Updated cv for Dr Anna M. G. Koltunow

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Updated CV for Dr Anna M.G. Koltunow

Group Leader CSIRO Plant Industry (June 2012).


Tel: +61-8-83038610

Mobile +61408896583

Education: 1982 BSc (Hons, First Class) Flinders University SA. Supervisor: Dr Daphne Elliott.

1987 PhD (Biochemistry) University of Adelaide. Supervisor: Prof George Rogers.

Employment History:

1986-1988 Postdoctoral Fellow CSIRO Division of Horticulture. Supervisor Dr Ali Rezaian.

1989-1990 Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Los Angeles. Supervisor Prof Bob Goldberg.

1991-1996 Australian Research Council Research Fellow at CSIRO Horticulture, Adelaide SA.

1996-2001 Indefinite CSIRO appointment at CSOF6M in 1996, CSOF7 in 1997, CSOF7M in 2001.

2001-2003 (and 05/2004-05/2005) Program Leader, Plant Industry, Adelaide and Darwin laboratories (ERA=CSOF8.1 1/1/2002-1/7/2003). Promoted to CSOF8.1 1/7/2003.

2003-2004 Theme Leader Food Futures Flagship (Wine/Sensory Theme)

2003-2006 Deputy Chief CSIRO Plant Industry (15/12/2003-15/12/2006 with ERA/CSOFZ1=CSOF8.3)

Advanced to CSOF8.2 1/7/2004. Theme Leader 1039.

2007-2010 Group Leader XC, Stream Leader 1038.1, Project and Team Leader at CSIRO Plant Industry.

2011-present Group Leader XC and Team Leader.

2012 Promoted to CSOF8.3 (effective July 1, 2012).

Professional Committees, Affiliate Professorships, Consultancies, Boards:

1997-2000 Board of International Society of Plant Molecular Biology (elected).

2001 Federal Biotechnology Centre of Excellence Program, Young Advisory Group Member.

2002-present Affiliate Professor, University of Adelaide. School of Agriculture and Wine.

2002-2006 President International Association for Plant Reproduction Research.

2003-2006 Director, Provisor Pty.Ltd. (Company for Grape and Wine Research)

2003-2007 Director, Cooperative Research Centre for Viticulture.

2003-2006 Wine Industry Cluster (WIC, Waite Campus) Steering Committee Member.

2004 Nominated for participation in The Australian Futures Summit.

2005 Chair of WIC Science Integration Group.

2005-2008 Director New Zealand Crown Research Institute, HortResearch.

2006 Chair, Australian National Horticultural Research Network.

2006-2010 Director, Board of International Plant Reproduction Society as Past President.

2008 Affiliate Professor: Capital Normal University, Beijing, China.

2008-2011 Member, South Australian Premiers Science and Research Council.

2008-2009 Director, New Zealand Crown Research Institute Plant and Food Research Ltd. (Amalgamation of HortResearch and Crop and Food Research Crown Research Institutes).

2009 Chair of the Review Panel of the National Wine Grape and Industry Centre, Wagga Wagga. (Commissioned by the Grape and Wine Research Development Corporation.)

2009-present Affiliate Professor, LaTrobe University, Australia.

2010-present Member of the Australian Research Council College of Experts, Biology and Biotechnology Panel.
Invitations to International Conferences and International Lectures (2003-present): 35

35 International invitations, 10 given as part of Newton Turner Career Award activities 2008/2009.

Students, PDFs trained and Visitors to Laboratory (2003-present),

1 honours and 5 PhD students, 8PDFs and 3 Research Scientists, 10 visitors on exchange.

Major International Conferences Organized (2003-present): 7

2006 Chair/Convenor 8th International Congress of Plant Molecular Biology August 20-25th. (1,200 delegates)

2011 Scientific Program Co-chair. International Botanical Congress Melbourne 25-29 July (2,100 delegates).

2012 One of three co-organizers: 22nd International Congress of Plant Reproduction: Plant Reproduction for Food. Melbourne Feb 13th-17th (210 people).

