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List of Publications

Mshvildadze V.D., Dekanosidze G.E., Kemertelidze E.P., About minor glycosides from Hedera colchica. Khimia prirodnikh soedinenii . 1992, 5, 588-589.

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Marakian H. Delmas F. Digiorgio C. Gasquet M. Azas N. Timone-Davide P. Mshvildadze V. Elias R. Comparison of Antileishmanic activity of three glycosides from Hedera, against Leishmania infantum(Promastigote). Congres of the Society of Parasitology of France. 1998. Marseille, France.

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Delmas F.,Di Giorgio C., Elias R., Gasquet M.,Azas N., Mshvildadze V., Dekanosidze G., Kemertelidze E., Timon-David P. Antileishmanial Activity of Three Saponines Isolated from Ivy: (-hederin, (-hederin, and hederacolchiside A` as Compared To Their Action on Mammalian Cells Cultured in vitro. Planta Medica. 66 (2000) 1-5.

Mshvildadze V.,Favel A., Delmas F., Elias R., Faure R. Dekanosidze G., Kemertelidze E., Balansard G. Antifungal and Antiprotozoal Activities of Saponines from Hedera colchica. Die Pharmazie. 55 (2000) 4, 325-326.

Mshvildadze V., De Meo M., Dumenil G., Dekanosidze G., Kemertelidze E.,Elias R. Evaluation of the mutagenic and antimutagenic activities of saponins from Hedera colchica K.Koch. 4 th European congress of Ethnopharmacology. 2000. Metz, France.

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Mshvildadze V.,Elias R.,Faure R.,Debrauwer L.,Dekanosidze G.,Kemertelidze E., Balansard G. Triterpenoid Saponins from Berries of Hedera colchica. Chem. Pharm. Bull. 49(6),752-754(2001).

Mshvildadze V.,Elias R.,Faure R., Sutiashvili M.,Dekanosidze G., Balansard G.

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18. Barthomeuf Ch., Debiton E., Mshvildadze V., Balansard G., Kemertelidze E.

In Vitro Activity of Hederacolchiside AпїЅ Against Human Carcinoma and Melanoma . Planta Medica, 2002,68(8),672-675.

19. Mirianashvili S., Chitiashvili B., Bostashvili R., Mshvildadze V., Dekanosidze G. Study of Impact of Hedera colchica and H.pastuchowii inhabited in Georgia on sheep Helminthiasis. Problems of Agrarian Sciences. Tbilisi, 2002.361-365

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