Troy Buchanan High School Cheerleading Tryout Packet Thank you for your interest in trying out for cheerleading. Please read and understand all the enclosed information before tryouts

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Troy Buchanan

High School

Cheerleading Tryout Packet


2015 - 2016 Troy Buchanan High School Cheerleading

Tryout Packet

Thank you for your interest in trying out for cheerleading. Please read and understand all the enclosed information before tryouts.

  1. You must attend a mandatory informational meeting. (this is it!)

2. One or both of your parents/guardians must attend an informational meeting on Thursday, March 19th at 6:00 p.m. in the Commons.

3. You must turn in a signed copy of the cheerleader promise, and a copy of your physical (Dated after Feb 01, 2014) by Friday, March 20th, 2015. You will have to sign a 2015-2016 athletic handbook/random drug testing consent form before the season starts.
4. You must attend try-out clinics on March 23rd and March 24th from 3:00 -5:00 p.m. Try-outs will begin after school Thursday, March 26th. Both the clinics and the try-outs will be held in the gym at Troy Buchanan High School.

If any of these deadlines are missed, you could be ineligible to try-out!!

All forms must be turned in by Friday, March 20th.

TMS turn forms into TMS Athletic Office

NGC turn forms into the NGC Main Office

TBHS turn forms into Mrs. Kile Room 106

If you do not have ALL your forms, you will not be able to participate in clinics.

Try-out Criteria

  1. Grades and attendance: You must pass 8 of 9 classes or earn 4.0 credits and attend school regularly. Excessive absences could keep you from making the squad.

  2. Teacher/Coach recommendations: Every staff member will be given a chance to rate you in the areas of Dependability, Leadership, Attitude, Cooperation, Courtesy, and Citizenship. Receiving a zero in any area could keep you from making the squad.

  3. Selection of squad members will be based on the following things:

  • Cheer

  • Dance

  • Spirit/Smile

  • Jumps/Tumbling

  • Presentation

  • Teacher Recommendations

What to wear. . .

The proper attire for try-outs:

  • A plain shirt with no hood and no pockets.

    • Do not wear any previous cheer attire during tryout week!

  • Dark colored gym-type shorts

    • no belt or denim

  • Bow in hair, hair up and out of face.

  • Socks and athletic lace-up shoes are a must.

  • It is against Missouri State High School Athletic Association (MSHSAA) rules for an athlete to chew gum or wear jewelry while performing- this includes try-outs! It is also a rule for you to wear your hair off your shoulders and face, in a ponytail or braid.

  • Nails should be cut short.

Approximate Cost

  • Camp: $400

  • Camp Clothes: $75

  • Warm Up $70-80 (only new girls)

  • Shoes: $60-80

  • Briefs: $15-20

  • Bag: $35 (if needed)

  • Bows: $15-$20 (if needed)

TOTAL ~$700
Cheerleading can be an expensive sport. There will be opportunities for fundraising in order to offset some of the cost.

Approximate Time Involved
All cheerleaders are encouraged to attend camp. Camp provides a great opportunity for individual and squad growth. Camp is required. This year we will be attending a 4-Day camp at GREAT WOLF LODGE, Kansas City, MO. Camp dates for this year are June 15rd through June 18th.
In season practices are held Monday-Friday from approximately 2:45-4:30. Times and dates may vary depending on games/season. Specific dates and times (calendar) will be given to each member in advance. All games and practices are mandatory!!
Practice for football season begins in August and runs into November. A typical week consists of 3-4 practices and 1 game. Varsity football games are on Friday nights, JV and Freshman on Monday nights. Then right on to Basketball. During this season, we will have 2-3 games a week. Practices will be set according to the number of games for that week. You should expect 3-4 nights of cheerleading per week.
The cheerleaders will be expected to cheer at all games, assemblies, and participate in the Homecoming events and Community Service. Cheerleaders are required to ride the district transportation to away events and may only ride home from away events with PARENTS.

Expectations of a Troy Buchanan Cheerleader

  1. Attend all practices, games, summer camp and clinics.

  • The only excused absences are sickness (stayed home or sent home by the nurse), major family events (ie. Family reunions – coach is to be informed at least 1 month) and funeral. Work is never an excuse.

