Vain (Videogames Are Extremely Niche) Round 6 Questions by Mike Bentley

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VAIN (Videogames Are Extremely Niche) - Round 6

Questions by Mike Bentley

1) This American appeared alongside Arthur and Cammy in 2000’s Cannon Spike.  Abel may be the son of this character, and in a crossover game his sprite is pallet-swapped to form the hidden character, Shadow.  In one game, he is unable to defeat M. Bison because Bison’s soul is transferred to Rose.  Chris Klein played him in The Legend of Chun-Li, and in Alpha 3 he has moves like Sonic Boom.  For 15 points, name this deceased war buddy of Guile.

ANSWER: Charlie Nash [accept either underlined answer; also accept Nash]

2) An Xbox Live revival of this series was the first release by Isopod Labs, although the original was by Luxoflux.  The plot of the original saw the titular group trying to stop Sid Burn and OMAR from destroying oil refineries, and its ‘70s time theme traced back to its PC predecessor, Interstate ‘76.  Characters included Slick Clyde and Convoy, who could use the Sky Hammer Mortar to attack enemies.  For 10 points, name this rival of Twisted Metal.

ANSWER: Vigilante 8

3) It’s not Des Blood, but an expansion in this series let players interact with hotel receptionist Bael Altarus.  Players can unlock different body positions for tanning girls like Esk and Eo in that same game from this series.  The developer of this series has also released SchoolMate and Artificial Girl.  For 15 awfully shameful points, identify this series of Hentai games by Illusion named for the tropical location where the escapades take place.

ANSWER: Sexy Beach

4) Its “Back Zone” could be unlocked in multiplayer with an extensive set of GameShark codes, while a door decoder for this level is obtained from Dr. Doak.  It is played after the Dam level in single player.  In multiplayer, players could re-enter the vents by spinning around really fast on the toilet.  For 10 points, name this level from Goldeneye remade in Perfect Dark to share its name with a WB show starring Keri Russell.

ANSWER: Facility [or Felicity or Chemical Warfare Facility #2]

5) He designed an ultra-violent game starring Max Force and Hit Man titled NARC.  With Larry DeMar this man founded the Vid Kidz development company which made 1981’s Stargate.  An accident that placed his right hand in a cast contributed to the dual-joystick control screen of one of his games.  His first success saw players able to shoot aliens who were abducting humans.  For 10 points, name this creator of Defender and Robotron: 2084.

ANSWER: Eugene Peyton Jarvis

6) Rather than being cast as a spy, Ada Wong was assigned the role of scientist in this game.  This game starred Elza Walker, who attended Raccoon University and hung out with Robert Kendo, who was relegated to being a gunshop owner in the released version of the game.  For 15 points, name this canceled game in a noted survival horror franchise, whose name derives from the fact that it wasn’t far enough removed from the first game to see a release.

ANSWER: Resident Evil 1.5 [or stuff like The Original Version of Resident Evil 2 or BioHarzard 1.5; do not accept just “Resident Evil 2”]

7) An RTS mode in this game features speed, power and projectile as the three attack classes.  Another mode in this game by developer Marvelous Entertainment has guards carry around a princess, while it also features the aforementioned Evil Lord Mode.  In the main mode, time is stopped while within villages, and additional time can be bought by offering bribes to the Time Goddess.  For 10 points, name this deconstructed RPG for the PSP.

ANSWER: Half-Minute Hero [or Yusha 30]

8) Some 30 additional units were included in “Baddog’s Mod” on the CD for one game in this series.  The first game saw the Piedmont faction aided by healers named Padres.  The developer behind this strategy series also created the American Conquest games and is the Ukrainian-based GSC Game World.  It’s known for the large number of units players can command.  For 10 points, name this series of strategy games named for a militant group of Russians.

ANSWER: Cossacks: European Wars

9) A claymation sequel to The Neverhood for the original Playstation was titled for “skull” types of these creatures.  You trained one of these to fight in a “Puncher” game for the Game Boy Color.  In one series, creatures of this type have names like YanYan and GonGon.  For a fee of 100 Rupees, one of them opens the door to the first Dark World palace in A Link to the Past.  For 10 points, name these type of creatures who are trapped in balls in a Sega series.

ANSWER: Monkeys

10) It’s not Mortal Kombat, but the code “OddExe” turned everyone in this game into Fergus McGovern.  Its final chapter saw players driving vehicles like a Baby Carriage and a Taxi around New York, and it was followed by a sequel subtitled, Viva Las Vegas.  The first part of this Fox Interactive-published game took place in a parking lot at Nakatomi Plaza.  For 10 points, name this early PS1 game based on a series of movies centering on John McClane.

