Vanderbilt Quiz Bowl Fall Collegiate Invitational

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Vanderbilt Quiz Bowl

Fall Collegiate Invitational

Round 6


1. The Lennard-Jones capacity approximates this quantity as a function of intermolecular distance. It is difficult to take a very accurate reading of it, because the quantity must account for (*) electrical, nuclear, gravitational, and chemical energies. These derive from the body’s state, position, and shape. FTP, name the type of energy stored in a system.

Answer: _potential_ energy
2. Appointed to the Legion of Honor by the French government and given the Presidential Medal of Freedom by the U.S., he learned to play from Oliver “Doc” Perry. Using his nationwide radio show, From the Cotton Club, (*) he played tunes like “Satin Doll,” “Crescendo in Blue,” and “Take the ‘A’ Train.” FTP, name this swing-era bandleader.

Answer: Duke _Ellington_
3. They possess two souls: the kind, gentle nigi-mi-tama and the violent ara-mi-tama. However, none are essentially evil. Called (*) “chihaya-buru,” which roughly translates to “powerful,” they include Hiruko, Wakahiru-Me, high mountains, and great men. FTP, identify these “highly placed” Shinto gods.

Answer: _Kami_
4. Currently an assistant coach with the Colorado Avalanche, he broke into the NHL as the 1976 Rookie of the Year. Regular season MVP three years later, it was for his performance (*) from 1980– ’83, when he led a Stanley Cup 4-peat, that, FTP, whose #19 has been retired by the New York Islanders?

Answer: Bryan _Trottier_
5. Founded by Labarnas I, its first major military victories came under the command of Mursilis I. It expanded consistently over the next three hundred years until (*) Muwatallis was halted by Ramses II of Egypt. FTP, what empire, with its capital at Khattusas, was noted for its iron weapons?

Answer: _Hittite_ Empire
6. The first person born at Philadelphia’s West Park Hospital, she headed a group of college friends known as the “Ash Can Cats” at Barnard. Her primary studies took place among the (*) Mudugumor, Tchambuli, and Arapesh cultures on the island of New Guinea, and especially dealt with their sexual mores. FTP, name this female American anthropologist.

Answer: Margaret _Mead_
7. The composer used his favorite thematic technique, the “ground bass,” in the opera’s song “When I am laid in earth.” Nat Tate created the libretto, with its evil Sorceress and faithful (*) Belinda, but the main thrust is the romantic interest between the two title characters. FTP, name this Trojan-inspired Henry Purcell opera.

Answer: _Dido and Aeneas_
8. Born in Homer, New York, in 1818, she secured Iowa’s equal rights legislation in 1873. The founder of the widely popular temperance journal, (*) The Lily, her fame soon rested elsewhere. FTP, who reformed women’s dress codes in 19th century America?

Answer: Amelia Jenks _Bloomer_
9. This mathematical oddity is represented by Schläfli symbols. For {p,q}, (read: the set p comma q) if 1/p + 1/q is less than 1/2, then it is hyperbolic; (*) if greater than 1/2, it is elliptic; and if equal to 1/2, it is Euclidean. “P” represents the number of sides of the polygon, while “q” represents the number of them surrounding each vertex. FTP, give the word for the regular tiling of shapes.

Answer: _tessellation_
10. The inventor of the mailbox, this author lived in Jamaica for a time. His surprisingly romantic Ode to Independence is a bit atypical of his work, which tends more towards the Adventures of characters like (*) Ferdinand Count Fathom, Humphrey Clinker, and Roderick Random. FTP, name this English author of picaresque novels.

Answer: Tobias _Smollett_
11. Fed by the Weber, Jordan, and Bear Rivers, its average summer depth is only 13 feet. Fremont Island is among its largest, while an extension of the (*) Wasatch Range, Promontory Point, pokes into the body of water from the north. FTP, name this northern Utah lake.

Answer: _Great Salt_ Lake
12. Points of light over it are actually stars in the Milky Way, but this extra-galactic structure clearly has two nuclei. It is classified as either (*) NGC 244 or M81, and is 2.3 million miles away – the furthest visible with the naked eye. FTP, name the closest galaxy to earth.

