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2016 YMA FSF $5,000 Scholarship Application Eligibility Requirements

SCHOOL Responsibilities:

  • Scholarships are solely merit based. The YMA-FSF is looking for the “best and brightest” students who are driven to work in the fashion industry either in a creative or business capacity.

  • All underclassmen may compete in the scholarship competition; freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. Although seniors are naturally expected to be stronger candidates, preference will not be given to them.  The YMA-FSF goal/hope is to have a balance of classes. An ideal applicant pool would be 5% freshmen, 20% sophomores, 40% juniors, 35% seniors.  If a freshman can demonstrate his/her/their desire and commitment to enter the fashion industry, and can complete the application process at a high level, they have an opportunity to be a four-time scholarship recipient. 

  • There is no limit on the number of applicants from a “member school.”

  • The pool of applications can be ANY combination of design and business concentration.

  • Previous FSF scholarship applicants and recipients are encouraged to reapply and compete in the $5,000 scholarship competition.

  • The announcement of scholarship winners will be sent to the educator by the second week of December who will then share the results with each of their scholarship applicants.

  • Award letters along with scholarship checks will be mailed to the YMA-FSF educator contact by March 1, 2016 who will then distribute the checks to the winners. The scholarship checks are payable to the student and must be used for relevant education related activities.

APPLICANT Eligibility Requirements:

  • Each applicant must be enrolled as a “full time” student at one of the 48 YMA-FSF participating schools. The list of schools can be found at www.ymafsf.org.

  • Overall G.P.A. of 3.0 or above in a 4.0 G.P.A. system (official transcript to be submitted).
    Please note that an overall G.P.A. of 2.99 is not eligible.

  • Freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors are eligible to compete. Although freshmen do not have an established G.P.A., they may participate in the competition at the recommendation of their educator.

  • Seniors must have an expected graduation date of spring 2016 or summer 2016. Seniors graduating Fall 2015 are NOT ELIGIBLE for the competition.

  • A student is eligible to reapply for the $5,000 scholarship each year if he/she/they have participated in the competition and/or were awarded the $5,000 scholarship in prior years.

  • Each applicant is required to complete a case study (topic will be provided by YMA-FSF).

  • Each applicant will be expected to participate in an interview with a YMA FSF School Ambassador.

  • If awarded a YMA FSF Scholarship, recipients are strongly advised to participate in a summer internship (unless there are extenuating circumstances documented with a letter of explanation).

Submission Process of Case Studies:

Electronic Submission Process of the applicant Case Study:

    1. By November 2nd, applicant will receive a link to SlideRoom.

    1. By November 6th, applicant must set up his/her SlideRoom account and complete the online application.

    1. Before November 13th applicants must get their completed case study paper APPROVED BY YOUR EDUCATOR/ADVISOR before uploading it to SlideRoom

    1. By November 13th, applicants are required to upload the following two documents:

        1. PDF file of your completed case study (APPROVED by your educator). Please note there is a size limitation of 10MB for each document uploaded to SlideRoom. If your case study is larger than 10MB you will need to compress the file before uploading.

        2. PDF file of ONLY the “Experience” section of your resume. There must not be any mention of the college/university the applicant attends, as the case studies are evaluated anonymously.

  • In addition to the electronic submission of the applicant case studies, by November 13th, 2015 educators must send only one box per school containing a hard copy of all scholarship materials for each applying student. Attach the checklist to the front of each student’s packet to confirm all required documents are in the student’s packet including the completed application, official transcript with the seal, resume and portfolio or business project.

463 Seventh Avenue, 3rd Floor

New York, NY 10018


Office Phone: (212) 560-3764

Contact Person: Delaney Estoclet

  • Once projects are submitted, they become the property of the YMA FSF. All projects will be held in confidence. Case study projects WILL NOT be returned. Therefore, please be sure the students make a copy for their records.

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