ANSWER: Die Hard Trilogy

11) This developer’s early work included ports of Neversoft games like Spiderman and Tony Hawk as well as originals like Draconus and Die by the Sword.  They developed the 2000-2003 versions of EA’s Triple Play Baseball but are better known for making games like Big Red One and one featuring campaigns led by Poles and Canadians in the third entry of a World War II FPS series.  For 10 points, name this developer of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

ANSWER: Treyarch Invention, LLC

12) In the original game, players can win the Magnum Force Grand Prix fighting tournament.  The second game in this series lets you romance The Girls of Jewel like Anna and Yuma before eventually running the Cabaret.  The series’ protagonist begins the third game supervising an orphanage before investigating an assassination attempt against Daigo Dojima.  Centering on Kazuma Kiryu, for 10 points, name this Sega series titled for the Japanese mafia.

ANSWER: Yakuza [or Like a Dragon]

13) This company provides the ability for users to record “Brag On” sessions for later broadcast.  There are plans to allow users to use this service through the TV via the MicroConsole TV Adapter.   It operates on a similar concept to Gaikai, and recently announced that it would work on most netbooks.  It requires at least a 5 megabit per second connection.  Criticized for its input latency, for 10 points, name this cloud-based gaming service.


14) The grenade launcher in this game has you using the left stick to guide the explosive across the floor, while the sniper rifle has the ability to temporarily slow down time.  Players also use a Viktor Barisov creation called the TMD.  Set on the island of Katorga-12 where experiments on E-99 were conducted, protagonist Nathaniel Renko is transported back to the ‘50s early in this game.  For 15 points, name this 2010 cross-platform FPS by Raven Software.

ANSWER: Singularity

15) The third game in this series added a Galaxy Force-esque 3D bonus stage and mysteriously removed the “Continue” option, while the second game had players battle a giant sun in the first level and was released in Europe as Vulcan Venture.  A Wii entry in this series was subtitled Rebirth, and the original featured power-ups like Laser, Double and Speed Up.  For 10 points, name this long-running shooter series where players control the Vic Viper.

ANSWER: Gradius [or Nemesis]

16) Using a link cable with his namesake game allowed players to play the Nights: Time Attack mini-game.  He battles Era Gecko as part of saving Oma-Oma in the first world, and Wikipedia describes how he is “informed by a chicken that he needed to save the six children elders”.  He hangs out with pals Rolly Roll and Chick Poacher.  For 10 points, name this Sega character who appears in a Gamecube game with a Giant Egg.

ANSWER: Billy Hatcher

17) The Shooting Range mode in this game ended with you shooting an apple placed above a scantily-clad woman.  Pressing the start button five times turned on night vision permanently, and the story sees enemies like Scorpion and Cobra abduct the First Family, only to be thwarted by Falcon and his PGS-1 gun.  Bonus lives were obtained by using the title object to look at beautiful women.  For 10 points, name this arcade game noted for its sniper rifle controller.

ANSWER: Silent Scope

18) The red eyes of one type of them allow them to spot hidden treasure; those types are also dangerous to eat and can survive poison.  One variety of them will instantly kill dwarf enemies when thrown and have the ability to pick up objects over 10 times their weight.  The blue ones possess the ability to travel through water, and most live in an onion.  For 10 points, name these creatures ordered around by Captain Olimar in two Gamecube games.

ANSWER: Pikmin

19) Many games on this system featured the characters Satebo and Parabo, while it included the pack-in title The Story of the Town Whose Name Has Been Stolen.  Its SoundLink games offered early examples of voice acting.  The most notable games for this system featured a one-hour time limit and had subtitles like Ancient Stone Tablets and Kamigami no Triforce.  For 15 points, name this Japanese-only Nintendo system that worked via satellite.

ANSWER: Satellaview [or BS-X or Broadcast Satellite-X]

20) This character initially rules over a world visited by the Pipe Vault, and the end credits reveal that he now hangs out with Croco.  He tells the player that the only way to challenge him is to bring him cookies.  The A and B buttons must be tapped in rhythm to beat this character in the Mushroom Derby race.  For 10 points, name this ruler of Yo’ster Isle, a Yoshi from Super Mario RPG.

ANSWER: Boshi [or Washi]

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