Answer: _Andromeda_ Galaxy
13. The early years of his reign saw the rise of leftist groups under Giovanni Giolitti. After the “Tripolitan War” with (*) Turkey, rightist nationalists rose to power. After a transitional wartime cabinet under Vittore Orlando, he had to deal with the Fascist party of Mussolini. FTP, name the king of Italy from 1900-1946.

Answer: _Victor Emmanuel III_
14. She’s come “to stay, An' wash the cups and saucers up.” She tells great ghost stories about the “the Gobble-uns (*) ‘at gits you Ef you Don’t Watch Out!” in the ‘Hoosier’ dialect. FTP, name the title character of James Whitcomb Riley’s most famous poem.

Answer: _“Little Orphant Annie”_
15. Born in the Transkei region, he lived in exile in Great Britain and thereby avoided any prison sentences. Sworn in on June 16, 1999, he excluded (*) from his cabinet such election-day allies as Mangosuthu Buthelezi and Winnie Mandela. FTP, name this ANC politician, successor to Nelson Mandela.

Answer: Thabo _Mbeki_
16. Damage to one half of this part of the brain causes a condition known as “contralateral neglect syndrome,” in which individuals ignore stimuli from one half of the body. It contains the primary (*) somatosensory cortex, which receives information from the thalamus, and is separated from the frontal lobe by the central sulcus. FTP, name the lobe on the top of the brain.

Answer: _parietal_ lobe
17. It has several different endings, but the Tom Tykwer’s general plot is always the same: Manni needs his girlfriend (played by big-haired Franka (*) Potente) to come up with 100,000 marks. FTP, name this frantic German art film.

Answer: _Run, Lola, Run_
18. He answers his own “Seinsfrage” – or “question of being” – by proposing the concept of “Dasein,” which addresses the meaning of (*) being as a process rather than as an object with properties. These thoughts are contained in his most famous work, Being and Time. FTP, name this Nazi philosopher.

Answer: Martin _Heidegger_
19. In it, the author relates his first masturbation – not too odd, except that it was spurred by a picture of the bleeding martyr Saint Sebastian. Published in 1949, it was an autobiography by a right-wing, (*) homosexual, suicidal novelist when such things weren’t much in vogue in Japan. FTP, name this “confession” by Yukio Mishima.

Answer: _Confessions of a Mask_
20. This building used 330 large, yellow-striped iron columns and 24 miles of gutters beneath a ‘ridge and furrow’ roof that was the (*) largest ever made. Its interior volume was organized into galleries alternately 24 and 48 feet wide – perfect to show off inventions like the graphite pencil. FTP, name the building, reassembled in Sydenham in 1852, the brainchild of Sir Joseph Paxton.

Answer: the _Crystal Palace_
21. Founded in Geneva, the movement finally came to power in 1908. Its most prominent leaders were Enver Pasha (*) and Mustafa Kemal. FTP, what nationalist reformist group took over the Ottoman Empire just before World War I?

Answer: _Young Turks_
22. This scientist’s tomb reads: “pq – qp = h/2 pi i.” After serving an apprenticeship with mathematician David Hilbert, he (*) coined the term “quantum mechanics” in 1924. FTP, name the director of Theoretical Physics at Göttingen, associate of Erwin Schrodinger and mentor to Werner Heisenberg.

Answer: Max _Born_
23. A teacher of Sanskrit, he saw language as a treasury of signs, the basic unit of which has two sides – a phonemic or acoustical component (the (*) “signifier”) and a semantic component (the “signified”). These ideas, in his Course in General Linguistics, led to what he called semiology. FTP, name the Swiss founder of what is typically called structural linguistics.

Answer: Ferdinand de _Saussure_

24. This Manchester native made her novelistic reputation with A Lady of Quality and That Lass o' Lowrie’s. Her most famous book, following seven-year old Cedric Errol, (*) is Little Lord Fauntleroy. FTP, name this children’s author.

Answer: Frances Hodgson _Burnett_
25. He had more bastard children than any other king of England – 22 – but had only one surviving legitimate offspring, his daughter Mathilda. Continually in (*) conflict with St. Anselm, he began centralizing the judicial system. FTP, name the younger son of William the Conqueror.

