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Ukrainian Gothic Portal

Український Готичний Портал

September 17-18, 2005
«Children of the Night:

Black Meeting-2»



The main gothic portal, label, promo-agency & publishing-house, which covers all gothic / independent events in Ukraine, & also in Russia, Belarus, the Baltic countries & the eastern Europe
Kiev - Lvov - Odesa - Ternopol - Berlin – Athens - Paris - Moscow – Minsk

Ukrainian Gothic Portal ( presents:

September, 17-18, 2005, international music festival «Children of the Night», Kiev, the club «Peremoga» . Official site of the festival:

For the most of us the movies Martrix & Raven are ones away from our reality. But few of us know that these movies show gothic in its own reality. It’s also rather curious that such commercial bands as RAMMSTEIN, HIM, MARILYN MANSON, NIGHTWISH, DEPECHE MODE, EVANESCENCE belong to the same stage with OOMPH!, NINE INCH NAILS, DIARY OF DREAMS, THE SISTERS OF MERCY e. t. c.

Seprember,17-18 in Kyiv you will have possibility to find yourselves among the thousands of people in style of Matrix & Raven with music in the same stylistics, to find yourselves in another world among the fans of romantics of the 21-th century.

It is almost 2 decades that “Gothic stage” exists in Europe. This very stage includes performers of different styles of intellectual music: from energetic industrial metal, folk full of sadness to sympho-gothic metal, from neo-classics & philosophical gothic rock to urbanized cyber electro. The peculiarity of this different in form but having the same energetics music is a cold, melancholic atmosphere filled with dark romantics with intellectual lyrics, addressing to the inner world.

In Ukraine gothic stage & this subculture develop rather quickly. There are gothic bands, the most famous of which are КОМУ ВНИZ, ХОЛОДНЕ СОНЦЕ, GRAY\SCALE, DUST HEAVEN, ВІЙ, INFERNO.

In Internet there is powerful art & musical resource “Ukrainian Gothic Portal” which is also a promo-agency (organization of performances of Ukrainian gothic groups in Poland & Germany), a label ( the 1-st CD “Ukrainian Gothic”) & a center of distribution (realization of nearly 2000 occasional bands of the world dark stage). Every month in Kyiv, Odesa, Lvov, Ternopil & other cities gothic-parties are held. One of these parties became a mini-festival 5 years ago. There were almost 2000 people on it. Actually gothic-parties are unique as they unite non-standard & very original musical & theatrical performances, declaiming of poetry, watching movies & gothic video &, naturally, dances.

This time Ukrainian Gothic Portal invites to the unique event – the festival “Children of the Night: a black meeting-2”, which will be held in Kyiv after the 5 years pause. The precedent show being held at September, 14, 2000 has made all the organizers & participants understand that gothic culture has a great potential which has to be developed.

So, concentrating all our forces the Portal with all our Goths this autumn presents the 2-nd gothic festival. At September, 17-18, 2005 in the club “Peremoga” the last romantic night will celebrated, the meeting of the thousands romantics in black… Our night. Our gathering.

Gothic is the style admired by millions of people all over the world. That which early used to exist only in the elite clubs now has spread to all the social layers. Every gothic event becomes a bright one not only for fans of this style, Goths & admirers of extravagant romantics but also for all the progressive & creative youth.

The most famous gothic festivals in Germany (Wave Gotik Treffen, Mera Luna), Poland (Castle Party) & other countries welcome many thousands of people every year. They come from different parts of the world for getting bright impressions & strong energetics from live-performances, for communication in the paradox atmosphere of the seducing beauty, the philosophy of pain, cyber-esthetics, emotional nirvana & peculiar romantics.

