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Holotype – the single specimen or illustration designated as the type for naming a species or subspecies or used as the basis for naming species or ssp. when no type has been selected.
Isotype – a biological specimen duplicate of a holotype.
Paratype – specimen other than a holotype used for the development of the original description of a taxonomic group.
Topotype – specimen taken from the type (holotype) locality of that species.
Syntype – 1 of 2 or more specimens cited by the author of a name of a species of ssp. when no single specimen was selected as the holotype.

CUPRESSACEAE Juniperus saltillensis Hall Isotype

PINACEAE Picea x lutzii Little Paratype

LILIACEAE Zigadenus mogollensis Hess & Sivinski Holotype

ORCHIDACEAE Platanthera praeclara Sheviak & Bowles Topotype

ACERACEAE Acer saccharum Marsh f. rubrocarpum E. Murray Isotype

CARYOPHYLLACEAE Stellaria porsildii Chinnappa Paratype/Topotype

COMPOSITAE Erigeron hessii Nesom Holotype

COMPOSITAE Aster Chasei G.N. Jones Topotype

COMPOSITAE Antennaria neglecta Green Topotype

ERICACEAE Vaccinium sempervirens Rayner & Henderson Topotype

FAGACEAE Quercus arkansana Sarg. Topotype

FAGACEAE Quercus x macdanielii T.L. Green & W. Hess hybrida nov. Holotype

FAGACEAE Quercus x neopalmeri Sudworth ex E.J. Palmer Isotype

FAGACEAE Quercus schneckii Britt. Isotype

FAGACEAE Quercus shumardii Buckl. var. acerifolia Palmer Topotype

FAGACEAE Quercus stellata Wang. var. araniosa Sarg. Paratype

FAGACEAE Quercus stellata Wang. var. araniosa Sarg. Paratype/Topotype

FAGACEAE Quercus stellata Wang. var. margaretta Sarg. Syntype

FAGACEAE Quercus x vaga Palmer & Steyermark Isotype

FAGACEAE Quercus x warei T.L. Green & W. Hess hybrida nov. Holotype

HAMAMELIDACEAE Hamamelis vernalis Sarg. f. tomentella Rehd. Isotype

RHAMNACEAE Rhamnus smithii Greene Isotype

ROSACEAE Crataegus acanthacolonensis Laugh. Topotype

ROSACEAE Crataegus margaretta Ashe var. angustifolia Palmer Isotype

ROSACEAE Malus ioensis (Wood) Britt. var. spinosa Rehd. Isotype

ROSACEAE Malus x Dawsoniana Rehd. Topotype

ROSACEAE Malus floribunda Sieb. var. brevipes (Rehd.) Rehd. Topotype

ROSACEAE Rosa (A-Z) photos of types

ROSACEAE Rubus absconditus v. silensanus Topotype

ROSACEAE Spiraea x hitchcockii W. Hess & N. Stoynoff hybrida nov. Holotype

ROSACEAE Vauquelinia corymbosa Humb & Bonpl. ssp. angustifolia Isotype

ROSACEAE Vauquelinia australis Standl. Isotype

ROSACEAE Vauquelinia californica (Torr.) Sarg. ssp. sonorensis Holotype

ROSACEAE Vauquelinia retherfordii I.M. Johnst. Isotype

ROSACEAE Vauquelinia potosina Painter ex Standl. Isotype

ROSACEAE Vauquelinia latifolia Rydb. ex Standl. Isotype

ROSACEAE Vauquelinia karwinskyi Maxim. Isotype

SALICACEAE Populus x barnesii Topotype

SAXIFRAGACEAE Saxifraga acerifolia Wak. et Satomi Isotype

SAXIFRAGACEAE Sullivantia hapemanii (Coult. & Fisher) Coult. Topotype

SCROPHULARIACEAE Penstemon absarokensis Evert Isotype

TILIACEAE Tilia georgiana Sarg. Isotype

TILIACEAE Tilia laetevirens Rehd. & Wils. Isotype

TILIACEAE Tilia heterophylla Vent. var. nivea Sarg. Isotype

TILIACEAE Tilia heterophylla Vent. var. amphibola Sarg. Isotype

TILIACEAE Tilia recta Laughlin Isotype

TILIACEAE Tilia texana Sarg. Isotype

TILIACEAE Tilia venulosa Sarg. var. multinervis Sarg. Isotype

TILIACEAE Tilia venulosa Sarg. Isotype

UMBELLIFERAE Cymopteris evertii Hartman & Kirkpatrick Paratype

UMBELLIFERAE Lomatium attenuatum Evert Isotype

UMBELLIFERAE Shoshonea pulvinata Evert & Constance Isotype

GRAMINEAE Panicum capillare L. var. flexile Gattinger Isotype

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