Answer: _Henry I_
26. A Syrian bishop, he was martyred when his intestines were wound out of his body on a windlass. That symbol was confused with a (*) capstan, and he was adopted as patron saint of sailors. FTP, name the saint who lends his name to the unearthly glow on ship’s mastheads.

Answer: St. _Elmo_ or St. _Erasmus_
27. This opera’s chorus, “Va, pensiero, sull’ ali dorate” – “Fly, O thought, on golden wings,” serves in the drama as the chant of the exiled Hebrews. The cry was later adopted as the (*) battle hymn of the Risorgimento. The action is set in 586 BC, and focuses on the titular King of Babylon. FTP, name this early Verdi classic.

Answer: _Nabucco_ or _Nabucodonosor_
28. One of these artistic brothers created the high altar for the church of St. Mary’s in Arezzo and decorated the lower church of San Francesco at Assisi, while his more talented sibling created the (*) Allegories of Good and Bad Government for the Palazzo Pubblico in 1338. FTP, give the surname of Sienese brothers Pietro and Ambrogio.

Answer: Pietro and Ambrogio _Lorenzetti_

Vanderbilt Quiz Bowl

Fall Collegiate Invitational

Round 6


1. Are you “in” with art history terms? Give these FTP each.

This is the sculptural opposite of relief.

Answer: _intaglio_

This is the layer of smooth of plaster onto which a fresco is painted.

Answer: _intonaco_

This is inlaid cabinetwork composed of various types of woods.

Answer: _intarsia_
2. Know the physics of reflection and refraction and this will be easy. 5-10-15.

5 – This type of mirror “flexes” outwards.

Answer: _convex_ mirror

10 – Designated by an upper-case F, this is the spot where rays from a mirror converge. It can be real or imaginary.

Answer: _focal point_ or _focus_

15 – If both the center of curvature and object are within a spherical, refracting surface, where will the resulting image be located and will it be real or imaginary?

Answer: _outside the surface AND real_ (both answers required)
3. Name these islands you’d run into heading east from Tierra del Fuego FTP each.

This group, centered on two large islands, was the cause of a war between the U.K. and Argentina.

Answer: _Falkland_ Islands or Islas _Malvinas_

This small island is located just east of the Peninsula Mitre.

Answer: Islas de los _Estados_

This large island, east of the Drake Passage, is located nearly due south of the protruding edge of Brazil.

Answer: _Saint George_ Island
4. FTP each:

Born in 1552, this English poet capped off the sonnet sequence Amoretti with the celebrated Epithalamion.

Answer: Edmund _Spenser_

This six-volume allegory is Spenser’s best-known work.

Answer: The _Faerie Queen_

Spenser’s pastoral alter ego, he “Came Home Again” in a famous poem.

Answer: _Colin Clouts_
5. FTP each:

In 1858, President Buchanan submitted this controversial Kansas constitution for Congressional approval.

Answer: _Lecompton_ Constitution

Despite the passionate February speeches of this Illinois Democrat, the constitution passed the Senate 33-25.

Answer: Sen. Stephen Arnold _Douglas_

In May, this Democratic Representative from Indiana proposed a compromise bill that would result in a popular vote on the Lecompton Constitution. The bill passed Congress, but the constitution failed in the Kansas vote.

Answer: Rep. William Hayden _English_
6. FTP each, name these persuasive arguments for gun control.

This Atlanta psycho bashed in his family and then shot up his day-trading office.

Answer: Mark _Barton_

This Heritage High, GA, student shot 6 fellow classmates.

Answer: Thomas _Solomon_

Finally, name either of the gunmen at Columbine High School.

Answer: Eric _Harris_ or Dylan _Klebold_
7. Identify these terms related to a Jewish holiday FTP each.

Occurring in the fall on Tishri 10, this “Day of Atonement” is the most important holiday of the Jewish calendar.

Answer: _Yom Kippur_

The white robes in which the dead are buried, they are occasionally worn during Yom Kippur services.

Answer: _kittel_

The fundamental monotheistic statement of Judaism, it is said at the climax of Yom Kippur services.

Answer: the _Shema_
8. Answer these questions relating to an African economic empire FTP each.

