United Technologies Contractor Process for Background Screening

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United Technologies

Contractor Process for Background Screening
If you choose this option, then your firm will fill out the below documents, send the paperwork in and go through our credentialing process to have your account established. Details on this option are below:
To ensure this process is handled expeditiously, it is imperative that we receive all of the completed pages of the attached documents below, as well as the business documents required (see below #3). We cannot begin to process any new accounts until receipt of all of these documents.
1) ChoicePoint Client Application (to include the FTC Permissible Purpose Certificate and the vendor reference form)

2) ChoicePoint Agreement of Service

3) YOU MUST also provide ONE of the following Documents.

• Articles of incorporation or organization or

• 501(c)3 letter from the IRS or the state equivalent or

• A regulated professional license

OR TWO of the following:

• A business license (if applicable, we will also need a

DBA document)

• A FEIN that can be validated as belonging to the


• The declarations page from a commercial insurance


4) User Spreadsheet to complete for users who will need access to our reports and their security access.

There will be a sign-up fee for new customers in the amount of $175.00 which will be billed to you on your first invoice.
Once you have fully completed your application and signed the service agreement then please fax the documents to 877-756-1437. We will then need you to put the original copies of the application and service agreement in the mail sent to the below address:
ChoicePoint, Inc.

Attn: Client Setup Department

10051 5th Street North

St. Petersburg, FL 33702

Please be sure to provide YOUR contact name and phone number on the cover sheet, in case additional information is required. Also, please provide the United Technologies Divison (i.e. Hamilton Sunstrand, Pratt & Whitney, etc.) on the cover sheet or Client Application, which you are requiring to be a vendor or contractor for.
The credentialing and account set up process can take up to 2-3 weeks to complete, provided all necessary documents are received. Once the process is complete customer service will contact you with your account information.

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