to do to raise a rose to perfection?” What is the right nutrition to produce a perfect bloom” Nurturing - the green thumb related to Taurus and Virgo being earth signs and lunar in nature - what do you have to do to raise this rose to perfection, what are the steps, what is the right nutrition in order for the perfect bloom.

  18. Venus in Virgo—Cultivation of Species:
    Virgo is a sign promoting improvement, refinement and the quest for perfection. On the Mutable cross, this quest applies to the material realm. Venus reinforces the tendency towards refinement, seeking as well (when in Virgo) good form. When applied to the lower kingdoms, such individuals can involve themselves in animal breeding (for show) and the cultivation of plants (for recognition). The polishing of gemstones is also related. In all this cultivation, the factors of quality and beauty (both belonging to the realm of Venus) are considered important.

  19. Venus in Virgo—Shaping up for Good Appearance:
    Virgo, as all know, is one of those signs which applies itself to physical fitness. But is fitness for health alone? Is it not also for the sake of appearance? When Venus functions in combination with Virgo, fitness (whatever else it does) is meant to produce an attractive (Venus) body (Virgo). This may also be the case with Venus in Capricorn.

  20. Venus in Virgo—the Cooling of Affections:
    Affections are cooled by this position, or are expressed with some reserve. They may, however, go deep; or they may simply be stifled by the form—obligations, duties, tasks, etc., preventing their full expression.

  21. Venus in Virgo—Commercialism, Materialism
    The mantram for the Virgoan upon the Mutable Cross is, “Let matter reign”. Commerce is ruled by Mercury, but, from an orthodox level, Venus rules the gain (or profit) from any material exchange. The commercialism found in relation to this sign will deal with products of a higher calibre, products which have some appeal (or make one appealing—such as cosmetics) and products of artistic worth. Fine old objects should also be included, and Venus in Virgo can make a successful antique dealer (but not a dealer in ‘junque’).

  22. The Prostitution of the Form:
    ‘Love’ (Venus) is compromised by materialism (Virgo). ‘Love’ may be used, exploited or prostituted to gain material objectives. This may be done is a calculating way. Something similar is possible with Venus in Capricorn (upon the early Mutable Cross).

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