Swahili-speaking Arabs on this small island off the coast of east Africa established a trading empire in the 1840s.

Answer: _Zanzibar_

This alliterative sultan of Zanzibar extended his empire to include a huge swath of territory on the Lualaba River.

Answer: _Tippu_ Tip or _Tippu_ Sahib (real name: _Muhammed bin Hamed_)

This Nyamwezi merchant, known as the “Mosquito,” controlled trade between the two halves of Tippu Tip’s empire.

Answer: _Msiri_
9. Identify these NASCAR drivers from their primary sponsor and number, 5-10-15.

5 – #3, GM Goodwrench Service Plus

Answer: Dale _Earnhardt_

10 – #18, Interstate Batteries

Answer: Bobby _Labonte_

15 – #25, Budweiser

Answer: Wally _Dallenbach_
10. FTP each, answer the following questions about DNA.

Give the name for the complex of DNA and proteins in a eukaryotic cell.

Answer: _chromatin_

These bead-like units are the main structure for packing DNA within the chromatin.

Answer: _nucleosomes_

In nucleosomes, DNA wraps around a core of eight histone molecules. Which other histone molecule clamps DNA to this core?

Answer: Histone _H1_
11. Answer these related philosophy questions FTP each.

These immaterial entities, lacking spatial parts, have basic properties that are a function of their perceptions and appetites. Only God can see and understand all of them at once.

Answer: _monad_

This philosopher and mathematician is the best-known proponent of monads.

Answer: Gottfried Wilhelm _Leibniz_

This British woman, a student of Henry More, laid much of the basis for Leibniz’s work and coined the term “monad.”

Answer: Anne _Conway_
12. Name these Eugene O’Neill plays FTP each.

It is unclear which silver bullet – his own or that of native chieftain Lem – does this title character in.

Answer: Brutus _Jones_ or The _Emperor Jones_

This prostitute finally marries Mat Burke, a sailor with her father on the Londonderry.

Answer: _Anna Christie_

Yank, a shipworker, finds no solace with the IWW, and eventually has his hatred of Mildred Douglas – and his life – crushed at the hands of an animal.

Answer: The _Hairy Ape_
13. Name these types of chemical projection systems FTP each.

This type of projection is created by viewing along a carbon-carbon bond.

Answer: _Newman_ projection

This type uses a sideways projection of a carbon-carbon single bond and the attached compounds.

Answer: _sawhorse_ projection

Relative 3-dimensional stereochemistry of the carbon atoms is portrayed on a 2-dimensional drawing in this type of projection.

Answer: _Fischer_ projection
14. Answer these questions about a lull in the 100 Years’ War FTP each.

This king led the French to a temporary victory.

Answer: _Charles V_

This general, supposedly the ugliest man in Europe, engineered the lull by avoiding pitched battle and wearing down the British armies.

Answer: Bertran du _Guesclin_

This Channel city, near Bordeaux, was England’s sole remaining continental possession.

Answer: _Calais_
15. FTP each, identify these projects that used casting director Cathy Anderson.

Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith were serviceable, but Farrah Fawcett was a big find in this late-’70s TV show.

Answer: _Charlie’s Angels_

She can’t take credit for casting Richard Dean Anderson since she didn’t arrive on this show until 1988, its third season.

Answer: _MacGyver_

This 1989 film was Weird Al’s first starring role and the first really interesting role for Michael Richards.

Answer: _UHF_
16. 5-10-15:

5 – Identify the particularly German style of literary Romanticism developed in the 18th century.

Answer: _“Sturm und Drang”_

10 – This German wrote the play The Maid of Orleans.

Answer: (Johann Christoph) Friedrich von _Schiller_

15 – The Spanish hero of this Schiller play is executed after plotting against Philip II.

Answer: _Don Carlos_
17. Identify these measuring sticks of the US economy FTP each.

It reflects the change in price of a typical “basket” of goods and services.

Answer: _Consumer Price Index_ or _CPI_

It reflects the change in a similar group of wholesale prices.

Answer: _Producer Price Index_ or _PPI_

It is calculated by the nominal GDP divided by the real GDP times 100.

Answer: Gross Domestic Product _deflator_ or GDP _deflator_
18. FTP each, name these star vocalists with U.S. ties.

