Typical pal composite video test signals used by vm700T

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Typical PAL composite video test signals used by VM700T.
A number of common test signals are used for conventional testing of PAL video distribution circuits and equipment. If you are using the VM700T as your measurement instrument, a brief overview of the signal types and the VM700T MEASURE application that uses these is shown below.

Test                                    Signal Used                  VM700T Measurement mode  


Video Output Level             CCIR17                        Bar Line Time

Color Burst Level               Any valid color signal  H Timing

Sync Level                        Any valid color signal     Bar Line Time, H Timing, others.

Field Time Distortion        Field Square Wave   Two Field

Long Time Jitter             Any valid color signal    Jitter Long Time

SNR Unweighted               0% pedestal      AUTO, Noise Spectrum

Luminance NonLinearity    CCIR17   Luminance NonLinearity

DG                                      CCIR330       DGDP

DP                                   CCIR330    DGDP

Chroma Amplitude Error     CCIR331      Chrominance NonLinearity      

Chroma Phase Error          CCIR331   Chrominance NonLinearity

Chroma/Luma Intermod   CCIR331    Chrominance NonLinearity

Multiburst                           CCIR18     Multiburst

H-Sync Jitter               Any valid color signal    Jitter

75% Color Bar Vector  75% Color Bar     ColorBars, Vector, others

Group Delay            Sin X/X   Group Delay Sin x/x

CL Gain                         CCIR17         ChromLumGainDelay

CL Delay                         CCIR18      ChromLumGainDelay

Line Time Dist.                 CCIR17   Bar Line Time

Short Time Distortion        Special 1T CCIR17    Short Time Distortion   

2T K Factor                CCIR17    K Factor

Burst Frequency            Any valid color signal   Burst Frequency     

SCH Phase                Any valid color signal     SCH Phase, Auto

Bar Tilt                CCIR17       Bar Line Time.

Color Bar measurements 75% Color Bar   ColorBar, Auto, Vector

To assist in quick “sight recognition” of these test signal types, a selection of screen captures from a Tektronix WFM7120 are included in the following images sets.



CCIR 330

CCIR 331

75% Color Bars (PAL)


Field Square Wave

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