Now we’re glad to announce the second international music festival «CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT: a black meeting-2», at which there will be about 2-3 thousands of guests & performances from Ukraine, CIS, Poland, Germany, Greece…


LIVE PERFORMANCES: In the festival nearly 20 famous & young bands will take par gothic / independent / dark romantic stage of Ukraine & Russia take part. Apart from that groups from Germany & Poland are likely to be. Today the participants are:
Кому Вниз (Kyiv, gothic industrial)

Вій (Кiev, dark rock / folk)

Оля і Монстр (Оdessa, проект вокалістки гурту ФЛЕР (FLEUR), dark electronics)
Холодне Сонце (Теrnopol, gothic rock / love metal)
Dust Heaven (Оdessa, gothic synth)

Inferno (Кiev, gothic metal)

Gray/Scale (Оdessa, dark electro / ebm / industrial)

Вомбад (dark rock)
Ginger Snaps (Оdessa, ebm / industrial)
Necropolis (Кiev, gothic rock / dark wave)

Strigoii (Кiev, dark rock / cold wave)

Оксана Малицька (Кiev,opera gothіc in the style of NIGHTWISH)

Slide Show (Russia, cyber/fetish gothic)
Dromos (Belorus, experimental dark-wave/industrial)
& also other groups in planning!


The performances of the best gothic DJs from Kyiv, Lvov, Ternopol, Odesa, Berlin, Minsk, Moscow e.t.c. At the festival «Children of the night» all the styles of so called “gothic stage” will be presented: gothic rock, industrial, gothic metal, cyber&synth gothic, electro, ebm, medieval&folk gothic, future pop, dark wave …

DJ Lissa (Kyiv, gothic metal/industrial)
DJ Copycat (Odesa, EBM/industrial)
DJ Tyrant (Kyiv, gothic rock / goth electro)
DJ Lex (Kyiv, industrial / synth pop / dark wave)
DJ Zavgosp (Ternopil, future pop / industrial / tbm)

DJ Lemon (Odesa, ebm / industrial / dark wave)
DJ Alarm (Lviv, electro / synth)
DJ Gargarroth & DJ Eugen (Kyiv, Reprocycle Project).
Special DJ's-guests:
DJ Olivers (Latvia, Riga, gothic, darkwave, neofolk)
DJ Shamanka (Minsk, belarusian dark/industrial/gothic)
DJ Kris Rakowski (Warsaw, goth / industrial)
DJ Stranger (Berlin, cyber goth/industrial).


The celebration of the beauty & romantics won’t manage without extraordinary photos of Ukrainian photographs, the exposition of works of modern Ukrainian artists, demonstrating gothic video & theatrical esoteric performances.


The show & selling the collections of clothes in the style gothic fashion / dark erotic / cyber / fetish / S&M from young designers, demonstration of gothic image e.t.c.

The competitions

There will be a plenty of competitions for all the presents: the competition „Мr & Мrs Gothic 2005”, "The best Vampire & Vampire-girl”, & also the competition for the best music improvisatioin….The winners will get CDs with autographs of famous musicians, t-shirts with the logo of the festival & other extravagant prizes. There will also the draw of 2 tickets to the music festival Wave Gotik Traffen-2006 7 2 tickets to the festival Castle Party-2006. It ‘s not everything.


The beautiful Ukrainian gothic girls will make a gothic make-up, which will be able to turn everybody into the real star.


All the presents will have possibility to take part in the shooting of several clips of musicians & to become the heroes of the documentary “Children of the night 2005” .


Юрій "Svarog" Ткачук (Kyiv) тел.: +38 050 681 80 95, e-mail: (concerning accreditation, participation in the festival & other information)

Віталій “stranger” Федун (Berlin) tel.: + 49 179 900 80 49, e-mail: (accreditation in Europe, participation & PR in Ukraine)

Євген "Demiurg" Бабич (Кiev) тел.: +38 066 351 95 98, e-mail: (PR & sponsorship)

Демян "Duncan" Сушко (Кiev) тел.: + 38 067 4444457 , e-mail: (living & security)

Олександр "Beholder" Гречаник (Оdessa) тел. +380664062524, e-mail: (PR in Odesa)

Євгенія "Olalla" (Kharkov) тел. +38 067 57 40 550, PR in Kharkov)

Ольга "Froes" Володченко тел.: +380504453347, e-mail: (coordination in PR in Ukraine)
We welcome you to the festival of romantics, beauty & gothic!


FOR PRESS: the press will get exclusive information & reaching VIP-territory in the club. The main condition is announcing of the festival( in Internet, in printed press, on TV & on the radio). The publication afterwards is also very important. Those who won’t be able to announce have to prove their journalistic status.

FOR THE BANDS: for participation bands have to send their promo- & demo- to the address below.

The details: ,

Translated by Ekaterina “Muse” Skripnikova

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