Known as the “Swedish Nightingale,” she toured the U.S. with P. T. Barnum.

Answer: Jenny _Lind_

Born to Greek immigrants in New York, “The Tigress” was as famous for her affairs with older men like Aristotle Onassis as for her exceptional voice.

Answer: Maria _Callas_ or Cecilia _Kalogeropoulos_

This Detroit native sings primarily at Glyndebourne, where her superb voice and knack for physical comedy make her a standout.

Answer: Maria _Ewing_
19. Identify these early Italian figures FTP each.

By AD 500, this German had united Ostrogoths and Romans into a highly cultured society.

Answer: _Theodoric_

This official of Theodoric’s court wrote the philosophical treatise Consolation of Philosophy while imprisoned by the monarch.

Answer: _Boethius_

Theodoric’s personal secretary, this Roman aristocrat and abbot preserved many of the literary works of antiquity.

Answer: _Cassiodorus_
20. 1786 was a big year for science. FTP each, name these discoverers and discoveries.

This German-born English astronomer published his Catalogue of Nebulae, later expanded, with the help of his son, into the New General Catalogue.

Answer: Sir William _Herschel_

In his Observations on Tetanus, Benjamin Rush coined this term for self-induced illness.

Answer: _psychosomatic_

Swiss geologist Johann von Charpentier proved that this chilling event had occurred in Pleistocene Europe.

Answer: _ice age_
21. Name these lesser Olympian gods, 5-10-15.

5 – He was Zeus’ adolescent cupbearer.

Answer: _Ganymede_

10 – A goddess of youth, she married Hercules after his deification.

Answer: _Hebe_

15 – The feast maker of the gods, her union with Zeus produced the Horae and the Fates.

Answer: _Themis_
22. FTP a pop, name these recently deceased sports stars.

Point guard, current Houston Comet

Answer: Kim _Perrot_

Short stop, former L. A. Dodger

Answer: Harold Henry “Pee Wee” _Reese_

Defenseman, current Philadelphia Flyer

Answer: Dmitri _Tertyshny_
23. Name these Athenian governmental structures FTP each.

This aristocratic triad headed the early governmental system.

Answer: _archons_

Both the name for the body and its meeting place, it was the central deliberative body in Athens.

Answer: _Areopagus_

Later, Sparta imposed this oligarchy that executed Socrates.

Answer: _Thirty Tyrants_
24. Name these 15th century Netherlandish artists FTP each.

The Salting Madonna and the Mérode Altarpiece exemplify this famed artist’s plebian religious figures.

Answer: Roger _van der Weyden_

His Portrait of a Carthusian is an amazing technical display, but his religious works like Madonna of the Dry Tree ended up looking stiff and a bit deformed.

Answer: _Petrus Christus_

This artist, who lived in Urbino and Ghent, created the fire-damaged Crucifixion altarpiece and the Communion of the Apostles.

Answer: _Joos_ van Wassenhove or _Joos_ van Ghent
25. Answer these questions about Israeli election politics FTP each.

The new Prime Minister, he had difficulties pulling together a broad governing coalition.

Answer: Ehud _Barak_

This newly powerful ultra-orthodox religious party was the center of many of his problems.

Answer: _Shas_

The conservative party of Benjamin Netanyahu, it took a surprisingly long time to decline Barak’s offer.

Answer: _Likud_
26. Identify these mountainous European geographical features, 5-10-15.

5 – This southern range’s highest point is Mount Blanc.

Answer: _Alps_

10 – This large plateau is the main water divide in France.

Answer: _Massif Central_

15 – This range, noted for its mineral springs, separates Germany from the Czech Republic.

Answer: _Erzgebirge_ (erts´gubir"gu) or _Krušné Hory_
27. FTP each, given a definition, give the related physical anthropology rules.

This rule states that, among endotherms, populations of the same species living near the equator tend to have longer limbs than those towards the poles.

Answer: _Allen’s_ Rule

In contrast, this rule states that populations living away from the equator tend to have stockier, bulkier bodies.

Answer: _Bergmann’s_ Rule

This common-sense rule states that populations towards the equator tend to be more heavily pigmented.

Answer: _Gloger’s_ Rule




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