  • CHEERLEADERS (not parents) are expected to CONTACT their coach, if an absence occurs. The phone call should be made prior to the practice/game start time. If it is a planned event, coach should be made aware two weeks in advance.

  • If you are involved in an activity that coincides with Cheer, a calendar must be provided to the coach on or before the 25th of the prior month. The coach and cheerleader will sit down and discuss which practices will be excused, games are always MANDATORY. Once the calendar is set, further absences due to that event WILL result in unexcused absence.

  1. Arrive on time, and prepared, to all games and practices.

  2. Have timely transportation at the conclusion of practices and games. Cheerleaders will not be permitted to leave a game to make a phone call. These calls can be made before/after game and during halftime.

  1. Work to your potential at all times!

  2. Learn all the material.

  3. Behave and act appropriately (in and out of uniform). This is to include PDA, attitude, language and social media.

  1. Dress appropriately (in and out of uniform).

  2. Display a positive attitude at ALL times.

  3. Pass 8 out of 9 Classes (earn 4 credits/semester)

  4. Conduct yourself in the classroom and on the field/court in a way that reflects positively on you, your school and your squad!

  1. Work as a member of your team.

  2. The skills demonstrated at Tryouts are expected to be thrown all year.

    • Ex. Tumbling, Sharp Motions, Voice, and Spirit

  3. Inform the coach of club meetings/activities that interfere with practice/game at least 2 weeks prior to event.

  1. Respect all authority figures.

  2. Participate in all fundraising activities.

  3. Meet all deadlines and due dates.

  4. Be responsible for cleaning, repairing, and/or replacing any part of the uniforms(s) if damages occur, other than what is considered “normal wear and tear.” Bows are considered a part of the uniform. If lost, cheerleader will be benched until another is purchased.

  1. Inform the coach of any school disciplinary actions that occur.

  2. Follow all MSHAA and/or National Federation Cheerleading Safety Rules.

    • Disciplinary action may take place at the coaches’ discretion, when stunting safety rules are not followed.

      1. Temporary suspension from cheering or stunting activities

Not meeting expectations could result in the following:

  • Conditioning

  • Benching

  • Having a conference with your coach, parents, activities director and/or principal

  • Repeated violations of the Cheerleader Expectations may result in being removed from the squad.

*STRIKES are the method of discipline. At the 3rd strike (offense) given by the coach, the cheerleader WILL BE removed from the squad

A cheerleader may be immediately dismissed from the squad for the following reasons:

  • Suspension from school (this includes both in school suspension (ISS) and out of school suspension (OSS))

  • Direct defiance of the coach

  • Use/possession of alcohol/cigarettes/drugs

  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct

  • And for any reason deemed necessary by the coaching staff or administration.

Cheerleader/Parent Promise
We have read the TBHS Cheerleading Handbook as well as the TBHS Athletic Handbook. We understand the commitment and cost that goes along with being a cheerleader. We understand and promise to abide by all the expectations set forth.
___________________________________ ________________________

Athlete`s Signature Date

___________________________________ ________________________

Parent/Guardian`s Signature Date

***Input from current tenth graders***
_________ If I am not selected for the varsity squad, I would rather not cheer at all.
_________ If I am not selected for the varsity squad, I would want to be a part of the cheer program so I would accept a position on the Junior Varsity squad.
Print Your Name: ______________________________________________________
Signature: _____________________________________________________________
~Please turn in this form to along with your other forms by Wednesday, March 19th, 2014!
~Please attach the following:

  • Your physical (or check below that you have a current one on file)

  • Signed copy of the Cheerleader Parent Promise

  • Completed Cheerleader Information Sheet

~ Current Physical is on file in the Athletic Office

***Remember your physical must be dated after February 01, 2014.

2015 -2016 Cheerleading Info Sheet
Name: ___________________________________________ Birthday: ________________

Address: __________________________________________ Current Grade: ____________

Home Phone: (____) ______________________ Cell Phone: (____) __________________

Parent/Guardian Name________________________________________________________

Cell Phone (____) ____________________________

Emergency Contact ___________________________ Phone (____) _______________

Please describe any current health conditions and/or allergies

Overall Vision: (what do you want to see from the cheer squad?)


Personal Goal: (what do you hope to achieve/improve this year?)

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Contributions: (What can you bring to the Trojan Cheerleading Program?)


Other Information: Are you currently a member of any other school sponsored activities?


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