As president and past president of the International Sexual Plant Reproduction Society assisted in promotion and development of four Congresses, in Beijing, Budapest, Brasilia and Bristol (2004-2010).

Editorial Boards: 6

BMC Plant Reproduction (2011-), Frontiers of Plant Biology (Genetics, 2010-); BMC Plant Biology (2009-); Functional Plant Biology (2008-); Sexual Plant Reproduction (2006-); Acta Biologica Cracoviensia (2003-)

Awards: Outstanding service award from the International Plant Reproduction society 2010. Newton Turner Career Award, 2008. Recipient of 6 CSIRO awards from 1998-2011, for personal research, leadership excellence, team development of Food Futures Flagship, new research streams and excellence in team seed genomics/epigenetics.

Society Memberships: Australian Society of Plant Scientists; International Association of Plant Reproduction Research; American Academy for the Advancement of Science; Society for Experimental Biology; American Society of Plant Biologists; Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Career Publications Summary:

61 refereed Journals (ISI) 12 with feature covers, 28 with impact factor 5 and above.

11 book chapters (ISI)

6 refereed conference proceedings (ISI)

4 Industry Newsletters (non-refereed)

6 final reports or consultancies

1 Granted Patent

Lifetime Citations: 2,576; H-index=24.
Journal articles 2006-2012

  1. Tucker MR, Okada T, Hu YK, Scholefield A, Taylor JM, Koltunow AMG (2012). Somatic small RNA pathways promote the mitotic events of megagametogenesis during female reproductive development in Arabidopsis. Development. 139: 1399-1404. (Cover and Feature Article: Faculty of 1000 must read paper)

  2. Tucker MR, Okada T, Johnson SD, Takaiwa F, Koltunow AM (2012). Sporophytic ovule tissues modulate the initiation and progression of apomixis in Hieracium. J. Experimental Botany 63: 3229-3241. (Cover)

  3. Okada T, Ito K, Johnson SD, Oelkers K, Suzuki G, Houben A, Mukai Y, Koltunow AM (2011). Chromosomes carrying meiotic avoidance loci in three apomictic eudicot Hieracium subgenus Pilosella species share structural features with two monocot apomicts. Plant Physiology. 157: 1327-1341.

  4. Koltunow AMG, Johnson SD, Rodrigues JCM, Okada, T, Hu YK, Tsuchiya T, Wilson S, Fletcher P, Ito K, Suzuki G, Mukai Y, Fehrer J, Bicknell RA. (2011). Sexual reproduction is the default mode in apomictic Hieracium subgenus Pilosella in which two dominant loci function to enable apomixis. Plant Journal 66: 890-902 (Cover and Feature Article)

  5. Koltunow A M, Johnson SD, Okada T. (2011) Apomixis in Hawkweed: Mendel’s experimental nemesis. Journal of Experimental Botany 62:1699-1701. (Cover)

  6. Luo M, Taylor JM, Spriggs A, Zhang HY, Wu XJ, Russell S, Singh M, Koltunow AM (2011). A genome-wide survey of imprinted genes in rice seeds reveals imprinting primarily occurs in the endosperm. PLoS GeneticsVolume: 7: 6e1002125 Source DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1002125 (Faculty of 1000 must read paper).

  7. Sugiura M, Ito S, Saito Y, Niwa Y, Koltunow AM, Sugimoto O, Sakai H (2011) Molecular cloning and characterization of a linalool synthase from lemon myrtle. Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry 75: 1245-1248.

  8. Saito Y, Ito S; Koltunow AM, Sakai, H (2011) Crystalization and preliminary X-ray analyses of geranol dehydrogenase from Backhousia citrodora (lemon myrtle). Acta crystallographica section f-structural biology and crystallization communications. 67F: 665-667.

