Two at Pykara, the

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“The following History of the Government Cinchona Plantations on the Neilgherries take from the Administration Reports of the Madras Presidency for 1875-76 – will be read with interest at the present time when every body is going in for this cultivation.
The object of the Government Cinchona Plantations is the provision of an abundant and cheap supply of the febrifuge for the use of Hospitals and Troops in India; and the spread of Cinchona Cultivation throughout the Hill Districts. In 1859 Her Majesty’s Government engaged the services of mr. Clement T. Markham for the special duty of introducing the Cinchonas into India. He started on an expedition to South America in the early part of 1860, and arrived in India at the end of the same year with the first instalment of Cinchona plants. These plants were in an unhealthy state when they arrived at Ootacamund. In July 1861the experiment was entrusted to Mr. McIvor and ever since the plantations have made satisfactory progress and proved a decided success. There are three plantations at Neddivuttum, the Denison, the Kilgraston and the Napier; two at Pykara, the Wood and the Hooker; one at Ootacamund, the Dodabetta and one at Mailkoondah, the Stanley Estate. The last named was abandoned in 1871.”

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