Url-uniform Resource Locator-it is the address for a web page. This is how a url is broken down: Cyberbullying

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URL-Uniform Resource Locator-it is the address for a web page.  This is how a URL is broken down:

Cyberbullying-Intentional and repeated use of computer and cell phone networks by kids and teens to cause harm or distress to other kids and teens.

20. Web Browser (Internet Browser)-A program used to view, download, upload, surf or otherwise access documents (pages) on the World Wide Web.   Examples include Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome

Bystanders- A person that is present but not taking part in a situation or event : a chance spectator

23. Search Engine-It allows a user to find specific information on the World Wide Web.  Examples:  Google, Bing, Alta Vista, Yahoo

Wiki-A type of web page that allows multiple users to add information which is tracked.  An example of a Wiki is Wikipedia.

34. Videoconferencing-Using a computer, video camera, and network such as the Internet, to conduct a live conference between two or more people at 2 or more sites. Video conferencing is an extremely useful method of communication because it saves people the time and expense of travel and can often accomplish many of the things a physical meeting can.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)-A company or organization that offers Internet access to customers.

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