  9. Rodrigues,JCM, Okada T, Johnson SD, Koltunow AM (2010). A MULTICOPY SUPPRESSOR OF IRA1 (MSI1) homologue is not associated with the switch to autonomous seed development in apomictic (asexual) Hieracium plants. Plant Science 179: 590-597.

  10. Rodrigues JCM, Luo M, Berger F and Koltunow AM (2010). Polycomb group gene function in sexual and asexual seed development in Angiosperms. Sex Plant Reprod 23: 123-133.

  11. Tucker MR and Koltunow AMG (2009). Sexual and asexual (apomictic) seed development in flowering plants: molecular, morphological and evolutionary relationships. Functional Plant Biology. 36: 490-504.

  12. Li SF, Milliken ON, Pham H, Seyit R, Napoli,R, Preston J, Koltunow AM, and Parish RW (2009) The Arabidopsis AtMYB5 gene regulates mucilage synthesis, seed coat development and trichome morphogenesis. Plant Cell. 28: 72-89.

  13. Suzuki G; Ito K; Okada T, Johnson S, Koltunow A, Mukai Y (2009). FISH analysis of the apomeiosis locus in Hieracium. Genes and Genetic Systems 84:472-4.

  14. Rodruiges JCM, Tucker MR, Johnson SD, Hrmova M and Koltunow AMG. (2008) Sexual and apomictic seed formation in Hieracium requires the plant Polycomb group gene Fertilization Independent Endosperm (FIE). Plant Cell 20: 2372-2386. (Cover)

  15. Koltunow AM and Tucker M.R. (2008) Functional embryo sac formation in Arabidopsis without meiosis-one step toward asexual seed formation (apomixis) in crops? J. Biosci 33(3) 309-311.

  16. Goetz M, Hooper LC, Johnson SD, Rodruiges JCM, Vivian-Smith A, Koltunow AM (2007). Expression of aberrant forms of auxin response factor 8 stimulate parthenocarpy in Arabidopsis and tomato. Plant Physiology 145: 351-366.

  17. Okada T, Catanach AS, Johnson SD, Bicknell RA, Koltunow AM (2007). An Hieracium mutant loss of apomeiosis 1 is defective in the initiation of apomixis. Sex Plant Reprod. 20: 199-211.

  18. Raisheed MS, Selth LA, Koltunow AM, Randles JW, Rezaian MA. (2006). Single stranded DNA of tomato leaf curl virus accumulates in the cytoplasm of phloem cells. Virology 348:120-132. (Cover) IF: 3.3; Cit 12

  19. Goetz M, Vivian-Smith A., Johnson SD and Koltunow AM. (2006). Auxin Response Factor 8 is a negative regulator of fruit initiation in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell. 18: 1873-1886.

Book Chapters and Invited Review Articles 2006-2012

  1. Koltunow AMG, Ozias-Akins P and Siddiqi I (in press 2012). Apomixis. In Becraft P (Ed). Seed Genomics. Wiley Press.

  2. Koltunow A (2012). Apomixis. In eLS John Wiley & Sons, Ltd Chichester. DOI: 10.1002/9780470015902.a0002035. pub2

  3. Drews GN and Koltunow AMG. (2011 on line). The Female Gametophyte. The Arabidopsis Book, published by the American Society of Plant Biologists.

  4. Koltunow AM, Okada T and Bicknell RA (2011). Apomixis. In: Encyclopedia of Invasive Introduced Species. Edited by Daniel Simberloff and Marcel Rejmanek. University of California Press (Berkeley). Pp 24-27. Part of the Encyclopaedias of the Natural World Series ISBN 978-0-520-26421-2.

  5. Swain S and Koltunow AM. (2006). Auxin and fruit initiation. Plant Physiology on-line. Webessay 19.5. http://4e.plantphys.net/article.php?ch=197id=386. (A companion to Plant Physiology, Fourth Edition by Lincoln Tiaz and Eduardo Zeiger).

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